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Phish 09/04/11
Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP , 16bit-FLAC-md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 884.45 MB (927411929 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; (FOB) Neumann AK 40 > Lc3 > Km 100 > Aerco Mp2 > Sound Devices 702 @ 24/48; Cf Card > Wavelab 6.0 (resample, Uv 22 HR) > Cd Wave > TLH > 16.44 FLAC; Taped & Transferred by gotfob 
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Dick's Sporting Goods Park
Commerce City, Co

*Brought to You By gotfob*

FOB/DFC 50' Back > Neumann AK 40 (NOS) >
Lc3 > Km 100 > Aerco Mp2 > Sd 702 @ 24/48

Cf Card > *Wavelab 6.0 (resample,Uv 22 HR) >
Cd Wave > TLH > 16.44 FLAC
*Lowered gain by -db

Set I
t01. Maze *
t02. Back on the Train
t03. Rift
t04. Bathtub Gin
t05. The Way It Goes **
t06. Halfway to the Moon
t07. Gumbo
t08. Halley's Comet >
t09. Tube
t10. Timber Ho
t11. Roses are Free
t12. Chalk Dust Torture

Set II
t13. Rock and Roll >
t14. Come Together *** >
t15. Twist >
t16. Piper
t17. Harry Hood
t18. Roggae
t19. Ghost >
t20. Guy Forget **** >
t21. Ghost
t22. Walls of the Cave
t24. Backwards Down the Number Line

* Last show opener 12/09/1995 (538 shows)
** Gillian Welch 1st time played
*** Last played 12/08/1995 (537 shows)
**** Last played 10/01/2000 (199 shows)
Show Checksums
ph2011-09-04 d1t01.flac:55049fa38513251c03cca86d2d7105ab
ph2011-09-04 d1t02.flac:ae6db324ed664ee0e1da604c26d4eac4
ph2011-09-04 d1t03.flac:d43544240b61b9c76f27d854f1259588
ph2011-09-04 d1t04.flac:893651002760eb1fee0f665a59d0f9a7
ph2011-09-04 d1t05.flac:a76bfda23795e8f03c6018cc377bbc66
ph2011-09-04 d1t06.flac:e36eeca4f8c4a540085e90becd4be1c3
ph2011-09-04 d1t07.flac:d9203722982febb6599fa0a478ec71ae
ph2011-09-04 d1t08.flac:61469e80561bb97ce610c6fd57ec078c
ph2011-09-04 d1t09.flac:f558b5fb740b7bd4d82097063c0deb7a
ph2011-09-04 d1t10.flac:9ec9379a9b839d2ec4a8099ee42b6180
ph2011-09-04 d1t11.flac:30668cc3afa0400cd585390ab1bb6b0b
ph2011-09-04 d1t12.flac:8660b818aa1beb6f481863fd80d36428
ph2011-09-04 d2t01.flac:b5139fae6904cd390e582f969447a7f9
ph2011-09-04 d2t02.flac:de2c74d8819521e7e6e83506a1c17a87
ph2011-09-04 d2t03.flac:3e83a16c712d4aa3dce1716e1e34741a
ph2011-09-04 d2t04.flac:df876ced86791d35aca311ad5b5afb51
ph2011-09-04 d2t05.flac:5332ba25a9bd3aed3236e75989faa3bc
ph2011-09-04 d2t06.flac:5ecd55624df42423314c536f16b565d0
ph2011-09-04 d2t07.flac:f7507e572b5b079bed48b4dee79cdedd
ph2011-09-04 d2t08.flac:4e613ec7ffd9538539033ccc7963e518
ph2011-09-04 d2t09.flac:71a96d4bb95e87aeb198f3e25956f271
ph2011-09-04 d2t10.flac:31459c1d01801de0916c3579a43489f9
ph2011-09-04 d2t11.flac:a71b00c911ec01ac47725a96a25c3aa7
c64c8662a5fa6a8ddfabdf21544858a1 *ph2011-09-04 d1t01.flac
1f2585d0453ac51fb5086a57e44fc203 *ph2011-09-04 d1t02.flac
e0befecdb1cfaafca7d972b3d7ca2493 *ph2011-09-04 d1t03.flac
942c946db8480a4287e35b424d94f821 *ph2011-09-04 d1t04.flac
da13c3f88c7593617ed34637120c3712 *ph2011-09-04 d1t05.flac
dc33c78ec5dc82a22646e993c77f2811 *ph2011-09-04 d1t06.flac
78e6922f05436c158131b49c5f9a5cd0 *ph2011-09-04 d1t07.flac
048d49474e1e22bcaeec9c1131e29111 *ph2011-09-04 d1t08.flac
2d8e0738dcf6f7aed9e95683d8d61f41 *ph2011-09-04 d1t09.flac
4e1d1a895a4f53bc1066b3dd02b1ecb3 *ph2011-09-04 d1t10.flac
3bea89a8bc800dc63de14ffdc2b28e50 *ph2011-09-04 d1t11.flac
e61b1f9b25712d59295680a40cdba1cc *ph2011-09-04 d1t12.flac
19f0fbf051416420739800fe694047c0 *ph2011-09-04 d2t01.flac
fbe88afbfb3658ca68a011c3f2b5afb8 *ph2011-09-04 d2t02.flac
99838de4baaba8abacc67fc80253b3a4 *ph2011-09-04 d2t03.flac
8e1cdedf8b2a22943d5f07b47e70dd8b *ph2011-09-04 d2t04.flac
96eec4a8c2e1b1d7404b549f0314c5d8 *ph2011-09-04 d2t05.flac
8560c6bde6a7c95671efb9f45040b5b7 *ph2011-09-04 d2t06.flac
ff75c800b54b78ce1addc7e35fd86478 *ph2011-09-04 d2t07.flac
80b68ae9af4ec11ee86b7970ddfda853 *ph2011-09-04 d2t08.flac
dc1e18b12aea3f0977177dbb67b024e4 *ph2011-09-04 d2t09.flac
bdd5e5da72ba8ed009d8ac9a8be00614 *ph2011-09-04 d2t10.flac
138ccaa1ea980971bc7171b54fa4e281 *ph2011-09-04 d2t11.flac

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