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Garcia 12/04/87
Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band: SBD > ?? > DAT > CDR > ? > CDR > EAC > SHN, with slight glitch removal by Glyde. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
(Black Mountain Boys)
Wiltern Theater
Los Angeles, CA
Acoustic Set (

SBD > ?? > DAT > CDR > ? > CDR > EAC > SHN

1) Swing Low Sweet Chariot
2) Deep Elem Blues
3) Spike Driver Blues
4) Been All Around This World
5) Band Intro
6) To Get My Baby Out Of Jail*
7) The Wind And Rain
8) Gone Home
9) If I Lose
10) Ragged But Right

Filler: Lunt Fontane Theater, NYC 10/28/87

11) To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
12) Been All Around This World
13) Drifting Too Far From The Shore
14) I'm Ragged But I'm Right
15) Spike Driver Blues
Filler: Unknown Show
16) Little Sadie (41 Years)

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band/Jerry Garcia Band: Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, David Kemper, David Nelson, Sandy Rothman. *=w/Leroy Mack on dobro.

Small diginoise at begining of Track 1 Silenced, no music touched.

track 3 pop removed at 2:24
track 10 pop removed at 3:50

All editing done with Cool Edit 2000, all sector boundries verified with shn tool.
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515503e52d0ecfe7e29236b3da9537bf *JGB87-12-04t01.shn
64ed35e48baec4bb9d07db2636d789f7 *JGB87-12-04t02.shn
63967d9fbe6140e76701b63c7bf87330 *JGB87-12-04t03.shn
49b6b3db559fdbfb8ffe23929414b48b *JGB87-12-04t04.shn
7f3d94c8293cb76c9fc2b15a55c6b3b2 *JGB87-12-04t05.shn
e146781736f1b97f2b837f9c204f50af *JGB87-12-04t06.shn
c4dcfb301c108d3b9c2d40befcedfacf *JGB87-12-04t07.shn
1b7c31425969e1eaddd4098da8f97844 *JGB87-12-04t08.shn
be1765f19b0f262fc81dd4bdb8966ede *JGB87-12-04t09.shn
78c8a9fc3b4493b3fe06132830429984 *JGB87-12-04t10.shn
482ec26c1fa15d484054a17b9afb377e *JGB87-12-04t11.shn
71d9357a4b6ace1bd228eab2bc322819 *JGB87-12-04t12.shn
dfbadcd81223f8e68595c20fbeb2a819 *JGB87-12-04t13.shn
22ca004ba2946fd7db61318976c1fe17 *JGB87-12-04t14.shn
ba02112917ac1304ae7ead4b550979c6 *JGB87-12-04t15.shn
0eed7295cc2afa14da4c3807d9e022e9 *JGB87-12-04t16.shn

02c3acc0c7834d63b10b895e323781c2 *JGB87-12-04t01.wav
f7e2b007f63cc3a731749c089bd852c6 *JGB87-12-04t02.wav
8a79903e48051b024acb659d7c40cf73 *JGB87-12-04t03.wav
c1bc3efcdd697f45baf3758f8acc9761 *JGB87-12-04t04.wav
3e5468e3a124e3a923dd1d5ceec0c355 *JGB87-12-04t05.wav
e51133b3989ad1b175d766dfb75be639 *JGB87-12-04t06.wav
809ee2fd52e8c004210371d1a8abc283 *JGB87-12-04t07.wav
564ea9496554517fb4005e7423086173 *JGB87-12-04t08.wav
246caaadda110c2d9a0101bc3d1cf021 *JGB87-12-04t09.wav
1e215501782394b95b421980c6010266 *JGB87-12-04t10.wav
72db3afa0679b9e8f9ca0c4c706dab53 *JGB87-12-04t11.wav
94b96c1efb5eb64271fdd93ad860e138 *JGB87-12-04t12.wav
d010def43ea174d550c2224780b1437d *JGB87-12-04t13.wav
38a6e2de64ebf44da56ecd6679e8a637 *JGB87-12-04t14.wav
f35ca09e0369572d13665d8185696f58 *JGB87-12-04t15.wav
abc626737bc709e90cfd227e2697303d *JGB87-12-04t16.wav

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