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Steve Kimock & Friends 03/02/96
Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA
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Steve Kimock & Friends
Maritime Hall - San Francisco, CA
Saturday - March 2nd, 1996

Steve Kimock
Vince Welnick
Martin Fierro
Chip Roland
??? - Bass
??? - Drums

Uploaded to remember and honor a good friend
Sandy A.  (aka Bigfoot)  may he rest in peace.
Source Info:
Lineage unknown.
Overall great sound. Soundboard.
Before the days that we could just download shows so easily, Sandy A. (aka Bigfoot) would often receive disc in the mail from a lot of friends.
A few times he handed me a stack of disc that had little if no information at all on them and ask me to research what info I could about them.
( I found this to be a lot of fun. Imagine the surprise to discover some awesome treasures.)
So then I would make labels for the jewel cases for them so he could file them in his collection.
This is one of those shows.
cdr > EAC > .wav files > Trader's Little Helper > flac and ffp files

Disc 1:
d1t01- Whaque
d1t02- Driving Wheel
d1t03- Well You Needn't
d1t04- The Shape I'm In
d1t05- It's A Man's World
d1t06- Higher & Higher
d1t07- Like A Road
d1t08- Highway 61

Disc 2:
d2t01- Afro Blue
d2t02- Natural Ball

Show Checksums
d1t01- Whaque.flac:7866043824baf4c005638f4c0404e006
d1t02- Driving Wheel.flac:b092a99f433e627842a89441022ef0bf
d1t03- Well You Needn't.flac:a3bdef150044d398871d7a279021b1fe
d1t04- The Shape I'm In.flac:ebf773ce00e07f715c2713e7e86dfc20
d1t05- It's A Man's World.flac:f510ea3a875b33fc6c1603e9d66784b3
d1t06- Higher & Higher.flac:5ee053cb357edb941d0a9fa73a1a48c3
d1t07- Like A Road.flac:8a7dc6b473b94c6f727aae227218ab38
d1t08- Highway 61.flac:a2688c05061b6c2352eab4456f183bb8
d2t01- Afro Blue.flac:8a8d90d0c32ea5f12ae6e1ec214af066
d2t02- Natural Ball.flac:f6a44caba0b25dbd5cd917fe66eb7a74
2902f69015a65dda4ccc99aa8e3f7665 *d1t01- Whaque.flac
d5996be4b1e173200ff0842590ac0105 *d1t02- Driving Wheel.flac
8a8d831456eb109ba43067e4c20c683b *d1t03- Well You Needn't.flac
7615fe208e6da7978d67f7f542117085 *d1t04- The Shape I'm In.flac
20f95d4f01a5347a17e01acdf54d6f1e *d1t05- It's A Man's World.flac
77b90bc0cc9e58b095c266ae829eb551 *d1t06- Higher & Higher.flac
0c8711051b06febbe481d3fde3d1ee02 *d1t07- Like A Road.flac
9e9bbcd5d56cfc0cb15c323a316195a5 *d1t08- Highway 61.flac
3e47187fa240a7e666db5e8e3b6c6f76 *d2t01- Afro Blue.flac
6882ba5e65e5a0f09f12f0e97d04318a *d2t02- Natural Ball.flac

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12/11/2009 JoeSamaritano Upgrade to 93217.
11/08/2011 charliemiller I just transferred the sbd/stage neumann matrix dats which are upgrades to all circulating copies. They will be up tonight.