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Garcia 08/14/94
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: DSBD > D > CM > CD > EAC > slight alterations (see info file) > SHN. This is a slightly modified upgrade, via Jake Mercatoris, of the existing .shn set
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Jerry Garcia Band
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA

Source:  DSBD>D>CM>CD

Disc 1: Set I

1. How Sweet It Is (09:04)
2. Waiting For A Miracle (08:03)
3. You Never Can Tell (12:41)
4. Mississippi Moon (12:09)
5. Lay Down Sally (12:42)
6. My Sisters And Brothers (03:49)
7. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (09:53)
Total: (68:21)

Disc 2: Set II

1. Shining Star (21:32)
2. Strugglin Man (08:44)
3. And It Stoned Me (08:54)
4. Tore Up (09:46)
Total:  (48:59)

Disc 3: Set II cont.

1. The Maker (12:27)
2. Gomorrah (04:48)
3. Tangled Up In Blue (14:23)
Total: (31:38)

retreived from, edited and reseeded by Jake Mercatoris

Editing Notes:  This show was transferred from cassette master but didn't have the headers and footers of cassette hiss removed, nor the tape flips.  I stitched the wavs together using Add-a-Wav, creating one large wav for each set.  I normalized each set using EAC's process wav and normalize functions, boosting the peak level from 65% to 98.9%.  I removed hiss at the begining and end of sets, removed the tape flip in the middle of each set, and faded the ends of each set using Wave Studio.  When removed, the tape flip in the first set, between Mississippi Moon & Lay Down Sally, made an unsmooth transition.  This was smoothed with a fade.  The tape flip in the second set was removed and the transition was smooth.  The large wavs were retracked using CDWav and converted to SHN with embedded seektables using mkwACT.
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14c8b6decf1548848cf810aaeb32cd7c *jgb94-08-14d1t01new.shn
ab7359afebbc13e6bea9bae6881dd3ce *jgb94-08-14d1t02new.shn
c62ccaa1160587008bdbd2d5571ce3a6 *jgb94-08-14d1t03new.shn
757dfc82c99f7e4019976d5aa0baa08f *jgb94-08-14d1t04new.shn
25b5a9ac12a13d683e172f662cd78241 *jgb94-08-14d1t05new.shn
f546c38d8645fa3840781ad6c543bc39 *jgb94-08-14d1t06new.shn
128c7eb1b3cf49301e16cdc130ac3efe *jgb94-08-14d1t07new.shn
7c04ad27e8c4285318d46fe931c39f3f *jgb94-08-14d2t01new.shn
5cc60d92b19aef643acd9bb6cf5e0ccf *jgb94-08-14d2t02new.shn
4ecfc9e58d2de28e0bd1e065852751ac *jgb94-08-14d2t03new.shn
4a136c996f861300c6b80d2bd3d1b8f9 *jgb94-08-14d2t04new.shn
7578b1746e3d8df8f6f6b5b08df99746 *jgb94-08-14d3t01new.shn
4954c605cc13af1420a9a91968be85f7 *jgb94-08-14d3t02new.shn
7f5b0d3579ecc67086598c8bc809d01c *jgb94-08-14d3t03new.shn

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