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Phish 06/17/12
Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ
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Source # 120830 Other Sources
Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 16bit-FFP
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 852.73 MB (894152451 bytes)
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Source Summary flac16; (FOB) Schoeps Mk41v > KCY > Schoeps Vms5u > Edirol R44(OCM)24/96; SDHC > Audacity (16/44.1) > Amadeus Pro > xACT; Taped & Transferred by Chris King 
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Bader Field
Atlantic City New Jersey

Source: Schoeps Mk41v(NOS)> KCY>Schoeps Vms5u>R44(OCM)24/96
Location: FOB, DFC 6' Stand
Transfer:SDHC>Audacity 16/44>Amadeus Pro>xACT
Taped By: Chris King

Set I

01 Brother
02 Runaway Jim
03 Dogs Stole Things
04 Boogie On Reggae Woman
06 Foam
07 Wilson
08 Timber
09 banter
10 Fluffhead
11 Walls of the Cave
12 Character Zero

Set II

01 Drowned>
02 Also Sprach Zarathustra>
03 Reba
04 Roses Are Free>
05 Chalk Dust Torture>
06 Prince Caspian>
07 Silent in the Morning
08 Bug>
09 A Day in the Life>
10 Down with Disease
11 Crowd

12 Gotta Jibboo
13 Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

Show Checksums
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.01.flac:75b6f8d2d7cbb0255ba3390bdb5dd4c5
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.02.flac:e841dd7df22f69d2d8698a6993c3caeb
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.03.flac:a42953c3fabe68f94e3063bf30dbee2f
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.04.flac:b810483bcb82667af983db3211c0f767
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.05.flac:42467f34711e420e6ae7f77fa8320668
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.06.flac:8bfdc649b018940ed112fed1f2e63d51
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.07.flac:0077866729283696e94ce060fe027590
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.08.flac:ed081227eb545c73faabb0c24169d26a
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.09.flac:ea40554981183708384d7c65d27d4426
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.10.flac:6eeba2e144f131c2aaf7179da42683d5
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.11.flac:26fe0740c785f9629f009f6331560ea0
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs1t.12.flac:b2e193cb9941046101f128ff9ac9e896
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.01.flac:f0658a0545437ffaa0eff0a1b0f54faf
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.02.flac:fffaceef96027446ac4b44900d8c129d
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.03.flac:ce4c87cbc89a568f6ccffc6c8489e0e0
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.04.flac:1194b6f66d8eae3ff60e3f62743d6284
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.05.flac:9407bfd3d1296cb407535830811626fa
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.06.flac:94bcfcfea789c12427cf5afdb1092fb2
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.07.flac:543454f584e8acf4b976aa10f0c0d957
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.08.flac:8965ad3b957d5e051f8d7071043728db
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.09.flac:ec06a04d21cfa8fd40e125a281c36ae9
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.10.flac:099756f19ee922623cc67205a08230e8
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.11.flac:822c4c6f918ebd659578a6e1cfdd25b6
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.12.flac:a6b717a6fd47af0a90ac75b8fd934d6b
ph2012-06-17 mk41vs2t.13.flac:5b79e7e84b87b8a54cd9bc3d374a06ba

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