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Garcia 05/14/82
Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary patched version of shnid 102403 with shnid 106663
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Jerry Garcia Band
Keystone Palo Alto
Palo Alto, CA

These shows were during the "free admission for May" deal if you were a Keystone Club member. I was.

We went to the show in our usual manner-- all hot to party with no concern at all how loaded we would get. Since I lived only a couple of miles away in Mt. View, it was a zip to get home, listen to the tape and party-on!  We never once considered the implications of going down the road whacked to the gills. No fear!

The party started in the parking lot--- around noon with lots of dope to smoke and massive quantities of beer to drink. There was a very Palo Altoian hip and green market a couple of doors down from the venue and we all spent a lot of $$ there. They sold a load of beer!

Once it started to look like they were going to let us in the show the vial of "liquid" made its appearance. Gordon from Santa Cruz was there. He was always there. Gordon had a long beard and wore a colorful Mexican blanket-style poncho. I never saw him in anything but the same poncho -----ever, in all the years I knew him.  He was a major character in a sea of characters. I asked him if he wanted a drop of liquid. He brightened up and snatched up the vial, opened his mouth and went ---squirt!  He must have squirted about 10 drops!! I could not believe what I saw him do. This was exquisite acid and I just could not imagine anyone taking that much. I was a bit worried for him. I did a single drop and could barley function to get into the show, snatch the proper table and get the recorder set up. I had to "practice" putting in the cassette, taking it out, turning it over and using the 'pause' button. It's an acid thing. Later, I saw Gordon on the dance floor having a great time. Somehow he ended up at my house that night. He sat in the corner in a wicker chair all night, all curled up and he never budged an inch. The next day he vanished. Of course he re-appeared at the next Jerry shows a couple of weeks later.

In the first set you can hear someone guessing the next song. That was Craig Norton, my roommate. We were both in the Navy stationed at Moffett Field in Mt. View.  He guessed Tangled Up as the next song and instead, the first electric "Run For The Roses" was played. I had heard the acoustic version that was done in New York the month before and I was all excited (loaded) and hopeful (dosed) that Jerry would play that song. I was high enough to make what I thought at the time, was a very funny comment about Jerry and that he should play it. We all roared over that observation. I guess ya had to be there. Now in 2009 it sounds rather rude.  Those who frequented the Keystones will remember how Jerry's appearance changed from late 1981 to fall of 1982, and will understand.

The reason the first song of the 2nd set is cut is because we all ran out to the parking lot during the break and played the "Run For The Roses" over and over again. It was quite the bizarre scene. There were about 30 people dancing and twirling around my car. Suddenly we heard the first notes of the tune up for the 2nd set. All these people instantly split to go back in. The herd was freaked out that they had lost track of the time and would miss the opening notes of the 2nd set. How embarrassing! I had to secure the car, get back in the show and figure out how to get the recorder going again. This was no easy task but someone had to do it.
                                                                       Jeff Knudsen November 1 2009

Taped By Jeff Knudsen
Marantz SuperScope Mics > borrowed unknown model Aiwa Deck
front row of tables

Transfer: MAC > 1 cassette >Apogee Mini ME (24/96) > Apogee Mini DAC >
Wavelab 5.0(dithered via 'UV22HR' to 16/44) > CD by Matt Smith

Edits and Mastering: Jamie Waddell ([email protected]) on the GEMS Edit Station.
Weiss Saracon for POWR-3 Dither

TLH for FLAC8  SBE FREE  Meta-data with Tag&ReName original pen and ink by Jerry Moore

- Mission in the Rain Cuts in, read the story!!
- INCLUDES Mystery Train!
- Lots of pauses, lots of crossfades
­- imperfections exist; grate nonetheless

A *GEMS* Production  seeded on Jeff Knudsens 59th birthday!!!

-this is the patched version that now includes the beginning Mission using shnid 106663..Thanks AndrewF.

Set 1
Disc 1
1  |01:36| Tuning
2  |14:19| Sugaree
3  |15:47| I'll Take a Melody
4  |00:21| prophecy or request?
5  |12:08| Thats What Love Will Make You Do
6  |10:27| Love in The Afternoon
7  |05:55| Run For The Roses * first electric version !!!!!!

Set 2
1  |15:01| Mission In The Rain  [patched with shnid 106663, see story]
2  |06:20| Valerie
3  |08:35| Mystery Train
4  |08:55| The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
5  |11:01| Dear Prudence>
6  |14:54| Tangled Up In Blue


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67f288d529d11af4384c06a60fc52e4e *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track03.flac
4e8c64672e6db5faeb69e38735087fb5 *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track04.flac
7d750540462717e639cda30bb3644a14 *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track05.flac
efd0ef0dfcb651d9581ff67e484dd7c2 *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track06.flac
0cfc06bd53f9802c1c6bb4787600e615 *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track07.flac
4f24e03f569ce0436ed28976d6defaab *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track08.flac
35c3ab30e2f9946544344142ae384237 *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track09.flac
16404c2c2ba7de0e5c3a5facdb9661aa *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track10.flac
d512848c8825561f00d426440c0b42e7 *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track11.flac
47f33f5cabbbfe0d595795662dabbdc1 *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track12.flac
ce542848e43c4903df3e534cc45065ee *jgb1982.05.14.GEMS.track13.flac

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