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Jerry Garcia Band 11/27/87
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums jg1987-11-27.mtx.ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Matrix 3 Source Mix - AUD1 (shn id 100140) Nak 700's > dbx > D5 MAC > NakCR-3A > dbx224 > audigyse > audacity > CDWave > tlh. + AUD2 (shn id 80133) Sennheiser MKE-2002 mics > Sony TC-D5 > 2 cassette gens > Sony TC-D5M (Dolby on) playback > Realtek AC97 > Soundforge > CD-Wave > TLH v. (for SBE-OK, FLAC compression, and checksums) > FLAC, plus material from shnid 22298 (see notes), November 2006 by Andrew F. + AUD3 (no shn id) Unknown generation video supplied in dvd format by Greyful Dave for video project - matrix mixing by Kevin Tobin  
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Jerry Garcia
November 27th,1987
Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, CA

AUD Matrix 3 Source Mix(55%-AUD1/45%-AUD2) and AUD3 used as filler

Acoustic Set
d1t01 - Bright Morning Stars
d1t02 - Blue Yodel No. 9 (Standing On The Corner)
d1t03 - Ballad of Casey Jones
d1t04 - I'm Troubled
d1t05 - Two Soldiers
d1t06 - Band Intro
d1t07 - Diamond Joe
d1t08 - Drifting to Far From the Shore
d1t09 - Been All Around This World
d1t10 - Turtle Dove

Electric Set
d2t01 - How Sweet It Is
d2t02 - Forever Young
d2t03 - Stop That Train
d2t04 - Think
d2t05 - Run For The Roses
d2t06 - Gomorrah
d2t07 - My Sisters and Brothers
d2t08 - That Lucky Old Sun
d2t09 - Deal

d2t10 - And It Stoned Me

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
Jerry Garcia-Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
John Kahn-Acoustic Bass
David Kemper-Drums
David Nelson-Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Sandy Rothman-Mandolin,Dobro,Banjo
Kenny Kosek-Fiddle

Jerry Garcia Band
Jerry Garcia-Guitar,Vocals
John Kahn-Bass
David Kemper-Drums
Melvin Seals-Organ
Gloria Jones-Vocals
Jaclyn LaBranch-Vocals  

Audio Source Information
AUD1 (shnid=100140)

Modified Nakamichi 700's w/ cardiod capsules>custom dbx with
Sony TC D5M
Orchestra 1,Row A seat110
Maxell MX 90 nr dbx II

Master>Nak CR-3A>dbx224>AudigySE>Audacity>CDWave>TLH
Recorded by Tazuo Yamaguchi
transferred by Russ Cansler

notes: first song cut
Billed as "Jerry Garcia Direct From Broadway"

AUD2 (shnid=80133)

Source: AUD, Sennheiser MKE-2002 mics > Sony TC-D5.

Lineage as follows: Disc One tracks 01 thru 04, and all of Disc Two
come from a second generation cassette, made w/Dolby B (MAC > C > C).
Disc One tracks 05 thru 09 come from ShnID-22298. See notes below...

Transfer: 2nd-Gen cassette > Sony TC-D5M (Dolby on) > Realtek AC97 >
Soundforge > CD-Wave > TLH v. (for SBE-OK, FLAC compression,
and checksums) > FLAC, November 2006 by Andrew F.

Notes: The 2nd-gen tape I transferred was a 90-minute cassette that
contained the complete electric set and the start of the acoustic
set as filler. It faded out at the beginning of "Two Soldiers". The
crowd noise during the overlapping parts of the two sources proved
that this cassette and ShnID-22298 derived from the same MAC source.

I decoded the ShnID-22298 files to WAV, used WavMerge to combine them,
then used Soundforge to match the pitch and levels, and to crossfade
the two sources together. I also used Soundforge to make fades and
for some minor edits. The ShnID-22298 files are noticeably degraded.

In the acoustic set, I used Soundforge to lower the levels in the
applause between songs, between -2bd and -4db, as needed in spots.
The first minute of "How Sweet" is distorted; I lowered the levels
with Soundforge and reduced some of the low-end in that part. Since
the Sennheiser 2002 mics were designed to be worn by the taper (like
airplane earphones), the sound "floats" from left to right in a few
spots as the taper moved around. THANKS to Johnny P for this tape...

Enjoy this fantastic show - We miss you Jerry.

AUD3 (no shnid)
Unknown generation video soundtrack used as filler.

- Mixed by [email protected]
- FLAC conversion 07-FEB-2010
Multitrack Mixdown Settings


Stereo Matrix
AUD1 -0
AUD2 -1


Stereo Matrix
AUD1 +1
AUD2 -0
Audio Patches:

1) At the beginning of Set 1, 17.072 seconds were missing from AUD1 and was filled in with audio from AUD2.

2) At the beginning of Set 1, 20 minutes and 23.528 seconds were missing from AUD3 and was filled in with audio from AUD2.

3) Between Blue Yodel No.9 and The Ballad Of Casey Jones, 07.036 seconds were missing from the (AUD1) source and was filled in with audio from the (AUD2) source.

4) Between Forever Young and Stop That Train, 51.294 seconds were missing from the (AUD2) source and was filled in with audio from the (AUD3) source.

5) Between Stop That Train and Think, 51.048 seconds were missing from the (AUD2) source and was filled in with audio from the (AUD3) source.

6) Between Think and Run For The Roses, 1 minute and 47.519 seconds were missing from the (AUD2) source and was filled in with audio from the (AUD3) source.

7) Also between Think and Run For The Roses, 16.292 seconds were missing from the (AUD1) source and was filled in with audio from the (AUD3) source.

8) Between Run For The Roses and Gomorrah, 09.344 seconds were missing from the (AUD2) source and was filled in with audio from the (AUD1) source.

9) Between Deal and And It Stoned Me, 25.612 seconds were missing from both the (AUD1) and the (AUD2) source and was filled in with audio from the (AUD3) source.

10) Matrix\DTS were synced using the video as a reference. Both sources were well matched soundwise with the AUD2 matching almost exactly with the video and the AUD1 was just slightly fast.

Brokedown House Production

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     2:17.43       24267980 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d1t01.wav
     6:10.42       65366828 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d1t02.wav
     5:24.58       57290060 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d1t03.wav
     4:56.53       52339100 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d1t04.wav
     4:33.17       48197228 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d1t05.wav
     0:58.72       10400588 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d1t06.wav
     3:56.13       41661020 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d1t07.wav
     5:04.56       53757356 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d1t08.wav
     6:18.24       66735692 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d1t09.wav
     4:46.04       50459852 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d1t10.wav
     7:28.09       79048412 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d2t01.wav
     8:24.18       88947980 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d2t02.wav
     7:33.44       80012732 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d2t03.wav
     9:07.56       96622556 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d2t04.wav
     5:38.28       59689100 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d2t05.wav
     6:14.07       65990108 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d2t06.wav
     4:06.48       43507340 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d2t07.wav
    10:26.69      110588732 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d2t08.wav
     8:26.29       89326652 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d2t09.wav
     6:18.47       66789788 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1987-11-27d2t10.wav
   118:11.62     1250999104 B                            1.0000  (20 files)
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