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Phish 07/08/00
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Source Summary AKG 480/ck63 > Graham Patten DMIC-20 > Tascam DA-P1 (44.1k); Original recording by Dave Pecoraro; Transfer: Tascam DA-302> Turtle Beach Fiji (S/PDIF)> Sound forge 4.5 (normalizing and fading)> cdwave>shn, Matt Vallo 
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Alpine Valley - East Troy, Wisconsin

Disk 1 (72:47)              
Set I
1. Punch You In The Eye
3. My Soul
4. Poor Heart
5. Wolfman's Brother
6. First Tube
7. Llama
8. Guyute
9. Run Like an Antelope
Disk 2 (43:46)
Set II
1. Heavy Things
2. Piper ->
3. Rock N' Roll
4. Tweezer >
5. Walk Away

Disk 3 (36:45)
Set 2 cont.
1. Twist Around
2. The Horse >
3. Silent in the Morning
4. Possum
5. Susie Greenberg
6. Tweezer Reprise

AKG 480/ck63 > Graham Patten DMIC-20 > Tascam DA-P1 (44.1k)
Original recording by Dave Pecoraro ([email protected])

Tascam DA-302>Turtle Beach Fiji(S/PDIF)>Sound forge 4.5*>cdwave>shn
Matt Vallo ([email protected])
*noralizing & fading
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bb91f33190c1f9d593a6114991ddf191 *ph00-07-08d1t02.shn

409c2a108bf2fde73c9bb1798d31c510 *ph00-07-08d1t01.shn

4d98a586f40e62fd6e1bb58456f7035c *ph00-07-08d1t03.shn

3d4f2fd94d2172c2a124d73bbf75a747 *ph00-07-08d1t04.shn

8daf3d164a309cbe64043825e0f62bfa *ph00-07-08d1t05.shn

0ccbe7c98a925394d342127a5f752183 *ph00-07-08d1t06.shn

de7c86957e018780ca4a6ad3c19d3692 *ph00-07-08d1t07.shn

4a61af105bc6d22eac711d8ad26ee099 *ph00-07-08d1t08.shn

79e060071a9f3aebce375ac6247ce049 *ph00-07-08d1t09.shn

9fd64a8d232e7468fc28a164fd055dff *ph00-07-08d2t03.shn

668038309519463b8dd951f4ff15e85a *ph00-07-08d2t02.shn

a651dbca38be64df79f6be69c805c4d2 *ph00-07-08d2t01.shn

338da1ad2444b3981b2a5228373b11aa *ph00-07-08d2t04.shn

e3f7f1eb180813baf10b8720583ccc35 *ph00-07-08d2t05.shn

a97f54b943b67f1abe6a5141898d1f06 *ph00-07-08d3t05.shn

97c2c0a0021d0e4e207f0615dd1ef78e *ph00-07-08d3t02.shn

86272b9063591ad4df456f702764fb43 *ph00-07-08d3t03.shn

7b63675e33f767598775adf67e926523 *ph00-07-08d3t04.shn

faccbc29ee9aa4f8fbda6611b97d57c6 *ph00-07-08d3t01.shn

ef97905bd0a7eabf1bc1ab8e67965b0e *ph00-07-08d3t06.shn

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