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Steve Kimock Crazy Engine 12/04/09
BB Kings, New York, NY
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Source Summary 24 bit Neumann TLM-170 (cardoid, FOB @ center of dance floor) -> Sound Devices 722(@24/96); Tracked in CDWav.  
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Steve Kimock's Crazy Engine
BB King's Blues Club
New York, NY

Neumann TLM-170 (cardoid, FOB @ center of dance floor) -> Sound Devices 722(@24/96); Tracked in CDWav.

Set 1:
1.  banter
2.  A New Africa
3.  Cole's Law ->
4.  Tangled Hangers
5.  Summer Jam ->
6.  freestyle rap by Chris Burger (AKA Charlie Bravo) from Band Of Brotherz ->
7.  Summer Jam
8.  3 More Days (Ray Lamontagne cover sung by Trevor)
9.  setbreak announcement

Set 2:
1.  Long Form Part IV
2.  That's What Love Will Make You Do
3.  You're The One
4.  Merl's Boogie
5.  Little Wing
6.  goodnights

Actually started in the early hours of 12/5/2009 as this was a post-Phish show.

Steve Kimock - guitars
Melvin Seals - organ and other keyboards; vocals on "That's What Love..."
John Morgan Kimock - drums
Bobby Vega - special guest on bass for the whole show
Trevor Exter - vocals (set 1, track 8), guitar (set 1, 8), cello for the rest of the show
Avram Fefer - Saxophone (set 1, track 5,6; all of set 2 except track 5)

Recorded, Mastered, and Tracked by Scott Bernstein
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fe2501e2b20873217e23544997544b3a *sk2009-12-04s1t01.flac
962628a20f956d8f75a9ba7426967219 *sk2009-12-04s1t02.flac
ae101c48e26d1ebb2f2e6a6765e43fd8 *sk2009-12-04s1t03.flac
b7d92c33bc76a02775fbdb93df5925f9 *sk2009-12-04s1t04.flac
7221356a004eb6e70ed36f1234ad8849 *sk2009-12-04s1t05.flac
2cfe94c8a3eaa270060c024018384303 *sk2009-12-04s1t06.flac
48159a3110ee6487f2cf82f4dd62a677 *sk2009-12-04s1t07.flac
728ea8b6c92d61b81abafbbddc889231 *sk2009-12-04s1t08.flac
6a0630f23bff262b2edf90d7e239c062 *sk2009-12-04s1t09.flac
7c8cd2c02d31b1a32b2bd8157e26d963 *sk2009-12-04s2t01.flac
68a1a8309a299c1dde4658fbade2d582 *sk2009-12-04s2t02.flac
702e1461f249de880d91af4076a6578a *sk2009-12-04s2t03.flac
5ca6698ddab0f797b3cd62519135f35b *sk2009-12-04s2t04.flac
20a9c121e81c8e749251207c89b35d80 *sk2009-12-04s2t05.flac
47fa1b473ff3f3e26b92664abad3ee1f *sk2009-12-04s2t06.flac

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