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Jerry Garcia Band 03/03/82
Barbary Coast Room, S.F. State, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary flac1644; Jeff Knudsen Master Audience Recording; Recorded with an AIWA HS-1 and Superscope Mics; Transferred by Matt Smith at 24 bit 96 kHz; Mastering by Jamie Waddell; Weiss-Saracon for 16 bit 44.1 kHz TLH for FLAC8 SBE Free. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Barbary Coast Room
San Francisco State
San Francisco, CA

a Jeff Knudsen Master Audience Recording

Transferred by Matt Smith at 24 bit 96 kHz
Mastering by Jamie Waddell
Weiss-Saracon for 16 bit 44.1 kHz  TLH for FLAC8 SBE Free

a **GEMS** Production  January 2011

One Set
The Way You Do The Things You Do [not taped]
01. ...(I'm A) Road Runner
02. I'll Take A Melody
03. Don't Let Go
04. Mystery Train
05. Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
06. Dear / Prudence >  [tape flip, second verse lost]
07. Tangled Up In Blue

- Encore -
08. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)

A friend calls up and says, "Hey, you goin' to the Fat Jerry show up at SF State?"
Huh?  What?  When?
"Yea, this afternoon, like in about 2 hours"
What? 2 hours?? The show is in the middle of the day? Today?? You aren't kidding-- are you?

I was an E-4 in the Navy. I B Po" !!  Money is tight! I just did the 3 show run the prior weekend. This ain't cheap. The Fat Man may rock, but he has his fingers in my pockets at every turn!! Imagine the mad dash to go borrow the recorder/mics from a friend and assemble the ticket $$$ and find blank tapes. So off we went! We ended up getting in late and trying to record from under some overhang in the back. This joint was not one of the usual Keystones with hot spots to tape. The room was too cavernous to record up close and get a decent tape given the noisy crowd. Our late arrival is why I didn't get the first song and I was too loaded to get the "Pause" button in the correct spot!!  Hence the cut 2nd song.  Taping was an ancillary event. I was there because Jerry was playing. I assumed that is why we were all there! I did not see myself as "a taper". I was not one of the Nakamichi/D5 in-crowd. Besides, I had a military haircut ---an obvious narc! (that was seen at all the shows--- very mysterious.) I was there with the trusty little AIWA and el cheapo mics to get the recording so we could blast down the road and listen to the show again--- and then continue on with the party at home. This was all about having fun. As it turned out, I inadvertently became an archiver! Ha! This was not the best recording, but it will do given what has been available, but not to worry, there are more to come!!!

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e5a8c9eeed06ac74b8af7ca52de761b6 *jgb1982-03-03.GEMS.track.01.flac
dab5374aa2ae116e2a04fedddd935ce0 *jgb1982-03-03.GEMS.track.02.flac
2c52b947a44a5d904826d148e15fee66 *jgb1982-03-03.GEMS.track.03.flac
e35fc665c7830018e7aad7970218fa9b *jgb1982-03-03.GEMS.track.04.flac
beb42e593d5ae483815296fdd9f304e5 *jgb1982-03-03.GEMS.track.05.flac
883dc69e108c476484345372de1bdd9a *jgb1982-03-03.GEMS.track.06.flac
e33fd8bb50325341b4caf62820fc5fc1 *jgb1982-03-03.GEMS.track.07.flac
9c317f4e19e52ab3ae3a4a7d44e8c8b8 *jgb1982-03-03.GEMS.track.08.flac

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01/18/2011 nfagdtrfb Someone explain this tape flip to me...
01/20/2011 charliemiller Not sure what you need explained but I'll give it a shot. The tape ran out approx 45 minutes into the set and then the taper flipped the cassette. I'm guessing that since he missed a whole verse of Dear Prudence, he didn't realize that the tape ran out (probably wasn't paying attention).
01/26/2011 nfagdtrfb Actually, the tape runs out, then it picks up again from the beginning of the tune, and no cut can be heard when ita arrives at that point. Two minute overlap? how is possible on a MAC?
01/27/2011 charliemiller That makes no sense. Obviously not a master.
01/27/2011 jjoops The story from the Knudsen tapes was, I thought, that they were all first gens.

Like 4/25/82, shnid 96966:

Lineage: Master Cassettes>Cassette1 (by Jeff himself. All his collection is such. This was done by him get the show in order on tapes, as set one was on both tape sides A and set two was recorded on both sides B.