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Garcia 04/10/82
Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Solo Acoustic: Late Show: MAC > SoundForge bass boost > CD > EAC > SHN (seekable). Recorded by Glenn Gardner (row MM, seat 15, left side), Realistic Stereo Mic > Sony TCM-16 TDK SA-C90 (dolby off). A > D by Noah Weiner. Extraction (EAC), .shn encoding (mkwACT), and seeding by Stephen Kinsch. 
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Jerry Garcia Solo Acoustic
April 10, 1982
Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
Late Show (12:10am - 2:05am)

AUDMC > DAT > WAV > CD > EAC > SHN (seekable)
Realistic Stereo Mic > Sony TCM-16 TDK SA-C90 (dolby off)
recorded by Glenn Gardner, row MM, seat 15, left side

A > D by Noah Weiner ([email protected]) - June, 2002

set one:
01 [5:03] Jack-A-Roe
02 [5:12] Going, Going, Gone
03 [3:20] Dire Wolf
04 [6:08] Gommorah
05 [3:58] Run For The Roses
06 [6:47] Friend Of The Devil
07 [6:40] Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie
08 [3:16] Rosalie McFall
09 [5:35] Sing Me Back Home
10 [5:24] Deep Elem Blues
set two:
11 [5:04] It Takes A Lot To Laugh, A Train To Cry
12 [5:54] Ballad Of Casey Jones
13 [4:38] China Doll >
14 [4:31] Ripple
15 [5:47] Rueben And Cherise

total time: [77:17]

SoundForge processing by Noah:
Low shelf boost from 250Hz down.
It needed a good deal of help in the low end because the highs were so damn shrill.
The bass boost allowed for a more even tone without dropping the highs.

Proper sector boundaries verified with shntool.
Extraction and shn encoding using EAC and mkwACT by
[email protected]
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259e8e07bbfca49c3a31d9391a8f9fa7 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t15.shn
a4d01f8ee559a899462edfaf1de7d892 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t02.shn
e05b983cc6d39f051ff080d3c28a532f *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t03.shn
0fa5cc49ea0ba927d437461d6183a059 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t04.shn
20e371131fdf8e51a2c065bd209dd2d9 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t05.shn
8e7707aa17340b0520b98f73bfea9ae3 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t06.shn
900f9978317469563f9ff53f97366507 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t07.shn
e6d27d2a7b92d30b26a2968004efbb25 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t08.shn
e5d7cbba243711ac805641880f8b2cfe *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t09.shn
78e24b786b21a9a10ac0d56cc2e92e13 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t10.shn
aa2232ee116a97d2da96de22bee1b944 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t11.shn
9497789bc5da808d77d34971b5ff3d09 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t12.shn
823dadbf1dd7402275e8bf22b2d30ac5 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t13.shn
31030baf89f784ed8b8cdd66c9a5ddee *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t14.shn
6aa4b1a78e53465925ae135dbbb5b596 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t01.shn
e8ef95debb595c20e2d4de51764e78d1 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t15.wav
ae95209d6ada17166a48908d9d002c9e *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t02.wav
6571a9c62e4c2d5d1c14119e55602aa4 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t03.wav
d26224b958a7b93591ed2afaf95361b2 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t04.wav
f2371068b836dca94147b972026306a1 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t05.wav
c091d0fd809b18b8091fbec3c1144029 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t06.wav
2efc25472f3ebb2d796b300681454d7b *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t07.wav
87bc093e69d5c7f609f04c70b22800f6 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t08.wav
798bc2d2040d6e288c8dec276f996c52 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t09.wav
267324ffd7305984c02022c582302408 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t10.wav
119c92c66f24ffcd4270454435fd1a79 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t11.wav
3e493872b497304ed95d6e1814bdd5a6 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t12.wav
e197355e67e8630aff5ada1533aae095 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t13.wav
6903d90eaf12cea6d252b1f2d2195511 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t14.wav
a31b67708b9762357b53c531960994c9 *jg82-04-10-late-gardner-d1t01.wav

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Date User Comment
08/13/2002 shnaholic if no one is serving this, id like to.
02/23/2003 Patrick Murphy This has GOT to be the best sounding AUD I've ever heard! One problem, though - Reuben & Cherise fades out at 1:52, but the info file shows that it's 5:47 long, meaning it doesn't fade out at all. My total time on the disc matches this one, but there's that nasty fade out. Is this on everyone's copy? Such a shame to fade out on THAT track!
02/24/2003 Patrick Murphy I just found out from the seeder that his original SHNs do NOT fade out at the end of t15. Beware, there is a set of SHNs going around that purports to be this set, but it doesn't pass these md5s and it fades out in the middle of Reuben & Cherise. DEFINITELY sub-par!
02/24/2003 Joe Jupille Patrick, I also don't remember this aud being that great, and the info file confirms that it's pretty tinny sounding. So it sounds like you have an altogether different source. I can't recall if a sbd circulates for this late show or not, but perhaps that's what you have?
10/08/2004 Diana This shn set has now been moved to its correct gig.