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Steve Kimock 07/27/02
Jenner Community Theater, Jenner, CA
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
Checksums fixed
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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August 2002
Source Summary *Jon Sikora and Steve Kimock*
SBD + (onstage) Rode NT2 > Sound Devices MP2 > Behringer MX1604A > Sony SBM1(Modified) > VX Pocket V2 > Sony Vaio C1VP > Samplitude v6.0 & Cool Edit Pro v1.2 > SHN [no DAE] 
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`7/27/02 - Steve Kimock and Jon Sikora
Jenner Playhouse - Jenner, CA

SBD + (Stage) Rode NT2 ->
Sound Devices MP2 ->
Behringer MX1604A ->
Sony SBM1(Modified) ->
VX Pocket V2 ->
Sony Vaio C1VP ->
Samplitude v6.0 ->
Cool Edit Pro v1.2 ->

3 Discs Audio
2 Discs SHN

Mixed and Recorded By Charlie Miller and Arielle Phares
[email protected]
[email protected]

set 1:
d1t01 intro > so many roads 12:05.47
d1t02 02:01.57
d1t03 little ones 07:55.70
d1t04 on the horizon 11:21.05
d1t05 high and lonesome 13:09.36
d1t06 redwood pickings 11:31.46
d1t07 the many and the few 07:52.41
d2t01 02:27.23
d2t02 cole's law 12:55.73
d2t03 wondering where the lions are (bruce cockburn) 12:18.39

set 2:
d2t04 someone i used to love (bruce cockburn) 06:29.49
d2t05 waterfall 12:31.52
d2t06 the way it is 08:34.70
d2t07 02:07.44
d3t01 magic spell 11:21.56
d3t02 home 08:53.11
d3t03 minds eye 12:36.25
d3t04 02:19.56
d3t05 cassie 08:49.68
d3t06 free fall 09:03.11
d3t07 ripple (encore) 05:40.01

total             182:07.56

21 .shn files    841.116 Kbytes
21 .wav files  1882.476 Kbytes


Jon Sikora - guitars & vocals
Steve Kimock - ukelelees & guitars
Kota Blue - percussion
Rachel Tree - vocals

Note:  seek tables are NOT appended to all but the FIXED shn files.

Additonal info and sector boundary problems fixed using shntool by Alan Dorchak.

Show Checksums
ac5182d3f455d51673b1d43bb836d954 *skjs.2002.07.27.d1t01.shn
353760828b2efb2e8b814659b8076fe3 *skjs.2002.07.27.d1t02.shn
8fdcfeac9d19cfcaf52aa42c07577a31 *skjs.2002.07.27.d1t03.shn
d5d8872ca09b7b31435856cd6e706690 *skjs.2002.07.27.d1t04.shn
902456ab093427d753f537695b1c9882 *skjs.2002.07.27.d1t05.shn
17e1adce35397c95cde07c18662db823 *skjs.2002.07.27.d1t06.shn
623e33bcb14a6453240995e55a099527 *skjs.2002.07.27.d1t07-fixed.shn
9284b9892e6627b2d7db1616adb0dd16 *skjs.2002.07.27.d2t01.shn
0a4e42f72d7b317ef28687f0565a9fb4 *skjs.2002.07.27.d2t02.shn
12a2bb73e52feffddd32f8d57166f9c8 *skjs.2002.07.27.d2t03.shn
4d867f9317a0fdff09141ae2825e58ce *skjs.2002.07.27.d2t04.shn
d45acd0624cb01960946fa31465659a8 *skjs.2002.07.27.d2t05.shn
6255d0f162ee046c1b92721610e2c32b *skjs.2002.07.27.d2t06.shn
ab4ad1d2b34cddea5dad39439dbf450b *skjs.2002.07.27.d2t07-fixed.shn
a4287e340c048984a42b30bcedc9e356 *skjs.2002.07.27.d3t01.shn
d0c090e910c4ca81f1b8388fc70c8b1b *skjs.2002.07.27.d3t02.shn
ac9770bef68f3beeaaa55f1843445101 *skjs.2002.07.27.d3t03.shn
3faef89b7d441425305e25f1b6e224e2 *skjs.2002.07.27.d3t04.shn
b3893b68375da20730373fc6898afa08 *skjs.2002.07.27.d3t05.shn
221784c7e1b0070f197310798cb9bf95 *skjs.2002.07.27.d3t06.shn
0c4d516ba0b1196ac57d04efe9f9e807 *skjs.2002.07.27.d3t07-fixed.shn

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