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Garcia 07/24/73
Homer's Warehouse, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Old & In The Way: Possible MSR > D > CD > EAC > SHN. 
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Old And In The Way

TUE 07/24/73
Homer's Warehouse - Palo Alto, CA  

Recordings: FM MSR>D>CD

01 - Billy In The Lowground
02 - Going To The Races
03 - Catfish John
04 - Good Woman's Love
05 - Lonesome Fiddle Blues
06 - Eating Out Of Your Hand
07 - Lonesome L.A. Cowboy
08 - Hobo Song
09 - Pig In A Pen
10 - Panama Red
11 - Workin' On A Building
12 - Hard Hearted

Comments: It appears as if this was the complete show.
Asleep at the Wheel opened. FM Broadcast KZSU Palo Alto.

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c6668504142a0fc11718fc34ee977790 *oaitw1973-07-24t01.shn
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95ff9060d621059ea2a11ea8a4db32cd *oaitw1973-07-24t03.shn
6f7b70b6a06f90f254f9e397dc3765cb *oaitw1973-07-24t04.shn
e962c7a4fc59185d19f402a540a3fca9 *oaitw1973-07-24t05.shn
54efee91d632f7da3ea1c42ab4fbf811 *oaitw1973-07-24t06.shn
43b718fe92b03afb9f36460b09428ff4 *oaitw1973-07-24t07.shn
2d756d050cdc4615603cfa5b6234badf *oaitw1973-07-24t08.shn
0e2461bf351244bb42cdd56fe123fe18 *oaitw1973-07-24t09.shn
f2329ecf2f04c9c2a94d704d8b6c3197 *oaitw1973-07-24t10.shn
1b0a69a5566d800a7c76a748f5e188e7 *oaitw1973-07-24t11.shn
1b787e2ba4d97c2517759cd3c8da5e92 *oaitw1973-07-24t12.shn

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01/02/2003 Patrick Donnelly It's possible this is NOT the complete show.

During the intro from a radio DJ he states "After this show, there'll be another set with Asleep at the Wheel, and Jerry Garcia and Old & In the Way".

Just a note. This is all that ciruclates, however.
09/06/2004 john f whitehead I was going to say the same thing. The exact quote from the DJ is:

"I might also tell you that after this set there's going to be a whole 'nother set with Asleep At The Wheel and... Jerry Garcia and Old & In The Way, so Homer's Warehouse will still be cooking after we go off after this set."

And then after the last song Jerry says "See you later on."

Also, given what the DJ says about a "whole 'nother set with Asleep At The Wheel" (and the info file's comment that "Asleep At The Wheel opened", it seems they also played two sets, one before and one after this OAITW set. Perhaps their first one was broadcast as well...