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Jerry Garcia Band 07/31/92
Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura, CA
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Source Summary (FOB) Neumann KM140 > SV-250. (Set 1: Mics On Hand Held T-Bar, Set 2: Mics On Head-High Stand). Lineage: DAT-M > Cass/1 > D5 > EQ > HHb CDR 800. Recorded by: unknown. Cass>CD Transfer: Jeff Bowen. Extraction: Brad Foster [CD>EAC>WAV>FLAC]. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Ventura County Fairgrounds
Ventura, CA

Source: (FOB) Neumann KM140 > SV-250
(Set 1: Mics On Hand Held T-Bar, Set 2: Mics On Head-High Stand)
Lineage: DAT-M > Cass/1 > D5 > EQ > HHb CDR 800
Recorded by: unknown
Cass>CD Transfer: Jeff Bowen
Extraction: Brad Foster [CD>EAC>WAV>FLAC]

Disc 1:
Set One

01. I Second That Emotion
02. Think
03. He Ain't Give You None
04. Ruben and Cherise
05. I Shall Be Released
06. My Sisters And Brothers
07. Deal

Disc 2:
Set Two

01. Shining Star
02. Tore Up Over You
03. Waiting For A Miracle
04. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
05. Lay Down Sally
06. Midnight Moonlight

Electric line up was:
Jerry Garcia: Guitar & Vocals
Gloria Jones: Vocals
John Kahn: Bass
Gaylord Birch: Drums
Jaclyn LaBranch: Vocals
Melvin Seals: Organ

Jeff's notes:
-- Cass > CDR: Sony TC-D5M->EQ->HHb CDR 800 Pro.
-- The Cassettes were EQ'd slightly to accentuate the high end, as mics were a bit low at the show.
-- This was my second Jerry Garcia Band show. I brought my Nakamichi CM-300s and Sony WM-D6C into the show but wasn't able to use the mics for some reason. I don't remember why. A friend of mine had his D6 patched into a nice set up in the sweet spot; FOB center! It was: Neumann KM-140s (Near Coincident)->Techniques SV-250 DAT->Sony TCD-D5M->(his) Sony WM-D6. Jim's D6 was a first-year model, not a D6C, so it lacked some features of the newer models. His had only Dolby B (which nobody ever used anyway) instead of Dolby C and would not take metal tape. The most important difference in his D6 to mine was that the 1st-year models DID NOT HAVE A LINE OUT! He didn't want me patching into the chain ahead of him so I had to get copies of the show off of the DAT. I thought the show was pretty good, but for some reason my cassette copies have too much bass and the high end is a little muddy. I remember that the taper with the mics had big windscreens over them. Maybe this cut the high end too much. I wish I could remember his (the tapers) name. That was 18 years ago! Really colorful guy, along with his friend. Told stories about taping Jerry shows from years past. There were two guys. The main taper had the Neumann KM-140s->Technics SV-250 and his buddy had a D5. The mics were run near coincident on the T-bar. (There must have been some outboard phantom supplies because the SV-250 (sister of the Panasonic SV-255), I don't think supplied phantom power. But...I'm not sure. The same guy also taped The Allman Brothers at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles around that same time, because I got copies of both shows from him. My cassettes were directly off his DAT master.
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07/12/2010 greenone Original lineup listed was incorrect as it included David Nelson and Sandy Rothman; it has been corrected here.