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Phish 06/28/00
PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary flac16, 44kHz; (OTS) Neumann ak40's > lc-3's > km100's > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD-1000; PCM-R500 > Audiomedia III > Pro Tools > SHN; Source and Transfer by Mike Vernal 
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PNC Bank Arts Centre, Holmdel, NJ
June 28, 2000

Taper: Mike Vernal
Source: Neumann ak40s > Neumann lc-3 active cables > Neumann km100s >
Lunatec V2 > Audio Magic Presto II XLRs > Apogee AD-1000
Location: Set I: Front Row, 2 feet right of center, tapers, 60 degree split
Set II: Front Row, 2 feet right of center, tapers, ORTF

DAT > SHN: PCM-R500 > Audiomedia III/Powermac G3/233 > Pro Tools 4.3.2
Panasonic 7502 (burn/extract)

Disc One:

01: Star Spangled Banner * - 01:38:68
02: Set I Intro - 00:21:35
03: Chalkdust Torture - 08:50:40
04: Sloth - 04:00:32
05: Taste - 12:01:66
06: Bathtub Gin - 17:37:71
07: Piper - 09:38:55
08: If I Could - 07:36:26

Total: - 61:48:18

Disc Two:

01: Set II Intro - 01:48:35
02: Down with Disease - 12:51:29
03: Harry Hood - 15:06:59
04: Gotta Jibboo - 11:03:14

Total: - 40:51:62

Disc Three:

01: When the Circus Comes to Town - 04:23:68
02: Mike's Song - 11:35:18
03: Albuquerque - 04:10:20
04: Weekapaug Groove - 14:08:73
05: First Tube - 08:05:34
06: Loving Cup - 08:50:09

Total: - 51:13:74

* - Paul Languedoc asked everyone to stand for the national anthem.

Show Checksums
a589c4914e89d5312e61c2f99600fbbb *ph2000-06-28-d1t01.shn
a8fd4260a0f73c8c698eecc2f2171096 *ph2000-06-28-d1t02.shn
0f53eec8bceea04687b4a6bee7e14b86 *ph2000-06-28-d1t03.shn
fa92d92052387d6afeac173f05c95040 *ph2000-06-28-d1t04.shn
4b7a9704ecdb702e86caa2d613898483 *ph2000-06-28-d1t05.shn
ca5f8a1a043a3c18e5a7df9da3613487 *ph2000-06-28-d1t06.shn
88db73f4f0b430ba8d2754f99066f32b *ph2000-06-28-d1t07.shn
5eabfc2ac1fe667f7bea58f57f8439bf *ph2000-06-28-d1t08.shn
27a99ac1764e459eacbe0bd8c596e28b *ph2000-06-28-d2t01.shn
7c5f00e1b9791ca99b9b68acbbcfa200 *ph2000-06-28-d2t02.shn
4ddacf6d568d28f40389158b989a197a *ph2000-06-28-d2t03.shn
db3c3aa4983e6b72713df5a95ccf2d12 *ph2000-06-28-d2t04.shn
18e7656e9068cbd581ed067ccb93ad14 *ph2000-06-28-d3t01.shn
ea9fedd32d4a6e47b1c5a6e4552cbdbd *ph2000-06-28-d3t02.shn
77ac14e65e6fc75fbdda06a7c35e4698 *ph2000-06-28-d3t03.shn
37e4e5ec155b7684b750bcee5fd8bd7b *ph2000-06-28-d3t04.shn
8b0d4be0c2e4a020743a8adebfacb87a *ph2000-06-28-d3t05.shn
03a85d09d8546932035a591de6a1ef67 *ph2000-06-28-d3t06.shn
ca1747ed32a53c6765cb93336440801b [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d1t01.shn
05f793483484fc3bf92754b1e5253bb5 [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d1t02.shn
01e917088a875fb0c39a1a7ca7f97379 [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d1t03.shn
f6d37b9f25ff1c9f775d74bec994d4a5 [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d1t04.shn
e7c82680b7f7a83324b79b173a4e3166 [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d1t05.shn
1cd30c79d5fdbe896705438374e0acc9 [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d1t06.shn
e54a0fc316626a70606df2c869970d1c [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d1t07.shn
32119c9ee0be4d5298a18559a0cc9e9a [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d1t08.shn
359049a46b107f1fdbc87dc13f721b2e [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d2t01.shn
d059e3df658fbd3d0f6b572a0093723e [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d2t02.shn
927edab63c35c3eb3a26483b21013419 [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d2t03.shn
3f7c2d1d1feb4110d3a7b80ea09a9b9a [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d2t04.shn
529bdb3711c73420438f860dc668558e [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d3t01.shn
f0624266d9d20e5b10d615515009ec9e [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d3t02.shn
65a9bd43b32dfaf9301f61533506bd30 [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d3t03.shn
51c127a02c208ff2808c5ace624984f0 [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d3t04.shn
150a2bd458c4d4acd413f15db0464c05 [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d3t05.shn
5c5c0baba692f2f647165132ac9cd579 [shntool] ph2000-06-28-d3t06.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
AKG 480/ck63 > Graham... (0) B&K; encoding by Eric... (1) Neumann TLM170r (split 21')... (0) flac16, 44kHz;... (0) flac16, 44kHz; (OTS)... (0) flac16, 44kHz;... (0) flac16; 48kHz;... (0) flac16, 44kHz; AKG... (0)
Date User Comment
08/10/2000 Jeff quick question: wasn't the whole pre-show "Star Spangled Banner" bit done on 6/29/00 and not 6/28/00? just wondering if this first track on disc one of 6/28/00 should be track one on disc one of 6/29/00. either way the discs sound wonderful.
08/11/2000 Diana Hamilton Mike Vernal reports that they did the anthem thing on both 6/28 and 6/29/00. (Note only mentions it for
6/29, I believe.)
08/16/2000 James Moore FYI, the Arts Center always plays the National Anthem over the PA before every concert - probably because of the NJ Vietnam Veterans Memorial that sits right next to the venue.
Thus the Anthem was played over the PA at both shows.
As I recall, Sinead O'Connor was prohibited from playing the Arts Center a few years back because she refused to have the National Anthem played before her show...
08/17/2000 Michael Beck James is right - the anthem is played before *every* show at PNC. (As in, they also played it at last years' shows.)
Certainly, Paul had nothing to do with it; he is definitely not the one who says "Please stand for the National
Anthem" or whatever. Also, it's played right around the published show time - that means at least a half an hour
before Phish takes the stage.

Funny story: I was trying to walk down the stairs into the reserved section, when all of a sudden the flow just
stopped. Look in front of me, see that the ushers are physically preventing us from getting down the stairs. Then
the first strains of "The Star Spangled Banner." They wouldn't let us move again until after the song was over.
Enforced Patriotism? :)

There are several segues that aren't marked in the txt file. Check with for the full story.

Fabulous shows. So wet on the lawn 6/28! 6/29 was my girlfriend's birthday. :) Have fun!
11/06/2000 Mike Vernal Just for the record, Paul L. most *certainly* was the one to ask the crowd to stand for the national anthem. I was 8 feet from him, and watched him in confusion as he plugged an SM57 into the board, croach down low and mouth "Please stand for the national anthem."

I was pretty confused =) But he did it both nights.
01/12/2001 Scott Norton just had to add my .02 in on the please rise for the national anthem comment. I work at the PNC Bank Arts
Center. I most certainly is Craig Getsch, The in-house Production Manager who says those words. He has been playing the same recording
since he started at the PNC Bank AC since he took over for Tony Melciore (Who used to announce it), who took over for Kevin Keith (who did
it before every show (including the Sinead O'Connor show....she played under protest)
don't mean to sound snobbish about this, but it is a fact that the house controls all announcements before the concert,
as well as all music played before the show, during intermission, and after the house lights come up at the end of show.
01/16/2001 Adam Bishop Once again, Mike Vernal provides us all with a great seed. This is really good recording. Mike Vernal should be nominated for a Grammy or at least a Jammy!
04/10/2002 Mollyman21 yes i agree, give that mike vernal a jammy, nice contributions in my collection thanks to his efforts!