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Trey Anastasio 02/21/10
The Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, MO
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Source # 106221 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FLAC-md5 , 16bit-FFP
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Neumann ak40's > lc100 > Km 100 > Aeta Psp2 > Sound Devices 702 (@ 24/48); Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (Resample, Uv 22 Hr Dither) > CD Wave > TLH > 16/44 FLAC; Taped & Transferred by Gotfob 
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Uptown Theatre
Kansas City, Mo

-Brought To You By Gotfob-

Source:(Clamped to 1st balcony rail dfc)
Neumann ak40's(NOS)> lc100 > Km 100 > Aeta Psp2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48

Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (Resample,Uv 22 Hr Dither) >
Cd Wave > TLH > 16/44 FLAC

-Big thanks to mikey jones for the psp2 loan, & to the taper who loaned me the superclamp-

Disc I/Set Ia
d1t01 Shine
d1t02 Push On To The Day *
d1t03 Alive Again
d1t04 Birdwatcher
d1t05 Mozambique

d1t06 Cayman Review
d1t07 Dragonfly
d1t08 Night Speaks To A Woman
d1t09 Valentine
d1t10 Let Me Lie

Disc II/Set Ib
d2t01 Sweet Dreams Melinda
d2t02 Money Love & Change
d2t03 Tuesday

-Solo Acoustic Trey-
d2t04 Backwards Down The Nuber Line @
d2t05 Brian & Robert @
d2t06 Back On The Train @
d2t07 Sample @
d2t08 Wilson @
Set IIa
d2t09 Gotta Jibbo
d2t10 Liquid Time
d2t11 Sand

Disc III/Set IIb
d3t01 Goodbye Head
d3t02 Mr. Completely
d3t03 Alaska
d3t04 sultans Of Swing
d3t05 Show Of Life
d3t06 1st Tube

* W/ Trey spinning in a circle during solo
@ Trey Solo Acoustic
Show Checksums
c8d5bc7c8f18f5edb389e204dbe247aa *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t01 Shine.flac
21c123f804a6f7ecaa6b48d06837f73f *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t02 Push On To The Day.flac
03f11423778b7d4dc0bbe8be2799475c *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t03 Alive Again.flac
29dc41176af48e6a8cfb9a75fc0c279e *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t04 Birdwatcher.flac
2e46d896932b62ef980a29ff476266b9 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t05 Mozambique.flac
ddd8a8324d47192d768844da9f0f0bbf *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t06 Cayman Review.flac
dae705c6c2a314cf44ae5d4cc1abece8 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t07 Dragonfly.flac
1aff12c88fe7e2f5776d2472e30d74b2 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t08 Night Speaks To A Woman.flac
9f665be72b9749200a49a5006126d684 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t09 Let Me Lie.flac
92f491dafa57fdb096cc5c219e95e6ca *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t09 Valentine.flac
84083e842868071cf05fdc52c7878ed2 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t01 Sweet Dreams Melinda.flac
0244ec6ee5bc42636fd040e831d6cbf5 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t02 Money Love And Change.flac
e05f1e95248c3a34bf4b5785c3f34d68 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t03 Tuesday.flac
9e2aa7d362b83021482d992049179880 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t04 Backwards Down The Number Line.flac
2d3057306a1e398162ee1b3b92e4fe37 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t05 Brian And Robert.flac
6a3cec8ca038d5d5666501338867b382 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t06 Back On The Train.flac
249879c0d4cf3f2226bd5c66457d309f *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t07 Sample.flac
75cb47e0a0cf819eb7ae76ca308dda12 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t08 Wilson.flac
37fdcd00e7bff79d6dbbb010c8b58729 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t09 Gotta Jiboo.flac
4f045f6f19874177e75ee9d9e3d850a8 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t10 Liquid Time.flac
89f75cbe8390ed5f92797ca2272354a9 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t11 Sand.flac
e4c2c2127ee49b63db5cd9bb95fcc197 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t01 Goodbye Head.flac
14c7a112f922173cb54fd537eff4af43 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t02 Mr Completely.flac
0e88523d683b81c1d82933d558af5890 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t03 Alaska.flac
5b1e0a1f1726c4eb084716916b694f01 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t04 Sultans Of Swing .flac
b57358aad1c75bd832f49893a9ca0570 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t05 Show Of Life.flac
43dbdfcde481ef57fb262b3e7c119369 *T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t06 1st Tube.flac
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t01 Shine.flac:261db806cd5f61459738373aa759e627
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t02 Push On To The Day.flac:4c92c39e38b9e8915e0cd5063a3418bd
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t03 Alive Again.flac:e055008d7cc69cee90f7cf842c8613c5
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t04 Birdwatcher.flac:da30bd3e43dea433fc6d3f8f0c61fb4b
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t05 Mozambique.flac:0b34d139a317e308cfab8a7140fc26f4
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t06 Cayman Review.flac:bae7a2be2b75ede382292e6141a4fdc2
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t07 Dragonfly.flac:b180c57d74a5c9c2573e9e304a36a3c0
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t08 Night Speaks To A Woman.flac:3ba5887eb5174d72245eaad76e515b11
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t09 Let Me Lie.flac:b699beea09a19a2475972591685cbdc7
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d1t09 Valentine.flac:65d3d6e7547bd338a04ad380bf2db18b
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t01 Sweet Dreams Melinda.flac:edca19cc983eef764ee75bd534c82092
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t02 Money Love And Change.flac:0c8b414b91ecad0170b0ac9b289485f3
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t03 Tuesday.flac:71a7311da955865fba10eacefe8fc386
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t04 Backwards Down The Number Line.flac:b996748603a7a416ca5cf9ffb36e0fe6
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t05 Brian And Robert.flac:89f17174c52ed97b3328b1428dcf50c0
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t06 Back On The Train.flac:1ce1b6ca39ab9bdda28ee24f33a84370
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t07 Sample.flac:549e5945d61028278de662f2739eacf3
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t08 Wilson.flac:236862c7bf610a10255c910756fb0c0f
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t09 Gotta Jiboo.flac:995c0ea75f2bf5a94623b01da36cec0a
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t10 Liquid Time.flac:05aa292fd08bd4c388b617d96bf33f3a
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d2t11 Sand.flac:0f9025e4b0a2688b388b970f7d05e0ab
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t01 Goodbye Head.flac:0bcc17b9d923f430e49bdf3ab4ddacd5
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t02 Mr Completely.flac:6131e95e988650dd9e4dce5d4f298302
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t03 Alaska.flac:688591d5a0e010a4402560947e6eba71
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t04 Sultans Of Swing .flac:aafb7376f00090df36729b26f06a9a72
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t05 Show Of Life.flac:7f57847856783ae268a90078525483dc
T.A.B 2010-02-21 d3t06 1st Tube.flac:dcd195a41ec812f0cafeebb56265a76d

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