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Garcia 10/08/68
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Hartbeats; flac24, most likely lineage of these are MR>R @ 7.5 ips>R @ 7.5 ips>?>flac24. This is a mix down of the line feed left channel, and the more ambient miced right channel 
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The Matrix
San Francisco, CA
October 8th, 1968

24 bit 96 kHz audio transfer by Matt Smith

These reels came from Will Boswell.  Back in the early 70's, Peter Kafer lent his reels to Will who dubbed them @ 7.5 ips.  As an aside this was a different time period from the FE 4/71 reels.  Peter obtained his copies from Bill Abrams who had the master reels and have since vanished from the stories i've heard.  So basically we can deduce the most likely lineage of these are MR(Abrams)>R @ 7.5 ips(Kafer)>R @ 7.5 ips(Will Boswell). My buddy Pat Lee scored his from Will and the lineage info is the same except for the extra reel gen as well. There still is some mystery surrounding these shows as for exact lineage and there are a few people who have the same lineage as this but generally, all circulating copies have been sourced with Kafer's reels.  I felt this should be shared for 2 main reasons which are the nice dynamics and the pristine condition of the reels which can make a huge difference in this day and age.  the recent ABB 4-11-70 Ludlow is another textbook example of this.  When one is dealing with old, fragile tape, lineage isn't neccesarily the most important factor anymore.  It's the actual condition of the tape and how it's played back and transfered.  Finally, when Peter gave these to Will he said, "hey man, don't give these to anybody else ok??"  Of course he gave copies to his brother Dave. How could he not?? I guess some things just never change..LOL

Mixed and Mastered by Jamie Waddell a **GEMS** Production  Dec 2010

-This is a mix down of the line feed left channel, and the more ambient miced right channel.  Enjoy... [and yes, the "as-is" will circulate, but this is how "I believe" this source was intended to be heard] .

Set One
1. [05:55] Clementine Jam  
2. [09:55] Clementine Jam >
3. [13:38] The Eleven Jam >
4. [11:08] Death Don't Have No Mercy  
5. [19:04] The Seven  
6. [12:20] Dark Star Jam >
7. [04:29] Cosmic Charlie  [first known live performance]

Set Two
1. [18:06] Next Time You See Me Jam
2. [13:12] Jam  
3. [12:31] The Other One >
4. [12:44] Jam

Set Three
1. [03:25] Jam *
2. [07:50] Jam *
3. [07:41] Jam *  
4. [12:47] Prisoner Blues *  
5. [22:54] Jam **

* all of third set with Elvin Bishop.      
** Jack Casady, Mickey Hart, and Elvin Bishop only.

from Deadlists...

Bobby and Pigpen were absent. These shows were billed as "Jerry Garrceeah (Garcia) and His Friends" on the poster for the October 1968 schedule at The Matrix (see "The Art of Rock", page 166). However, the "on the town" column in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, by Ralph J. Gleason, which which gave listings of what bands were playing locally, says that "The Grateful Dead and Elvin Bishop" are playing at The Matrix on these dates (see the San Francisco Chronicle for Monday October 7, 1968 pg 49 and Wednesday October 9, 1968 pg 48). on page 26 of issue #34 (Summer 1996) of Dupree's Diamond News, Dick Latvala stated in an interview "What I know exists in our Vault are the shows, and they are on four-track 15 i.p.s. There are seven reels for 10/8, which are marked first and second sets with [Jack] Casady, then Elvin Bishop and Casady" (1) Jerry's amp dies and they begin the Clementine Jam over again. (2) All of Set 3 with Elvin Bishop. (3) Jack Casady, Hart, and Bishop only. In addition to Set 2, DeadBase XI lists: Caution (Do Not Stop on tracks) > Jam (with Jack Casady). in DeadBase X they say in the tape timings section for 10-8-68 on page 248, that right before the 2nd set there is this announcement: Jerry: 'Is Elvin here? Is Elvin here? Got his old scene here. Too much fun. We're gona let Elvin play. This guy who's gonna play the bass here is Jack Casady. This band is called Mickey Hart and the Hartbeats.' Elvin Bishop: 'Hello, my name is Elvin Bishop and my band was supposed to be playing here tonight. But we had a little trouble and one of the members of the rhythm section couldn't make it, so we're gonna sort of be jamming.'

Show Checksums
0482e022b5198bb6fa8e93e0d719313a *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.01.flac
5b49c26a96203374db469833672a351a *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.02.flac
ca5d3217fc5505fe0b3415726259cec5 *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.03.flac
e81f1df365bd2ac17fd6c6bb1b0d6a7b *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.04.flac
a7e479cd8f615427361f73cb7434c10a *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.05.flac
beebef9a98ee2d33dffc1a7e4fba4ba5 *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.06.flac
0fa526d5593f3f673ebf4409e86f7d40 *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.07.flac
d138b43674ba31f7b670fa60e254241a *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.08.flac
1037078224a920c5a17b2e70712ca067 *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.09.flac
e57987658b36b786ea9e98d3f50e2379 *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.10.flac
de19dc7940992bc2a8b76ffa9138a7d8 *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.11.flac
678001931491be47ef2d5f550f784c6d *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.12.flac
6fcc72eeb490687b2d38d54d02c2c099 *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.13.flac
705c5aab677cabbde008a3b396329509 *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.14.flac
475fd66c4e63da9d0b9b414e86f25bab *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.15.flac
32f46141b7802f99116ad9e61f0a4852 *gd1968-10-08.GEMS.track.16.flac

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