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Grateful Dead 08/05/67
O'Keefe Center, Toronto, ON
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Source # 10356 Other Sources
Entered by Steve Swartz
Checksums orig-shn-md5 , shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Includes JA Set; Multiple SBD sources, see info file for details; via Stu Hanson; Seeded to etree by Greg Hurwitt; upgrade now in circulation 
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The Grateful Dead & Jefferson Airplane

Saturday, August 5, 1967

"Bill Graham Presents the San Francisco Scene in Toronto"

O'Keefe Centre, Toronto ONT, Canada


1.  Turn On Your Lovelight         [ 7:22]

2.  Alligator                      [11:08]


3.  //The Other Side Of This Life  [ 8:19]

4.  Get Together                   [ 4:54]

5.  Let Me In                      [ 5:12]

6.  Today                          [ 3:39]

7.  Jorma's Bangs                  [ 1:19]

8.  Go To Her                      [ 5:34]

9.  My Best Friend                 [ 3:05]

10. Instrumental Jam               [11:44]

11. 3/5 of a Mile In 10 Seconds*   [ 5:55]

12. Fat Angel*                     [ 6:46]

13. Somebody To Love**             [ 3:25]

Total time:                        [78:28]

Tracks 1-10: Stereo SBD MR>R>DAT(3)>CDR(unknown number of CD gens)>EAC>

Cool Edit 2000>CD Wave>SHN

* Tracks 11 & 12: Stereo SBD MR>R>C>C>DAT(3)>CDR(unknown number of CD

gens)>EAC>Cool Edit 2000>CD Wave>SHN

** Track 13: Mono Cassette unknown generation>DAT(3)>CDR(unknown number

of CD gens)>EAC>Cool Edit 2000>CD Wave>SHN

SHN's created by Greg Hurwitt, [email protected]  Notes on SHN


I started with seed discs kindly supplied by Stu Hanson from the BUDD

mailing list.  Discs were ripped using EAC V0.9pb11 two times and

checksums compared to insure perfect rip.  

The following edits were then made using Cool Edit 2000:

  - removed four light clicks at t8 5:29

  - removed click at t9 2:13

  - removed clicks at previous track boundaries

Tracks were split using CD Wave V1.62, and sector boundaries verified

using shntool V1.01.  SHN's were created (with seek information

embedded) using mkwACT V0.97b1.

The show was treed via the JFT and GDH-Trading mailing lists in

October 2001.  This info file is available at:

The MD5 file for the SHN's is available at:

The following flaws are present on this seed:

  - t3 3:45, left channel dropped

  - t3 6:58-7:04, right channel dropped

  - t3 8:04, digi-static

  - t5 0:01, digi-static

  - t5 0:38-0:41, left channel dropped

  - t8 0:23, very light digi-static

  - t9 2:24, distortion

  - t10 8:59, very light digi-static

Show Checksums
478c0177486cfe65e0c97f0d6c8f71d9 *ja67-08-05t01.shn
3bfba7fa97d0d6beb300fd6589bb7866 *ja67-08-05t02.shn
f201b60df3e06be5c9fcaf8021b1c522 *ja67-08-05t03.shn
fa9fdc4c97c438f2cc119c0c4bbc02b3 *ja67-08-05t04.shn
effe3f2e428224d1ef6359b14d7dc11b *ja67-08-05t05.shn
25649077305855fa98e04ec352dcafe1 *ja67-08-05t06.shn
e5ee985c579ba2a898eba7bfd1ac917b *ja67-08-05t07.shn
41a412755e5cdcb7f69482e5c8cf20fd *ja67-08-05t08.shn
512810322d98057917c830a6ec265451 *ja67-08-05t09.shn
e63b2787cac97945de126e6c71f1dc4c *ja67-08-05t10.shn
0be6e87acee6427921c610b8d175f042 *ja67-08-05t11.shn
b97c4a6cca6080faf773f0f22a6d1e7b *ja67-08-05t12.shn
cc93896818acb7ae4d78f30e86d96f7d *ja67-08-05t13.shn
478c0177486cfe65e0c97f0d6c8f71d9 *gd67-08-05t01.shn
3bfba7fa97d0d6beb300fd6589bb7866 *gd67-08-05t02.shn
466f33068acd973fb93ce41c91f25a2d [shntool] gd67-08-05t01.shn
44bdbee54a43364d13e4c33beb691699 [shntool] gd67-08-05t02.shn

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Date User Comment
01/28/2004 Greg Hurwitt I can now be contacted at [email protected]

Greg Hurwitt