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Garcia 04/10/82
Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Solo Acoustic: Early Show: MAC > CD > EAC > SHN (seekable). Recorded by Ohr Weinberg, Sony ECM 23-F's > Sony TC-D5m (Dobly B). A > D by Jim Wise, Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B) > HHB CDR-800. Extraction (EAC), .shn encoding (mkwACT), and seeding by Stephen Kinsch. 
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Jerry Garcia Solo Acoustic
April 10, 1982
Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
Early Show

AUDMC > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN (seekable)
Sony ECM 23-F's > Sony TC-D5m (Dobly B).
recorded by Ohr Weinberg.

A > D by Jim Wise. Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B) > HHB CDR-800.  

set one:
01 [6:26] Deep Elem Blues
02 [7:57] Freight Train > Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie
03 [5:28] Gomorrah
04 [4:24] Dire Wolf
05 [3:14] Little Sadie
06 [6:05] Stagger Lee
07 [6:10] Valerie
08 [3:53] I've Been All Around This World
09 [8:41] To Lay Me Down
10 [3:58] Run For The Roses
11 [4:33] Ripple

Rueben And Cherise (missing)

total time: [60:49]

Proper sector boundaries verified with shntool.
Extraction and shn encoding using EAC and mkwACT by
[email protected]
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4bfa4b11ca9b0151e7afade29f3e09db *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t11.shn
75a09c42672e780afcd0fbea2ddf0067 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t02.shn
69d1942728dffb5fcf91bac3d38a7503 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t03.shn
e62dce0144bedf16ba6af9ec8f3e5a81 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t04.shn
a47ad9d293950c3280bcfab8f8e20c06 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t05.shn
090fe1d1dfb9b16b31789691d57da8e1 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t06.shn
04fab112d2b332542b860b0a95d52161 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t07.shn
c914152dc350287f120f5a8aaeb0fe9c *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t08.shn
b21797fb18aa61fa7e8c84f99dd4c583 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t09.shn
780c63be938d83f280181f8d85780594 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t10.shn
b8dad761f4d12689d3dee63619bdd50e *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t01.shn
e958363520b839d516a42ab7c041ecf9 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t11.wav
9522a717f1feae4bc96454916e49f315 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t02.wav
0b14f0831833ea71ee762192edf34b42 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t03.wav
c5aa96ced82616ea74652b52cfb36a14 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t04.wav
f37cfbbd04cbcb61079553494e454f76 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t05.wav
f1de4a8b4d8fa20b358306a422452bd8 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t06.wav
92299a23c29e396baecbc43300fc8c0e *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t07.wav
863e83ed27e44f4f7c6877f72335f623 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t08.wav
014a2e813362100d68076a52d56b6cdd *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t09.wav
2d9e69e8a95b2e7581a9f7b589b96295 *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t10.wav
9e03feb7c54867fc478b7329a515d0ce *jg82-04-10-early-ohr-d1t01.wav

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