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Trey Anastasio 06/13/02
Palace Theater, Albany, NY
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d1wav , d2wav , d3wav
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary (FOB) Schoeps mk4 > kc5 > cmc6 > Apogee AD-1000 > Tascam DA-P1 @ 44.1kHz; Tascam DA-20mkII > RMEdigi96/8pst > CD Wave Editor > MKW > .SHN; Taped & Transferred by Cliff Kaelin 
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Trey Anastasio
June 13th, 2002
The Palace Theatre
Albany, NY

FOB schoeps mk4>kc5>cmc6>ApogeeAD1000>[email protected] (12th row, dead center)
Transfer: Dat master in Tascam DA-20mkII>RMEdigi96/8pst>CDWavEditor>MKW>.SHN
notes: The first minute of set 2 was cut do to a late start on the DA-P1.
The recording was crossfaded with another FOB schoeps source.
mk21>kc5>cmc6>ApogeeAD1000>[email protected] (2 rows behind mk4 rig just left of center)
Transfer: Dat master in Tascam DA-20mkII>RMEdigi96/8pst>CDWavEditor>MKW>.SHN
The first 1.51.00 of set 2 is mk21s>adk, crossfade starts on d2t06 @ 01:24
mk4s>adk are corssfaded in for 20.00.00 seconds.
d2t06 @ 01:44 is mk4s>adk for the rest of the show.  Doubt you can hear the crossfade!

Set 1:
disc 1: [48:46]
1) Spacey Intro> [05:38]
2) Money, Love and Change [17:14]
3) Cayman Review [07:45]
4) Sidewalks of San Francisco [06:12]
5) Discern [05:27]
6) In the Wee Wee Hours [06:31]

disc 2: [68:03]
1) Push On 'Til the Day> [13:52]
2) Lively Up Yourself> [04:16]
3) Windora Bug> [12:58]
4) Push On 'Til the Day [06:56]
Set 2:
5) Intro [00:23]
6) Night Speaks To A Woman [29:37]

disc 3: [63:14]
1) Sweet Dreams Melinda [12:38]
2) Every Story Ends In Stone [09:28]
3) Last Tube [33:53]
4) Sultans of Swing [07:15]

Thanks to Mikey Kay for the patch source and Eric McRoberts for the crossfade work.
Taped and Transferred by Cliff Kaelin ([email protected])

Show Checksums
0786d51208c16c82345a91c1c24df2af *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t06.shn
271cef0810283bf75e29b83654d0c160 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t01.shn
39fe3817e7443fe2e4f65d67aa5e423b *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t02.shn
73943790b66f636d7023eb3726709034 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t03.shn
1ff9ade36bc9bb4357a5b417ab0cf053 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t04.shn
7385b0d60f478076e05409b05cecb97c *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t05.shn
8866d4f8f4c4c4024170b41efc78ba69 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t06.shn
777919376e91da4c3fb8d115a00ca8ba *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t01.shn
26862028119b915aa68d48fa9db37192 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t02.shn
ebd0ae35393e867a49873fd3b6276beb *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t03.shn
4a6f513a06922fcd911c9e77d04416ad *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t04.shn
a0236e5dbf27d3112a4130fe23f15789 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t05.shn
3c0a9351ca152c79364a79ac79b40e5e *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd3t01.shn
d78aca7978cadce2a655fa1b1c5d31c4 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd3t02.shn
1e4f14fe336d5cc4a8379ae1f34392b4 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd3t03.shn
0b0c6c47a479ad485330bfffe801a3b7 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd3t04.shn
9c24bdad078837ef60854fb97479dd84 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t01.wav
790e4bf754e8a097d4e996041a7ce867 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t02.wav
e0bb8830ea257554fe91e4762788a707 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t03.wav
bb089a011df05f00d09e3ddfcfbff797 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t04.wav
aa4093ee3a291d0bf9b61bee472a8c0b *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t05.wav
cab7bab5cae2ae99fcf5d236a5337149 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd1t06.wav
4122892ef7edc8ec9a8379cfe163752a *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t01.wav
1d2ef030d1bb6504137fc02a600bd894 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t02.wav
c8e6dd4769c2eefa00bec2fbe974dae5 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t03.wav
7c35e496916612ec5536ff4f0fcd70df *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t04.wav
45cc157feef1614ed6fb3632ba66bea7 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t05.wav
b7810719bfe72dcf96e5fd33e1c6af16 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd2t06.wav
643dc0214730a4a18cf966a4dd4ad4aa *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd3t01.wav
e7bb84e56feb0606f8ef6e8107f2e89f *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd3t02.wav
357714310f190abc11cc190f959a9c5e *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd3t03.wav
7247058bb08c5c9d0b34c5ab2df39da5 *tab02-06-13FOBmk4-adkd3t04.wav

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