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Garcia 10/02/66
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary recieved in a snail-mail trade from Ed Perlstein (in one large wav file) who recovered the Master Reel. MR>Remastered DAT>CDR>CDR1>EAC>FLAC 
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1966-10-02 San Francisco State University, S.F., CA.
Acid Test [At Whatever It Is] (4am-6am)

Voices: Ken Kesey, Hugh Romney
Violin: Dale Kesey
Organ: Jerry Garcia
Engineering: Steve Newman, Mountain Girl, Ken Kesey

Divided into 14 segements. I recieved this in a snail-mail trade from
Ed Perlstein (in one large wav file) who recovered the Master Reel.

01  The Head has become Fat  4:48
02  The Stars tell a Story  2:44
03  A Mexican Story: 25 Bennies (Out in the Jungle)  3:05
04  Tarnished Gallahad 3:55
05  Large Soft Woman/Get It Off The Ground  6:30
06  Go Head On Up 1  2:17
07  Owned By The Devil 1:25
08  The Butcher Is Back  4:24
09  Announcement  1:30
10  Acid Test Graduation Announcement / Meat To The Moon 4:43
11  Musical Interlude  20:54
12  Go Head On Up (isolated remix) 2:40
13  The Butcher is Back (isolated remix) 12:07
14  Announcement (isolated remix)  2:23

This source is what Ed supplied to Zane Kesey. Zane & Simon took each channel,
converted them to mono, and re-edited the entire recording. Their version runs a few minutes shorter
than this copy. This is a CD Clone of the stereo master reel found in the Bay Area Music Archives.  
I comparred the way they released their version, and divided this into tracks at the same spots.

**This is the info copied from the Key-Z website with more info on this source.**

One week before the law that made LSD illegal in California was to take effect; Ken Kesey snuck back from his hideout in Mexico to attend
the San Francisco State College Acid Test.  Word on the street was that Kesey had made a deal.  He didnít!  The set-up was with Kesey, Jerry,
Mt. Girl etc. off in a different hidden room secretly microphoned and wired so people could hear him and he could hear them and interact with
the crowd in the auditorium.  This didnít happen until around 4am.  All of this was being broadcast by the local radio station that also recorded
it with a professional reel-to-reel tape recorder.  Ed Perlstein recently found this gem preserved in the Bay Area Music Archives, and sent a
digitally re-mastered (but unaltered) DAT. Next generation Prankster Simon Babbs has enhanced, the sound, divided it into tracks, and created
CD through Intrepid Trips, he burns these CDs individually for you. Versions of this Acid Test have emerged through the years from amateur
recordings of the broadcast, but this CD with its pristine recording from the location are a window into time!  With Ken Kesey on guitar and vocals,
Dale Kesey on violin, Hugh Romney (Wavy Gravy) and Mountain Girl (Carolyn Garcia) backup and side-pranks, Jerry Garcia on Organ, and
Steve Newman was engineering.   Total length     68:20
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0d5762dd5059a9e2b51e1687b71f3538 *gd66-10-02.d106.flac
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d9b876bd55756705ae854d21e2c81957 *gd66-10-02.d114.flac

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