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Jerry Garcia Band 11/14/93
Onondaga County War Memorial, Syracuse, NY
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums flac-md5 , st5 , ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16/44; Recorded and transfered by: Robert Mullen; Source: Audience Master Cassettes; Equipment/Lineage: 2 DAK-5245 Mics>Sony D6c Portable Stereo Cassette Recorder(Dolby C on)> Master Cassettes (TDK-SA-X90's)>Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Deck K-902 (Dolby C off)>CD Wave Editor(tracking)>TLH flac level 8 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Onondaga County War Memorial Coloseum
Syracuse, New York

Recorded and transfered by: Robert Mullen (lvrwm)

Transfer Date: 2010-11-22

Circulation Date: 2010-11-22

Source: Audience Master Cassettes

Equipment/Lineage: 2 DAK-5245 Mics>Sony D6c Portable Stereo Cassette Recorder(Dolby C on)>
Master Cassettes (TDK-SA-X90's)>Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Deck K-902
(Dolby C off)>CD Wave Editor(tracking)>TLH flac level 8.

Comments: Here is a good recording of JGB at the newly renovated "War Memorial". At this
time, downtown Syracuse had the "On Center" convention center built across the street,
and connected to the War Memorial. The War Memorial was spruced up to go along with the
whole revitalizing downtown theory. We were located parallel to the soundboard, stage
right side, 4 rows off the floor. We had a group of about 6-8 and really enjoyed that
Jerry came to Syracuse. This stealth recording came out well, and the sound is very
dynamic. Enjoy the show.

Please: Do Not Buy Or Sell This Recording
Please: Convert To Lossy Format Only For Personal Use.
Please: Trade Freely, Keeping the Lineage And Recording Information Intact
Please: Relax And Enjoy!


Set One:

01-Cats Down Under The Stars
02-Stop That Train
03-Let It Rock
04-Run For The Roses
05-Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox
06-Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox (spliced, tape flip)
07-Senior (Tales Of Yankee Power)

Set Two:

09-I Second That Emotion
10-And It Stoned Me
11-Tore Up Over You
12-Lazy Bones
13-The Maker
14-The Maker (spliced, tape flip)
15-The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
16-Midnight Moonlight

Band Members:

Jerry Garcia-Lead Guitars and Vocals
John Kahn-Bass
Melvin Seals-Keyboards
David Kemper-Drums
Gloria Jones-Backing Vocals
Jaclyn LaBranch-Backing Vocals


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ceda46f7dc52730c4e658b215d077f9b *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co01.flac
5d5727546f972c4c19613b4ade003d03 *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co02.flac
6c7eef451920bb42e977532d0e0eaaf6 *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co03.flac
b1cc7f7424710cbb1961264123d870b5 *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co04.flac
162c59be7c0d4f525ba70d1f83a06968 *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co05.flac
1af88bd50e2693e09ad6978128d81cec *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co06.flac
c6e794592baf2c6e38d2d0acb33052a2 *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co07.flac
c1910ede79fd3a6383afefa11d092140 *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co08.flac
a01a1cdee6269391f198a778714f3dfa *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co09.flac
415499423c8752c7b70ce6fe4c00ab5f *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co10.flac
c8a0c154909bbf42eb4f54642720720e *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co11.flac
de18e74b312f8cf244476cb94737c1f1 *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co12.flac
a2842238e0b46c03a446842192b22fed *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co13.flac
bd90183dab29bc904bd983b52ec92756 *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co14.flac
44b123364c181bb2b29c58b0e9642c70 *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co15.flac
29041950a2260d200acc78abf61ad6de *JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co16.flac
62ea2f473c400ebe56970545196e02aa [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co01.flac
4ae1fd80fa5836ef61f7f3c0b9aed0c8 [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co02.flac
8bd14c8a4e1d7c5a2badae2058a908cd [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co03.flac
571a28807c00a8e83ffe16f83376611c [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co04.flac
2389a924cfa65fd9f6a26211ed146391 [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co05.flac
1113bd81f4b85b4c567c230f398a706a [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co06.flac
a3196fd2795098abde3fc73dd3607c0f [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co07.flac
1257524e44d305ba827e7bf8fca599ea [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co08.flac
5a3c825b4ad4fa1f1a5616810705aed3 [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co09.flac
985a70da93e2b6e2a7fb6662be11f9dd [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co10.flac
fd31e6f3eb0d134558240eacb4e620ec [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co11.flac
79e083ac95c268c54eac7a727ebc65f0 [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co12.flac
4afd351c67fdb3b4dbde5b5f39172e9c [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co13.flac
73a4ab829620d391ce1edd05502fdc8c [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co14.flac
24024fb3b6b663559ca0141728918fa8 [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co15.flac
0ade68902c40751e2f8e0382f3808ed5 [shntool] JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co16.flac
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co01.flac:62ea2f473c400ebe56970545196e02aa
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co02.flac:4ae1fd80fa5836ef61f7f3c0b9aed0c8
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co03.flac:8bd14c8a4e1d7c5a2badae2058a908cd
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co04.flac:571a28807c00a8e83ffe16f83376611c
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co05.flac:2389a924cfa65fd9f6a26211ed146391
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co06.flac:1113bd81f4b85b4c567c230f398a706a
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co07.flac:a3196fd2795098abde3fc73dd3607c0f
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co08.flac:1257524e44d305ba827e7bf8fca599ea
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co09.flac:5a3c825b4ad4fa1f1a5616810705aed3
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co10.flac:985a70da93e2b6e2a7fb6662be11f9dd
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co11.flac:fd31e6f3eb0d134558240eacb4e620ec
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co12.flac:79e083ac95c268c54eac7a727ebc65f0
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co13.flac:4afd351c67fdb3b4dbde5b5f39172e9c
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co14.flac:73a4ab829620d391ce1edd05502fdc8c
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co15.flac:24024fb3b6b663559ca0141728918fa8
JGB-1993-11-14 Onondaga Co16.flac:0ade68902c40751e2f8e0382f3808ed5

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