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Tedeschi Trucks Band 02/07/12
Mielparque Hall Osaka, Osaka, Japan
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Source Summary Schoeps MK4>Nbox>Sony M-10(Rec Level 4 / 24bit & 96kHz)
Transfering Notes: From M-10 to PC with Audio Gate ver.2.2.1 
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Thanks to Taper Tom&Jerry!

Band: Tedeschi Trucks Band
Date: Feb 7th 2012
Venue: Mielparque Hall, Osaka, Japan
Taped by Tom&Jerry
Remastered by Naniwa Hot Brothers The

Recording Notes: Recorded from relatively close to the stage but way off the center block with Schoeps MK4>Nbox>Sony M-10(Rec Level 4 / 24bit & 96kHz)

Transfering Notes: From M-10 to PC with Audio Gate ver.2.2.1

Remastering Memo:
Used Sound Forge.Ver 10 with the following commands and plug-in in the following order;
(1) The Insert Marker command to split the tracks and name them
(2) The Click & Crackle Plug-In to reduce the annoying hand-clapping sound
(3) The Normalize command to normalize the volume of the right channel to -16.00dB and that of the left channel to -17.25db
(4) The Resample command to change the sample rate to 44kHz with anti-alias filter on
(5) The Bit Depth Converter to convert to 16bit with Highpass Triangular and Equal Loudness Contour on
(6) Track Extracting Command to transfer them to wave format.
Then Used the fre:ac software to covert wave files to flac ones

Disc Info
00 Before the show starts
01 Bound For Glory
02 Rollin' And Tumblin'
03 Midnight In Harlem
04 Learn How To Love
05 Days Is Almost Gone
06 Band Introductions
07 Everybody's Talkin'
08 Darling Be Home Soon
09 ~Maki Madni~Darling Be Home Soon
10 Nobody's Free
11 That Did It
12 Uptight
13 ~Bass Solo
14 ~Drum Solo
15 Put Your Hands Togther(I DON'T KNOW THE TITLE OF THIS TUNE)
16 Love Has Something Else To Say
17 ~Why Don't We Do It In The Road~Love Has Something To Say
18 Crowd Asking For Encore
19 Wade In The Water
20 Simple Song
21 ~I Want To Take You Higher
22 Last Annoucement

Last Notes
Tedeschi Trucks Band is by far the best band I've ever seen in the recent years.  They give hopes and dreams to those of us who are living in this day and age.  They play the real joyful music which is never ever computerized for cost-effective production nor marketed for teenage audience and crappy movie deal.
Show Checksums
28d2178e8a24cd8be1775c02333bf563 *00 Before the show starts.flac
36db04a0708bde38017d661380c8b6fb *01 Bound For Glory.flac
2ffbf873ac506c9141c3ec33c087737c *02 Rollin' And Tumblin'.flac
38ae6e06d0d90c50dd2374404ef7be61 *03 Midnight In Harlem.flac
06229f7f26b199753baf7752aaebbd6b *04 Learn How To Love.flac
346798dad6bce9a3f8c51a37a084c3c2 *05 Days Is Almost Gone.flac
c7910bfdb96b2748f23b0062476f61eb *06 Band Introductions.flac
0068548b37463f2ef3001b0f01b46d41 *07 Everybody's Talkin'.flac
55b221de32f43dd9dfd1f510e8834dd7 *08 Darling Be Home Soon.flac
ef61eae8f1961e3fefd2caf3c171554b *09 ~Maki Madni~Darling Be Home Soon .flac
ed7635727941c4e536ed03c218633438 *10 Nobody's Free.flac
31e463b129e4cb145dd92a47335cd2cf *11 That Did It.flac
5b30635182228522a45a4a92ca994869 *12 Uptight.flac
d830f293e1ca257a62fe054abc0b17ca *13 ~Bass Solo.flac
25fd00aeb541955bf39906054ef0808f *14 ~Drum Solo.flac
423c6023d50283b52903bcc64f522094 *15 Put Your Hands Togther.flac
af0d2a460f31100879befd35322795bd *16 Love Has Something Else To Say.flac
e7b1586f4320c392877f6731b0852743 *17 ~Why Don't We Do It In The Road.flac
25444b4f485fbaeef80e937daf307cb0 *18 Crowd Asking For Encore.flac
eb82a7b51ccb628daa2cb2fb793316ff *19 Wade In The Water.flac
136498d62fa00f012beaa5802ce73b8c *20 Simple Song.flac
d67e9e4decb7bb2f0d4c09ffd6f7d030 *21 ~I Want To Take You Higher.flac
84183d2e29b0f6c3a410c309ae98ef9b *22 Last Annoucement.flac

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