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Garcia 10/21/82
The Stone, San Francisco, CA
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Source Summary flac1644; Jeff Knudsen's MAC (AIWA HS-1 > Superscope mics, Maxell XLIIS cassettes) > 1st gen cassettes; Transfer: cass (1) > Apogee Mini ME 24/96 > Apogee Mini DAC > Wavelab 6.0 by Matt Smith; Edited and Mastered by Jamie Waddell on the **GEMS** Edit Station at 24 bit 96kHz; Weiss-Saracon for conversion to 16 bit 44.1kHz. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
The Stone
San Francisco, CA  
October 21, 1982

Lineage:  Master Cassettes > Cassette[1] by Jeff himself.  All his collection is such.  This was done by him to get the show in order on tapes, as set one was recorded on both tape sides 'A' , and set two was recorded on both sides 'B'.  Ahh, the days of analog!

Transfer: MAC (1) > Apogee Mini ME 24/96 > Apogee Mini DAC > Wavelab 6.0 by Matt Smith

Edited and Mastered by Jamie Waddell on the **GEMS** Edit Station at 24 bit 96kHz
Weiss-Saracon for conversion to 16 bit 44.1kHz  
TLH for FLAC8 Tag&Rename for MetaData SBE Free

- Huge thanks to Jeffrey for sharing his recordings and Matt Smith for the transfer work
- Thanks to John Anzaldo and Julie Anzaldo for the patch of the first 3 tracks from their original recording -- shnid 99530
- Recorder was turned off between some songs
- Let It Rock does not 'jam' into After Midnite, as some setlits suggest.  There is a full stop.

A **GEMS** Production      March 2011

Set 1
01   tuning
02   How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
03   Catfish John
04   Valerie
05   I Second That Emotion
06   Sittin' In Limbo
07   Deal

Set 2
08   They Love Each Other
09   Let It Rock
10   After Midnight
11   Historical Chatter
12   Russian Lullaby
13   Tore Up Over You >
14   Tangled Up In Blue

Taper: Jeffrey Knudsen Equipment: AIWA-HS1 Cassette Deck and Marantz SuperScope
Microphones. Location:  "I always taped from the front row tables with the recorder simply laying on the table in full view. There was a piece of tape over the red "on" light and the mics were black with black chords. I took napkins from the venue and folded a wad up and taped the two mics together with the napkins separating the front ends and the back end were together. That way the mics had some angular separation. I then put the whole mess in a black sock and stuck it in my armpit.  Everyone stands the moment the show starts (except at the front row balcony tables in Berkeley) so I would point my shoulder at the stage when Jerry was instrumental and then I would point my shoulder up to the overhead monitors when he sang. In Berkeley I just had the mics taped, in a sock and laying on the table, and pointing at the stage.

This run of shows (10-21/22/23-82) were that last shows of 1982 that I was able to record before I moved to Barbers' Point, Hawaii.
Show Checksums
0a794fbaf53e753356d1e14731d37184 *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.01.flac
a6281374c37a3dd5628c3c07e3b90e79 *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.02.flac
44828eb3ce8fd27653c786b3265a8758 *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.03.flac
08dc9d329d88126a798e8bd790504f09 *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.04.flac
8b88fde81528316c4c3be581a7d04be7 *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.05.flac
98e8c44a2f8af3da9ac87c6f3464766c *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.06.flac
da793125f415ab1020aba563ecce8289 *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.07.flac
91028617b0c3a0f0b6fa889d53077d8f *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.08.flac
0e16f28d48ef65d9853a43314be1d7a2 *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.09.flac
4ee5ca163926984f1739e87c223b3184 *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.10.flac
ad86a9e5b2d291e3e21ae6694ab774b5 *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.11.flac
12bfc54e5daa68662099440883156a3a *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.12.flac
f33607ac3cfd8e5c4e796cbd4708004b *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.13.flac
2979a90586289d6e7e41d6cb0bd9674e *jgb1982-10-21.GEMS.track.14.flac

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