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Garcia 08/24/74
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
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Source # 10612 Other Sources
Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums shn-md5 , wav-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary Garcia & Saunders: 10" MSR > C > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN. 
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Garcia & Saunders
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

10" MSR > C > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN.

Source discs provided by Katy Miller.
Extraction and normalization using EAC,
tracking using CDWave, .shn encoding
using mkwACT, and sector boundary
verification using shntool by Joe Jupille
([email protected]).

Disc One (6) 69:34
--Set I--
1. ... Neighbor Neighbor [#8:53] [0:08]
2. Favela [16:00] [0:05]
3. Second That Emotion [12:58] [0:20]
4. Problems Got Problems [11:35] [0:15]
5. He Ain't Give You None [12:02] [0:11]
6. Money Honey [7:53] [0:11]

Disc Two (5) 62:30
--Set II--
1. Harder They Come [15:17] [0:14]
2. La-La [18:32] ->
3. People Make The World Go 'Round [3:43] [2:08]
4. (I'm A) Road Runner [9:55] [0:08]
5. Sitting In Limbo [12:26] [0:07]

Disc one peaked at 90.3%, but only reached 47%
after Neighbor Neighbor.  I normalized the rest
of the disc to 90.3%, and also normalized disc
two from around 30% to 98% using EAC.

d1t01 Neighbor Neighbor fades in, not much missing
d1t02 Favela considerable mix fluctuations first few minutes
Show Checksums
0459139aeb4318d01a974abbedc81096 *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t01.shn
54085fe00599dc5fc9ce198dd217b8d2 *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t02.shn
696d8935745636aba6d2e78775b7acce *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t03.shn
53570ae56d1c5d493514940c3e9785bf *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t04.shn
51f16f53699751d539974705dbefaa4f *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t05.shn
33fc440d0271577f473b2772a29672a6 *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t06.shn
93da5c34edde6d0cb855d74b689e1f37 *jg+ms1974-08-24d2t01.shn
eb7ebc7644fc318089d442304f358ec7 *jg+ms1974-08-24d2t02.shn
38cc7ff1259fad75eaed349436f414b6 *jg+ms1974-08-24d2t03.shn
2bb268907975b0733a9988a0b87f6c77 *jg+ms1974-08-24d2t04.shn
e1568f8de6023a44099c2d5ba8b14947 *jg+ms1974-08-24d2t05.shn
dd883e3555ff725de427e9c65fecae9b *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t01.wav
1c1b054a44455b635370e2835ecbb64a *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t02.wav
861084f914e7c858801cc15e91920acf *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t03.wav
901a9db24f4ef29c3b1172fd1e013bb9 *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t04.wav
162301f882df22c0cbebf24c94f5897f *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t05.wav
8ff67636ad3660832a0d2e385b1f6522 *jg+ms1974-08-24d1t06.wav
d582ccd45041d865b9ca211d5956ee55 *jg+ms1974-08-24d2t01.wav
52051477600ed3df689bd354dc59e9f3 *jg+ms1974-08-24d2t02.wav
72196f376b5123b8d6655a48f450a3dd *jg+ms1974-08-24d2t03.wav
88a9a6f0bdad70e1ee7b716ed6ec0a8f *jg+ms1974-08-24d2t04.wav
5fc61223a0760a1d310a98f142403e8c *jg+ms1974-08-24d2t05.wav
49cbf2f769ea0b55d2b459a9b350e20d [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d1t01.shn
950e36c4184a096507d73bc1286ce6ae [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d1t02.shn
326e83194509492e556b44ca0b4e188c [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d1t03.shn
896019022a692b2ec47b0427f7f9e1a7 [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d1t04.shn
11c3738a1512aca6b2a1a0e581205e78 [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d1t05.shn
ab3f10b8c73b5480c117b85b44af45a1 [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d1t06.shn
ad71bffd060c7c4e36a9930be9fba017 [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d2t01.shn
c3460635b9201212ca4d5d15b81619db [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d2t02.shn
5a24f3340bbebd44c3b5d4d2fbd8b0eb [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d2t03.shn
5d9f7ecf727660ec025b3de4f0cb4343 [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d2t04.shn
f6e9d86bb0d241594a634846bddb69b1 [shntool] jg+ms1974-08-24d2t05.shn

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