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Phish 05/15/00
Y100 Sonic Session, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary complete broadcast; fm-> sbm-> dat-> cdr->eac-> cdr-> eac-> .shn; Recorded by Brian Porter; has some radio reception pops, they are not from eac or poor d->cd; filler on Eric McRoberts B&K 4011version of ph00-07-04 (q.v.): md5s here are named as such 
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Filler on Phish 7/4/00 (B&K 4011 version seeded by Eric McRoberts);
tracks 1 and 2 of disc were of that show:

Phish 5-15-00 World cafe, UPenn  Radio, PA
Recorded by Brian Porter.
2nd EAC and encoding by Eric McRoberts, 1st eac by James Moore
3.   Intro
4.   1st Tube
5.   Dirt
6.   Interview
7.   Get Back On The Train
8.   Piper
9.   Minestrone
10.  Interview
11.  Jiboo
12.  Outro

Filler has some radio reception pops, they are no from eac or poor d->cd.
Show Checksums
862e057866c9ee287ab0034152388479 *ph00-07-04d3t03.shn
bd2b399f96acf19d85f24a7f775fb31a *ph00-07-04d3t04.shn
7c24539f600f1c5885286e041edab965 *ph00-07-04d3t05.shn
0dbfe04dd65a5f4c74763de75d3be2f6 *ph00-07-04d3t06.shn
eca260784bbcb809a5ac927ef2562ca5 *ph00-07-04d3t07.shn
47ba41a19603bd75c84400467f7bfbca *ph00-07-04d3t08.shn
5e679795b5a37941aa895ec35f5c1294 *ph00-07-04d3t09.shn
f59981a6add1102c0a8e5071d46a9b38 *ph00-07-04d3t10.shn
ef018400d04ec80331ca5cb17d778325 *ph00-07-04d3t11.shn
4c63af970a9c8e001b96c5f9bbd46d59 *ph00-07-04d3t12.shn
037057de44d952a9c1f921ad7764f562 [shntool] PH00-07-04D3T03.SHN
cdf53e69a0c5094ee01b75a01499e511 [shntool] PH00-07-04D3T04.SHN
0c9ab3f48099500975b438925f0e6a37 [shntool] PH00-07-04D3T05.SHN
3ea54c8ff2c5acc16c1c9a50658e17b0 [shntool] PH00-07-04D3T06.SHN
c299685e632605e1022b6596155a589f [shntool] PH00-07-04D3T07.SHN
5cb194af215aa504f397fe1fd023e428 [shntool] PH00-07-04D3T08.SHN
d6bca0c62a720881585c54329104f221 [shntool] PH00-07-04D3T09.SHN
2ed807ae354797d6e90695de6b5c57cf [shntool] PH00-07-04D3T10.SHN
8768af01e56b69dc39b4a72d071f7fd2 [shntool] PH00-07-04D3T11.SHN
d87a2e8bddc9748c845f9d2373273be8 [shntool] PH00-07-04D3T12.SHN

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