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Phish 06/24/12
Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
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Entered by Jason Sobel
Checksums 24bit-FFP
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 3.57 GB (3838294464 bytes)
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Source Summary flac24; Schoeps MK41 > KCY > Schoeps VMS5-U > Mytek 192 > Marantz PMD-661; SDHC Media Card -> Dell m1730 via media card reader > Sony Sound Forge 10 @ 96kHz, 24 bits; Taped & Transferred by jadedphan 
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24 June 2012
Blossom Music Center
Cuyahoga Falls, OH


OTS On Stand, approximately 8':

Schoeps MK41 (DINa) > KCY > Schoeps VMS5-U > Mytek 192 > Marantz PMD-661

Transfer: SDHC Media Card -> Dell m1730 via media card reader > Sony Sound Forge 10 @ 96kHz, 24 bits

Transferred, Edited, & Track Split using Sony Vegas 9.0 by jadedphan

Set One:

Sample in a Jar
Bathtub Gin
Roses Are Free ->
Limb by Limb*
Free ->
Possum ->
The Wedge

Set Two:

Golden Age
Story of the Ghost ->
Sweet Virginia
Tweezer*** ->
Walk Away ->
The Horse ->
Silent in the Morning ->
Piper ->
Waste ->
Run Like an Antelope****
Encore Break
Loving Cup
Tweezer Reprise

* - DEG tease.
** - Japanese lyrics; with fans on stage dancing.
*** - Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Under Pressure, and Ice Ice Baby quotes; Meatstick jam.
**** - Under Pressure and Meatstick teases; Fernando (Abba) quote (with lyric changed to "Orlando"). Lyrics changed to
Marc Orlando Esquandolas from Syracuse, NY" and "Run like Orlando out of control." "Orlando" repeated several times.


Limb by Limb contained a DEG tease. Meatstick contained Japanese lyrics and featured fans on stage dancing.
Tweezer contained an Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby quotes as well as a Meatstick jam.
Antelope featured Under Pressure and Meatstick teases, a Fernando (Abba) quote with the lyric changed to "Can you hear
the drums, Orlando?" Antelope's lyrics were changed to "Marc Orlando Esquandolas from Syracuse, NY" and "Run like Orlando
out of control." "Orlando" was repeated several times.

Thanks to for the Setlist & notes

FLAC level 8 files created using Trader's Little Helper

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Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track01_Sample in a Jar.flac:13086927dc9d747164968a9b983a8437
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track02_Tube.flac:08fadfdaad2799404266f4c2a8543880
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track03_Axilla.flac:d5acfd0af329462bf5850950d58977f4
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track04_Bathtub Gin.flac:c345a6d673dcdd34545499ea42bd5a6b
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track05_Roses are Free.flac:9f78738d4009bfea43140ebb97afe37e
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track06_Limb by Limb.flac:c7f6100c15c2de04d2754ba2c9533ae4
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track07_Free.flac:15641d4ec0aa9061486fb6953daff3d8
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track08_NICU.flac:bf0309a39b26f8e2da268ea03523352a
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track09_Possum.flac:f67a20f51a3ddf15e6fe95e11bb6255a
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track10_The Wedge.flac:d7521c71c88ff08db03244f2cad8b3c6
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track11_Corrina.flac:a707110b43ebfe4d2833f924a548b174
Set One\Phish2012-06-24_Set One_track12_Meatstick.flac:9e7ad0c4a1d2f9d3bc34fc6cec7d0416
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track01_Golden Age.flac:82469b0631480f97de1241c31b91694a
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track02_Story of the Ghost.flac:6f870c9bd45bd464423bd2f1c780a471
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track03_Sweet Virginia.flac:b696f11b7b3ae20e5aa1191e6316cde5
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track04_Rift.flac:90cb158202d7194e565ee338dd0e109d
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track05_Tweezer.flac:6020971efd953b3acd62d311903475cf
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track06_Walk Away.flac:2c9b5d795ae7da508b4ef19d9cbabd7a
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track07_The Horse.flac:3bf29d22ce345f0c5a181a491757a528
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track08_Silent in the Morning.flac:487175d7f1ad40fca79d69b13a8cd1d9
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track09_Piper.flac:f7fd31b6e75fe26e754e6324e3020c71
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track10_Waste.flac:e259561a3ebbfc10a2765ee71689eb38
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track11_Run like an Antelope.flac:10127c78c0f5f3b38dd2e79adfe5a1a8
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track12_Encore Break.flac:cfd705f3e17d9eaa27b9b9d97a16b57a
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track13_Loving Cup.flac:d0fde997710e29ab4fb0b14a650e2010
Set Two\Phish2012-06-24_Set Two_track14_Tweezer Reprise.flac:2e0a1c3fd859c006d73317df879a0b96

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