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Wilco 11/02/02
Tampa Theatre, Tampa, FL
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Entered by Jeff Thomas
Checksums md5-d1 , md5-d2
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Source Summary Stereo Soundboard Recording>Sony D-8 @ 44.1 XLR 1/8" DAT Master>CDR>EAC>WAV>Flac Level 8  
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Tampa Theater
Tampa, FL
November 2nd, 2002


Thanks to Jim for this great recording!!

Seeded @ by avnut ([email protected]) 2/18/08

Stereo Soundboard Recording>Sony D-8 @ 44.1 XLR 1/8" DAT Master>CDR>EAC>WAV>Flac Level 8

Uncirculated SBD Master Recording > Shared With You! Share The Music, Enjoy. Peace!

disc one - 54:08

1. Intro
2. Hesitating Beauty
3. One by One
4. Sunken Treasure
5. Less Than You Think
6. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
7. War on War
8. Kamera
9. Shot in the Arm
10. How To Fight Loneliness / Not For The Season

disc two - 62:28

1. Jesus Etc.
2. Heavy Metal Drummer
3. I'm The Man Who Loves You
4. Poor Places/ Reservations


5. Misunderstood
6. Far Far Away
7. Monday
8. Outta Sight (Outta Mind)

second encore

9. Red Eyed and Blue/I've Got You At The End Of The Century
10. California Stars

Show Checksums
9f24f52a7984e4664e9300eb87303f3c *Track01.flac
fc2f41ca7c53872405a23e348c59f873 *Track02.flac
09be647695d53921fff40ca5681f1213 *Track03.flac
e5bf7ae2fa7623a6cbbd4c96c9a74b9b *Track04.flac
2d01fc9cac473d45d5599e4ff702ed56 *Track05.flac
d06dbb0029ab8713a565af91f0e47596 *Track06.flac
f624297a0652cdb96a81442cb2bd9f68 *Track07.flac
588e053f605617ecce5fba3e5e14c99e *Track08.flac
7790a3f4b05afa230a9a6a1007fb70b7 *Track09.flac
233ef76978ee6eb1109ae478b3551919 *Track10.flac
a2ac8240a99b368a093de329159c89e6 *Track01.flac
7c4316278cf0420b610ca1a95b672d92 *Track02.flac
f7b164d14ee0464639141f1d814dc6c1 *Track03.flac
6082b51fead1e42aa53723f25f10c24c *Track04.flac
7137f3f2673aa315750502ead2d0237a *Track05.flac
8aa2be562a387cd3b32f3dfdd3816a45 *Track06.flac
fa796cc0bea0ac0271b3bbf48106d8bd *Track07.flac
d59678f89a57e6bc1a6741ad79342c1f *Track08.flac
26eb8f19cde9ed854e42a3918a4efda1 *Track09.flac
602cf4a55740317ae9ad1bf0b31551b1 *Track10.flac

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12/21/2009 jthomas0237 In celebration of the Cleveland show later this week - can't wait after seeing the setlists from the Chicago run currently in progress!

Here's another "gem" from Jim Fiesler's collection of great SBDs. Not much to say about this one, other than the note that Jim sent - he was the only FL taper at this one.

This show is probably my favorite out of the batch that he sent, and I am sure you will dig as well!