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Garcia 10/30/68
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Source Summary flac2496; GEMS; MR (Abrams) > R @ 7.5 ips (Kafer) > R @ 7.5 ips (Will Boswell); playback on Akai GX636 - Direct tape head out >> custom built Bottlehead tube tape preamp with a pair of Tesla 6922 tubes >> Apogee Mini Me/Mini Dac 24/96 >> Lynx One soundcard >> FLAC by Matt Smith. Mixed and Mastered by Jamie Waddell. 
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Mickey & the Hartbeats
The Matrix
San Francisco, CA

24 bit 96 kHz audio transfer by Matt Smith

These reels came from Will Boswell.  Back in the early 70's, Peter Kafer lent his reels to Will who dubbed them @ 7.5 ips.  As an aside this was a different time period from the FE 4/71 reels.  Peter obtained his copies from Bill Abrams who had the master reels and have since vanished from the stories i've heard.  So basically we can deduce the most likely lineage of these are MR(Abrams)>R @ 7.5 ips(Kafer)>R @ 7.5 ips(Will Boswell). My buddy Pat Lee scored his from Will and the lineage info is the same except for the extra reel gen as well. There still is some mystery surrounding these shows as for exact lineage and there are a few people who have the same lineage as this but generally, all circulating copies have been sourced with Kafer's reels.  MR(Abrams)>R(Kafer)>R@ 7.5 ips(Will Boswell).

transfer info
Akai GX636 - Direct tape head out >> custom built Bottlehead tube tape preamp with a pair of Tesla 6922 tubes >> Apogee Mini Me/Mini Dac 24/96 >> Lynx One soundcard >> FLAC by Matt Smith

Mixed and Mastered by Jamie Waddell a **GEMS** Production  April 2011

-This is a mix down of the line feed left channel, and the more ambient miced right channel.  Enjoy... [and yes, the "as-is" will circulate, but this is how "I believe" this source was intended to be heard] .

01. tuning
02. Dark Star Jam >
03. Death Letter Blues
04. "Fate Music" talk
05. The Other One Jam>
06. St. Stephen noodle>
07. Turn On Your Lovelight Jam
08. tuning and stuff >
09. Jam  >
10. Jam*
11. The Eleven Jam >
12. Death Don't Have No Mercy
13. tuning
14. Prisoner Blues**
15. Baby Please Come Back to Me** (?)
16. Jam
17. Talking and tuning
18. Dark Star Jam

Show billed as "Mickey and the Hartbeats".
Bobby and Pigpen were absent.
* Contains Clementine hints.
** With Elvin Bishop
Show Checksums
77d3077130e67c96545202397733437e *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(01).flac
e2bdca958a0428a7ea7446d9c237b76c *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(02).flac
f18e9860fd4bd29189a774e861e0f2f8 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(03).flac
0b41b2bdff1b79d59ba612b155fd2fa1 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(04).flac
e3d2dd20021bee6cf9a68ac7cc7aa64d *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(05).flac
5a3a51066eafc443ce6c0b0626d7e425 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(06).flac
ab53ee3d2804dee304ec1994243eeb01 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(07).flac
7ba927a82e5b1916917dbedb5a010fc6 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(08).flac
bf0dcac588a54efd134fb3a669f88c11 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(09).flac
49e2317189b55fd64aa1fab80b7da07e *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(10).flac
381d8ef7a3f9f2ad0b8e6be34069d463 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(11).flac
36b86dcf50e8826a475576de81fac54d *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(12).flac
49ae8a311dfc930cd4f938bc5ed7a27c *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(13).flac
ea19c3816b37d29d160b041aaf913279 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(14).flac
858816affbe63e2ed55812166bbd0732 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(15).flac
6b40f4dc67e4f41f54791660d0525743 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(16).flac
f8e389472615fa257f3a3b3f660325f4 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(17).flac
557fe623eca490790cdd86181ebec846 *Garcia1968-10-30.GEMS.track.(18).flac

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