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Phish 07/11/00
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5 , shn-md5-filler
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary AKG 480> DMIC20> D8; Transfer: DAP1> ZA2> Soundforge 4.5> CDwave> SHN, Chris Jonus; to PCP offer 
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info file followed by that of Derek Trucks show which may be found as filler on shn discs:

Deer Creek Music Center
Noblesville, IN
Source:  AKG 480>DMIC20>D8
Transfer:  DAP1>ZA2>Soundforge 4.5>CDwave>SHN  ([email protected])

Disc 1(Set 1):
1. Ya Mar 11.44
2. Moma Dance 10.29
3. Uncle Pen 4.16
4. Drowned 16.21
5. Chalkdust Torture reprise 2.33
6. Chalkdust Torture 9.59
7. Theme From the Bottom 9.32
8. Cavern 4.59

Disc 2(Set 2):
1. 2001 13.29
2. Down with Disease> Moby Dick> Down with Disease 15.57
3. Runaway Jim> Moby Dick 11.32
4. Get Back on the Train> Moby Dick 7.11
5. Harry Hood*> Moby Dick 14.27

Disc 3(Set 2 con't)
1. HYHU^> Terrapin> Moby Dick^^> HYHU 9.38
2. Character Zero* 9.47
3. First Tube> Moby Dick> 7.49
4. Chaldust Torture Reprise    3.09

^ Fishman introduced as "Russell Crowe" From the motion picture "Gladiator'"
^^ Trey on drums

Derek Trucks Band
Quest Club
Minneapolis, MN

Source:  NAK CM700>NAK CP701>D3>DAP1(master)
FOB/DFC from closed balcony rail in front of top stacks
**only rig (of 2 there) that recorded entire show
**only rig in the balcony
Transfer:  DAP1>ZA2>Soundforge 4.5>CDwave>SHN ([email protected])

1. Pleasant Gardens 3.55
2. Preachin' Blues 3.21
3. Naima 8.41
4. Feel So Bad 8.35
5. Band introductions 1.24
6. Otto 5.40
7. Ain't That Lovin' You 6.44
8. Egg 15 14.52

Total time: 53.18
* With Moby Dick teases

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2757848cf827bb62d107a335b595c2db *ph00-07-11d1t01.wav.shn
9cc2723607114292d03469dd737b204f *ph00-07-11d1t02.wav.shn
07c48993f3a2a70c54638795f3cf15c8 *ph00-07-11d1t03.wav.shn
51e554182e9a437d74abc119888a94b5 *ph00-07-11d1t04.wav.shn
d3b5dc4e9605ab367417ef37edca87e3 *ph00-07-11d1t05.wav.shn
eed59de401bf16b4d618112d0e8916d9 *ph00-07-11d1t06.wav.shn
c60b31cbbe8fa5b13a5b8cc6d25477de *ph00-07-11d1t07.wav.shn
bf8cb30deaa179f63f3701036e0cc04f *ph00-07-11d1t08.wav.shn
96f47b5d9743b4d566201fe10eeb8e36 *ph00-07-11d2t01.wav.shn
8627d7f752b771d27fc3846e80553672 *ph00-07-11d2t02.wav.shn
f70d1740d20075e7bc4c4be1e7ffd7fd *ph00-07-11d2t03.wav.shn
1a9523347054ddf8ab7070aed3f92352 *ph00-07-11d2t04.wav.shn
a635d8de7207bdd5dac0d228effb92dc *ph00-07-11d2t05.wav.shn
558351fd887871de7d041ece38cb5167 *ph00-07-11d3t01.wav.shn
958b61d4304d303df5f58457499035ad *ph00-07-11d3t02.wav.shn
bbefe7c82e82c2647f57089e0d90798f *ph00-07-11d3t03.wav.shn
d7c0960a6e935e7dfc5e97af08a7fb54 *ph00-07-11d3t04.wav.shn
7384d19ba2875f34b361ec393aad9963 [shntool] ph00-07-11d1t01.wav.shn
523404031a0350db2bf84fc1d1220a18 [shntool] ph00-07-11d1t02.wav.shn
bac93438877b07d4806957233295fd9d [shntool] ph00-07-11d1t03.wav.shn
098d9a10a0975531eba809528d2c1ffa [shntool] ph00-07-11d1t04.wav.shn
36a4b682f8d05893ed4fb5c290c063e7 [shntool] ph00-07-11d1t05.wav.shn
f8ceb8b133a816af0f33e96922973b78 [shntool] ph00-07-11d1t06.wav.shn
c15455525299f34205470e91da730127 [shntool] ph00-07-11d1t07.wav.shn
43af567741634a2485d1912a84278475 [shntool] ph00-07-11d1t08.wav.shn
b89765076e3e1beba979bdc32d93d74a [shntool] ph00-07-11d2t01.wav.shn
be5e58c0e5cf874895f63051138ce90e [shntool] ph00-07-11d2t02.wav.shn
f8275b94a09e104b359d776f8da8f36d [shntool] ph00-07-11d2t03.wav.shn
7e1857e12537dbafe0ed7d3d7b032138 [shntool] ph00-07-11d2t04.wav.shn
cbc03e6ec71ea504216932f80ebb2f6b [shntool] ph00-07-11d2t05.wav.shn
b906d8feb1ede43432102ba0042d55a4 [shntool] ph00-07-11d3t01.wav.shn
06acfe36f09fa582bab449f11c2f9925 [shntool] ph00-07-11d3t02.wav.shn
3d3798cff5b1846de8ecddb54ded0796 [shntool] ph00-07-11d3t03.wav.shn
af83158b8b9dfdd3bb098684237bf2e9 [shntool] ph00-07-11d3t04.wav.shn
5d4d9de0ebc4c29eddc78fedbea9054c *DT00-04-08d1t01.wav.shn
1ee911917e40a63be4b729a172db0a8b *DT00-04-08d1t02.wav.shn
3dca79731d9bb1c694746c8d045522ef *DT00-04-08d1t03.wav.shn
397466dcf904f2d7d90e7a9e95b61804 *DT00-04-08d1t04.wav.shn
d723c58aa608d95e49f239c709c718ef *DT00-04-08d1t05.wav.shn
9c414c37f9a3400df051e862b5e92003 *DT00-04-08d1t06.wav.shn
3ee98e17ee208eaaf3d865b47d93473d *DT00-04-08d1t07.wav.shn
dba789844c5b897583d6aec27f8e364d *DT00-04-08d1t08.wav.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
shn16, 44kHz; B&K... (4) shn16, 44kHz;... (0) Schoeps cmc641 (split 25')... (0) Neumann km140's ->... (0) Schoeps cmc6/mk4v > Lunatec... (2) AKG 480/ck63 > Graham... (0) In-House FM (ALD) > D7 @48 (1) [In-House FM(ALD) > D7... (3) flac16, 44kHz;... (0) flac16, 44kHz;... (0) flac16, 44kHz; (25'... (0) flac16, 48kHz;... (0) flac16 48kHz Audio... (0) flac16 44.1kHz Audio... (0) flac16, 48khz;... (0) flac16, 44kHz;... (0)
Date User Comment
12/02/2000 Sunil Shah The first 3 minutes of Ya Mar (d1) are a few decibels quieter than the rest of the disc. What's up? Are my discs burned incorrectly or does the original DAT also have this feature?
12/10/2000 Reed My copies are like that too, not worried about it....after that, the sound quality is good.
01/03/2001 Diana Hamilton Although I haven't heard this copy, I do know that it is common for tapers to take the first couple of minutes to get the levels adjusted on the recording. Perhaps that was the case here?
11/04/2006 diskobean are these my tapes that were patched out of my d-8 ??? i had a ton of patchers this whole end of 200 summer run, like 10-15 patchers a night for 5 nites in a row(7/10-15/2000+7/7/2000)-not my source on 7/7 tho

I ran 481>DMIC-20>D-8

at the beginnig of the show, I had a DAT misload and caught it in time and was ready to roll for the second tune of the night. I got the Ya Mar opener patched at setbreak from a 481>unknown rig, the whole Ya Mar is from this rig, the config *I Think* was XY, and then the Moma>End of show is my 481(DIN)>DMIC-20>D-8 source, it def sounds WAY more full and funky with the DIN setup i ran........anyway, just wondering because I just seeded my own transfer/seed of my original DAT master so.......

Either way, enjoy this PHINE show/run, the rest of the 2000 Deer Creek/Polaris shows I did with the 481>[email protected]>D-8 setup will be seeded after the 7/11/2000 show