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Phish 06/10/00
Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary Sennheiser MKE40-60> D8; DAT(1) >CDR (in Japan), Plexwriter 8/4/32A> EAC> MKWact> SHN; CD seed via Yasuharu "Yas" Kondo; Extraction and uploading by Ben McLaughlin 
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Zepp Tokyo
Parett Town, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Senn Heiser MKE40-60>D8
DAT(1)>CDR (in Japan), Plexwriter 8/4/32A>EAC>MKWact>SHN

Note:  Ben told me the extraction was 100% for every file
       This copy should be pretty good then.  Email
       comments and questions to [email protected]
       This one brought to you by ><> PhishLive (and the
       number 420, of course ;)

Thanks to Yasuharu Yas Kondo
for the discs.
Extraction and uploading by Ben McLaughlin

Disc 1: Set 1

1. Down with Disease 24:24
2. Sample in a Jar 5:37
3. Piper 21:16
4. Lawn Boy 3:07
5. Guyute 14:26

Disc 2: Set 2

1. Heavy Things 5:09
2. Sand 14:33
3. Sparkle 4:07
4. My Soul 6:23
5. Bathtub Gin 16:00
6. Twist 9:41
7. Albuquerque
8. Wading in the Velvet Sea
9. Loving Cup 7:03

Disc 3: Encores

1. The Inlaw Josie Wales 3:00
2. Limb By Limb 8:41
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d723f48f6c335e5360c730a7694622a3 *ph00-06-10d1t1.shn
c6119cc89f310f17872fb2539c3b1e49 *ph00-06-10d1t2.shn
7cb70c43e3e2405d69680b5b182d746e *ph00-06-10d1t3.shn
6539af2a54902ce001c8e3add1c83995 *ph00-06-10d1t4.shn
bed519f893b11c3458ff6090d9200058 *ph00-06-10d1t5.shn
9360d2bbe55afa0223eaaf9f44c44239 *ph00-06-10d2t2.shn
efde615be10f79ff77d70e8484581c88 *ph00-06-10d2t1.shn
5801325ab564d119ecf3a82e4d3c1032 *ph00-06-10d2t3.shn
0dc92cf9eb64845a95338507fb8b1cdb *ph00-06-10d2t4.shn
da9ceff9d3c1fb1ed2a8b3341fd7c5e0 *ph00-06-10d2t5.shn
e0ea6107b14fe8b724e7ce56f6f2af35 *ph00-06-10d2t6.shn
9945c33228e83fe3438d77dfe8929886 *ph00-06-10d2t7.shn
3ffb13e2dad61b7e5d328044a39be734 *ph00-06-10d2t8.shn
a39f21e27df04e17c1713cb39acb2f0a *ph00-06-10d2t9.shn
ed464eb2bd50172e2ed92c83029cee39 *ph00-06-10d3t1.shn
6b7b180069c8975f0add072872268bc3 *ph00-06-10d3t2.shn
7b2ac93638138f1e75af0ac4a7a8512c [shntool] ph00-06-10d1t1.shn
927a62d49e8a1a0b3e14fc527f9da489 [shntool] ph00-06-10d1t2.shn
b7517027ebb396e2574d06d49b1f53ea [shntool] ph00-06-10d1t3.shn
2010441c615c6227b117a1d5d369b293 [shntool] ph00-06-10d1t4.shn
3c838f84f25cc9a20d6021fb5b2e58f1 [shntool] ph00-06-10d1t5.shn
6b58323175131fc82faa6616e32dacd2 [shntool] ph00-06-10d2t1.shn
83b72c24a1f1d21ea56fc4b26cd735b0 [shntool] ph00-06-10d2t2.shn
9ea9995c87a41bb817f21b47716f2226 [shntool] ph00-06-10d2t3.shn
f28615d263646a93d0279564c1ee0cb0 [shntool] ph00-06-10d2t4.shn
8d2d30d55c2fadfabc30659707a0709b [shntool] ph00-06-10d2t5.shn
596f3f96af990e4c7877ca179039c720 [shntool] ph00-06-10d2t6.shn
b76a2abcc73a40c9dbede992359722c5 [shntool] ph00-06-10d2t7.shn
b524d4ecadb41dcefd043895ce32a47e [shntool] ph00-06-10d2t8.shn
a7c5f07e838c78a33c75f6e846ab3612 [shntool] ph00-06-10d2t9.shn
b1501f986a7d54da3ea2c0981ed6402d [shntool] ph00-06-10d3t1.shn
fc9a5b159a68f4f41dc0872d6aab1a23 [shntool] ph00-06-10d3t2.shn

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