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String Cheese Incident 10/11/05
State Theater, Ithaca, NY
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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Source Summary Nakamichi 300 + CP4 > SBM-1 > D8; R300 > Edirol R-09 > CD Wave > FLAC16 
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String Cheese Incident-State Theater,Ithaca,N.Y. 10/11/05

Source:Sony D8 Dat Master>Sony SBM-1>Nakamichi 300 Mics W/CP4 Shotguns>Sony PCM R-300 Home Dat Deck(Playback)>Edirol R-09 HR924/44.1 KHZ)>CD Wav Editor>Traders Little helper>Flac Level 8.Sector Boundaries Aligned Using Traders Little Helper.Taped By Dave Boedicker.FOB(2 Rows In Front Of).


Set 1:

Come As You Are>
Born On The Wrong Planet
Sometimes A River
Yo Se\'
Windy Mountain
Got What He Wanted>

Set 2:

John Hardy
Big Shoes
Shakin The Tree>
Rhythm Of The Road
Just One Story>
Round The Whee(Cut Short-See Note Below)


1)Fire alarm was pulled during Round the Wheel cutting the PA and ending the show. Billy played Barstool and Texas solo acoustic outside the venue for the evacuees.

2)Quality Is Excellent.The State Theater In Ithaca Is One Of The Most Perfectally Acoustic Venues I\'ve Ever Taped In.

3)Unlike the First Show On 10/10 Where I Saw At Least A Few Other Tapers,I Didn\'t See Any Other Tapers This Night,So Its Possible This Is The Only Audience Source In Circulation.

4) I Will Upload The 10/10 Show Shortly.

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613d8d014c308abcbb1dae14cbcfe366 *SCI-Disc01,Track01.flac
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24792a4cb1f60fe9437189cfd7340a91 *SCI-Disc01,Track03.flac
5fd513c0d790dc4938373e4d380150d5 *SCI-Disc01,Track04.flac
e9d3c5e0b5d76017997cc438f9de2dab *SCI-Disc01,Track05.flac
61d9813e044498b55086bd2fa23bac49 *SCI-Disc01,Track06.flac
4f9bf16dd09d0615d29064ab059c89d9 *SCI-Disc01,Track07.flac
bdbf4a95a88ca0404346be513b475ca1 *SCI-Disc01,Track08.flac
f267023467577a5c636c6c6d11c284b6 *SCI-Disc02,Track01.flac
7ecbb3ed6b129b3f849d43aa794cee90 *SCI-Disc02,Track02.flac
0343a64377a01f80dc04757e7660a275 *SCI-Disc02,Track03.flac
36642a582a0d0da361ec4b0f8a6090e8 *SCI-Disc02,Track04.flac
bc541054ba8e15412f645fc905f705cc *SCI-Disc02,Track05.flac
bd8b363d51468d4c24aac726d514e80d *SCI-Disc03,Track01.flac
6d4b75f56fb4724a84ec7c02cb1825c0 *SCI-Disc03,Track02.flac
a6d5260184c57cf7de9db28053d739c2 *SCI-Disc03,Track03.flac
4e94bdbf0b566c3d8121cec16739daef *SCI-Disc03,Track04.flac
9e6b1490215dd0c07b566c26ddc335ca *SCI-Ithaca 2005-10-11 Text Document.txt

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