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Derek Trucks Band 11/30/00
Odeon, Cleveland, OH
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Entered by Steve Blanchard
Checksums ffp , md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size Compressed: 1 KB (649 bytes)
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Source Summary DSBD>CD-R>Flac 
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Derek Trucks Band
The Odeon

Transfer:Unknown at the moment
(I recieved these discs from a friend of the taper w/no lineage info other than DSBD>CD-R)

Disc 1:
2)Ain't That Lovin' You
3)Egg 15
4)Preachin' Blues
5)Bock to Bock
6)For My Brother
7)Feel So Bad
8)Young Funk
9)Use Me
10)Big Head Salsa

Time: 72:44

Disc 2:
1)Rastaman Chant
2)Traveling South
3)I Believe
4)Back at the Chicken Shack

Time: 40:12

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means a clean recording. There are several spots of static in the recording most notably in Rastaman Chant.
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DTB 11-30-00 D01T01.flac:c1d779df32e079c86b7a414e4cd2ed2e
DTB 11-30-00 D01T02.flac:696475856c72f9ca52fbdfab3d75087c
DTB 11-30-00 D01T03.flac:4db6fc18e1939d17276d8edf736eed5a
DTB 11-30-00 D01T04.flac:61b9a9cf1d87253820f913fe84aa970b
DTB 11-30-00 D01T05.flac:ac00877381e06f63d9e2b774eb90570d
DTB 11-30-00 D01T06.flac:40dade72674306f2597994f272581d98
DTB 11-30-00 D01T07.flac:a663239c7ef0080fbd824ba412ee5ba5
DTB 11-30-00 D01T08.flac:2eac44f6c96a44411215e18c30e38a30
DTB 11-30-00 D01T09.flac:5ec37d0c62a8fab4402d0aa394f8e024
DTB 11-30-00 D01T10.flac:d7205d9011fab2cfc81396a053f6dc4e
DTB 11-30-00 D02T01.flac:234e1487f6c403caf92f3fcc19e2b023
DTB 11-30-00 D02T02.flac:0a0ed1d4e641796b92326612a2cde30c
DTB 11-30-00 D02T03.flac:230319dd66d37bfea99d8ae76c120858
DTB 11-30-00 D02T04.flac:9770229b461346dff404bd1e6b059a4b
73a2b70363c513106d1ee6cee86d7f8a *DTB 11-30-00 D01T01.flac
b7cabe571efdb2b807a154c215075daa *DTB 11-30-00 D01T02.flac
0c99c896d0b4490d91360511919f4d82 *DTB 11-30-00 D01T03.flac
27d566e1b0cd4d0e8f7c80286e99daf1 *DTB 11-30-00 D01T04.flac
5115ab169c2cbece39b73d1ff58105e4 *DTB 11-30-00 D01T05.flac
c28d442215070f5ef56e46e0136c86c9 *DTB 11-30-00 D01T06.flac
767a9dcf6a242f8f3f21866ffdf098ec *DTB 11-30-00 D01T07.flac
f103987071cd915321661be2672d5fe5 *DTB 11-30-00 D01T08.flac
ac5fbdf7d95fc6a52092afab240f8bc5 *DTB 11-30-00 D01T09.flac
589782848df6dd8978f46a8bd4688f1c *DTB 11-30-00 D01T10.flac
4cfc7baad5bf1e1e09d9e20f9f23d553 *DTB 11-30-00 D02T01.flac
7083cd33337c1556f75d5ba9a4d3a728 *DTB 11-30-00 D02T02.flac
f9850d2e52e5ab4ff562d3aaf5131822 *DTB 11-30-00 D02T03.flac
76bfbfbc0f572cf3ccf4dd1db67e5175 *DTB 11-30-00 D02T04.flac

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