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Garcia 09/01/72
Keystone Korner, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Steve Swartz
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Source Summary JGMS, flac2496; Master Reel > Reel from Jerry Garcia's Own Collection @ 7 1/2ips > Reel from Will BosweLL @ 7 1/2ips. A reel from the Debbie Stash. a **NEW** 24 bit transfer - BASF reel (Baked) > AKAI GX636 > Apogee Mini Me (24/96) > Apogee Mini Dac (monitoring) > Wavelab 5.0 > FLAC24 by Matt Smith. Mastered by Jamie Waddell. MetaData with Tag and Rename TLH for FLAC Level8. 
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Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
Keystone Korner
San Francisco, Ca
September 1, 1972

24 BIT  96 kHz

Master Reel >
Reel from Jerry Garcia's Own Collection @ 7 1/2ips >
Reel from Will BosweLL  @ 7 1/2ips
A reel from the Debbie Stash

a **NEW** 24 bit transfer - BASF reel (Baked) > AKAI GX636 > Apogee Mini Me (24/96) >
Apogee Mini  Dac (monitoring) > Wavelab 5.0 > FLAC24 by Matt Smith

**admin note: reel playback deck originally listed as GX625, but Matt Smith posted to LL that it was the 636**

Mastered by Jamie Waddell
minimal processing, A+ recording and transfer
MetaData with Tag and Rename TLH for FLAC Level8

a **GEMS** Production       
   AUGUST 1 2010                    Happy Birthday Jerry

Set I
01. It's No Use
02. tuning
03. Expressway
04. tuning
05. One Kind Favor
06. tuning
07. Sick and Tired with Tom Fogerty on Vocals
08. Down Around Biloxi
09. tuning
10. That's All Right, Mama
11. tuning
12. The Night They Drove Ole' Dixie Down
Set II
13 ..It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry
14 After / Midnight
15 "anyone here got a green triumph..."
16 Money Honey
17 Are You Lonely For Me > Wild Jamming, edge of the universe stuff ...

The date may be in dispute from multi gen sources, citing 6-30.  
The date on the reel box that Jerry owned of his own performance said 9 1 72.  
You can draw your own conclusion, amazing music regardless of the confusion.

If I had One Chance to show
to someone who has never heard him,
how Jerry Garcia played Guitar,
this one would be my choice,
above everything so far.
                         - Jamie
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1e171cc75d7472e1dbf5efa801742ae9 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.01.flac
711df375a38386805ca63be3aeefa22d *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.02.flac
bf70810baa4abf65db22c73d62e2c095 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.03.flac
88f75753e6d52fd506361e5f3c0de25a *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.04.flac
0731ee518090f9241718ea15a35bc2f5 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.05.flac
a7db661441cc5b823b017c3257598f67 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.06.flac
e5ff6e489503fea91b23d8d51a0e8245 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.07.flac
136c644b49c4d5d3e159566af3d6b683 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.08.flac
ebb2d7b69a23ce506b8c923371a93db1 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.09.flac
f291dd90ea8769c97f8038d40d743014 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.10.flac
a040438acbc112fa93b4e2103d6168cf *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.11.flac
02aa993ad79a0195b5710d0f20b43d94 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.12.flac
0d5911e3fb0cc16c37160b6a2cebc779 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.13.flac
5e2fe65bcfd16bf1b137fd0910aec065 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.14.flac
3c14ad7ffb0396f7396f5e6cae390dbd *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.15.flac
684b6e3afc4ad0475db688baa39cb715 *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.16.flac
12879101699cb856878c06e1208c2f3a *jgms1972-09-01.GEMS.track.17.flac

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02/20/2012 Ifthir One of my all-time favorite source/show combinations. Thank you to all involved for this GEM