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Trey Anastasio 02/21/10
The Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, MO
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Source # 106234 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 24bit-FLAC-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary (FOB) MBHO 603a/ka200 > Edirol R-44 (@24/44.1); Wavelab (dsp,tracking) > flac (NOTE: this is a 24 bit seed) 
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Trey Anastasio Band
Uptown Theater
Kansas City, MO.

Source- MBHO603a/ka200(DIN,FOB,LOC)>[email protected]/44.1
Lineage- Wavelab(dsp,tracking)>flac

*24 bit fileset*

Disc 1
Set 1

01. Shine
02. Push On til the Day
03. Alive Again
04. Birdwatcher
05. Mozambique
06. Cayman Review
07. Dragonfly
08. Night Speaks to a Woman
09. Valentine

Disc 2
Set 1 Cont.

01. Let Me Lie
02. Sweet Dreams Melinda
03. Money, Love and Change
04. Tuesday
05. Backwards Down the # Line*
06. Brian and Robert*
07. Back on the Train*
08. Sample in a Jar*
09. Wilson*
Set 2
10. Gotta Jiboo
11. Liquid Time

Disc 3
Set 2 Cont.

01. Sand
02. Goodbye Head
03. Mr. Completely
04. Alaska
05. Sultans of Swing
06. E: Show of Life
07. First Tube

Notes- *=Solo accoustic
Show Checksums
a958b13b8c5c0a6e13c1547f8a041192 *tab2010-02-21pt1t01.flac
60b4a5dcea58597c42fbf3c20bf4f1ca *tab2010-02-21pt1t02.flac
084111620f95e70d41eca66317ccaba8 *tab2010-02-21pt1t03.flac
58553ba558b7a73d3d3bb6b698f98917 *tab2010-02-21pt1t04.flac
52ed9e1311b4aadcda57086422ac05a9 *tab2010-02-21pt1t05.flac
52d9dd0edbc0c0d881007384c5da11f6 *tab2010-02-21pt1t06.flac
69edc959aac78cf65dbf42f17cd036e0 *tab2010-02-21pt1t07.flac
591dcb6aaebaf682cb8ad996a78daca6 *tab2010-02-21pt1t08.flac
d67e0fff1b20e278416828f6e76c6600 *tab2010-02-21pt1t09.flac
05d66d12521b79335c3c1b568aed6b17 *tab2010-02-21pt2t01.flac
f05a997ebeeca4f5388e9cc632c017f4 *tab2010-02-21pt2t02.flac
0675635ff26615e216869b531cda3555 *tab2010-02-21pt2t03.flac
c94d4d9e53b0dc0fa34da468af22c0f4 *tab2010-02-21pt2t04.flac
befff4abe727e0fb0d720a3dd0579389 *tab2010-02-21pt2t05.flac
5144d9f0bb9032954a302c315bc1060e *tab2010-02-21pt2t06.flac
03868a27a725060f75140c89127feaa8 *tab2010-02-21pt2t07.flac
49105b9b44adfcec39bbfb0a9a72b38d *tab2010-02-21pt2t08.flac
decb7dd1b4001ef082c4f3a94643891f *tab2010-02-21pt2t09.flac
31b70227a9479daa2a9639845b5736ee *tab2010-02-21pt2t10.flac
a11506d0fba1031821583452e81e22fd *tab2010-02-21pt2t11.flac
5133eaf82477ed94690adc4436dc38ce *tab2010-02-21pt3t01.flac
2f43e54ddcad651dff31e2028ae5e876 *tab2010-02-21pt3t02.flac
c33d5745b0a808ce410f3fc2bcd0476f *tab2010-02-21pt3t03.flac
4dc93a32ea8b90477ebeb9c374943433 *tab2010-02-21pt3t04.flac
76f14632ebe291bb5a8f6f8f2367877f *tab2010-02-21pt3t05.flac
1541cf420894033126764f3d1c64b406 *tab2010-02-21pt3t06.flac
90ab9f46cf739a84aa8596c9610ca748 *tab2010-02-21pt3t07.flac

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