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Steve Kimock 03/18/92
19 Broadway, Fairfax, CA
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
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July 2002
Source Summary *Goodman Brothers*
SBD > ? > DAT; Transfer: Sony PCM R500 (DAT) > HHB CDR 850 (AUDIO CDR) > WAV via EAC > SHN [DAE step] 
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Goodman Brothers
19 Broadway
Fairfax, CA
March 18, 1992


Frank Goodman
Steve Kimock
Bobby Vega

Source:  DSBD>DAT
Transfer: Sony PCM R500 (DAT) > HHB CDR 850 (CD) by Ron Keyser

AUDIO CD>WAV via EAC (logfiles included)>SHN via MKW
EAC'ed & SHN'ed by Alan Dorchak

Set 1:

d1t01 Crumble Intro
d1t02 Walk The Streets Alone
d1t03 Birthday Card
d1t04 Keep Your Shirt On
d1t05 Your Love Is All I Need
d1t06 Yes I?m Blue
d1t07 Win Your Love
d1t08 I Wonder If John Garfield Went To Heaven
d1t09 Lost Highway
d1t10 Stage Banter
d1t11 I Know How (To Take Care Of You)
d1t12 Where Are You Tonight
d1t13 Girl Unusual
d1t14 Help Me I?ve Fallen
d1t15 He?s Just A Friend
d1t16 Clair So Rare
d1t17 All?s Fair In Love & War
d2t01 Please Baby Please
d2t02 What Slips Through Your Fingers
d2t03 Best Things In Life
d2t04 Hey There Baby
d2t05 Daddy?s Got To Play The Blues

Set 2:

d2t06 Solitaire
d2t07 Supernatural
d2t08 Refuge In Your Love
d2t09 Miss You Tonight
d2t10 Tear Drops Will Fall
d2t11 Show Me Something
d2t12 Time Is Changin?

Filler: 3-25-92
Frank Goodman, Steve Kimock, Bobby Vega, Martin Fierro

d2t13 Refuge In Your Love
d2t14 Miss You Tonight
Show Checksums
1473c449986bf32b4ab790eb848de377 *gb.1992.03.18.d1t01.shn
3f8c04a632762b3a1169985d05888b6e *gb.1992.03.18.d1t02.shn
1f87fbcc0488584c0787ea41f36274c4 *gb.1992.03.18.d1t03.shn
f1f39294b9009155ef9339e07a893c05 *gb.1992.03.18.d1t04.shn
72fd5d7d42071ee81bf23a42191de452 *gb.1992.03.18.d1t05.shn
6bf1fa0af460d4c83562e341b02ae274 *gb.1992.03.18.d1t06.shn
2e5e6951bb46b0126c08faceffa618f1 *gb.1992.03.18.d1t07.shn
ddcc764c70560032c527af22a12b38cc *gb.1992.03.18.d1t08.shn
f4f0fb26c9e554bd604dc8fa6d645edc *gb.1992.03.18.d1t09.shn
4a6390d42f900f690e763acd525184fd *gb.1992.03.18.d1t10.shn
96370d102042e836469a2eed0bc8ccab *gb.1992.03.18.d1t11.shn
2f7782c03fcd4443bd650b236f55b81a *gb.1992.03.18.d1t12.shn
4c7f647512ded15931b926c21488ee3e *gb.1992.03.18.d1t13.shn
486b457d31a0de2acf270a7c823bf627 *gb.1992.03.18.d1t14.shn
3e48ca0babcd89441b91c37b677ff2cc *gb.1992.03.18.d1t15.shn
586f1c884c294da4df5ccf122b86b81b *gb.1992.03.18.d1t16.shn

84b1ffb35cf7c83c792b52f27a812374 *gb.1992.03.18.d2t01.shn
1e1ffd7390d8a340ee5c4fc479030f5c *gb.1992.03.18.d2t02.shn
34d22d9a8cb32ea461d86da1979dfd1a *gb.1992.03.18.d2t03.shn
370624b640f01775abb22ccaa1d426e8 *gb.1992.03.18.d2t04.shn
ecdf1952fdf2fbec4798f6853298586b *gb.1992.03.18.d2t05.shn
a34ca818d0c7b3d16f47d1c335931afa *gb.1992.03.18.d2t06.shn
30d3a4829a6ebc1f384efd196e4f7079 *gb.1992.03.18.d2t07.shn
dc07cb64fcefa724e167093c5645f31f *gb.1992.03.18.d2t08.shn
2f6e39f8ef81387a7248c3a18c9f0073 *gb.1992.03.18.d2t09.shn
800b83a3eb01ae6fbaddcd0e55bc5b9d *gb.1992.03.18.d2t10.shn
4fe42a2f72e17e40778c5a5cd95bfc0d *gb.1992.03.18.d2t11.shn
b1df4ffc78592036b21009c6f3a29c53 *gb.1992.03.18.d2t12.shn
ccf5b9fc1e32a4bb10c3324a3a54e02a *gb.1992.03.18.d2t13.shn
82e18c8022dacb739cfbc55576115205 *gb.1992.03.18.d2t14.shn

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