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Phish 06/23/12
First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown, PA
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Source # 120997 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums 24bit-FFP , 24bit-FFP-rename
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 3.58 GB (3846102377 bytes)
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac24; Schoeps MK41 > KCY > Schoeps VMS5-U > Mytek 192 > Marantz PMD-661; SDHC Media Card -> Dell m1730 via media card reader > Sony Sound Forge 10 @ 96kHz, 24 bits > Sony Vegas 9.0 > FLAC; Taped & Transferred by jadedphan 
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23 June 2012
First Niagara Pavilion,
Burgettstown, PA


OTS On Stand, approximately 8':

Schoeps MK41 (DINa) > KCY > Schoeps VMS5-U > Mytek 192 > Marantz PMD-661

Transfer: SDHC Media Card -> Dell m1730 via media card reader > Sony Sound Forge 10 @ 96kHz, 24 bits

Transferred, Edited, & Track Split using Sony Vegas 9.0 by jadedphan

Set One:

Funky Bitch
Backwards Down the Number Line
Torn and Frayed
The Moma Dance ->
Scent of a Mule**
46 Days
You Enjoy Myself***

Set Two:
Gotta Jibboo ->
Mike's Song ->
Simple ->
Light ->
Weekapaug Groove**** ->
Seven Below
Bouncing Around the Room ->
Julius ->
Slave to the Traffic Light


The Lizards

* - Eleanor Rigby tease from Page and Trey.
** - Mule duel featured Page on theremin.
*** - Scent of a Mule tease from Trey.
**** - Divided Sky tease from Trey.


Maze featured an Eleanor Rigby tease from Page and Trey. The Mule duel featured Page on theremin. YEM contained a Scent
of a Mule tease from Trey. Weekapaug contained a Divided Sky tease from Trey.

FLAC level 8 using Trader's Little Helper. FLAC fingerprint created using Trader's Little Helper

Show Checksums
Set One\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t01_Funky Bitch.flac:ab10e2184f10267108d4c3b950b4181c
Set One\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t02_Backwards down the Number Line.flac:0f18471230dc60f84793c015044f0f47
Set One\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t03_Gumbo.flac:2324d787bcd1bcb68815571a251823f7
Set One\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t04_Maze.flac:7a8ef61ee5169f1f8f8997ce008f65ef
Set One\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t05_Torn & Frayed.flac:3632e9165ec8c005e7d9980528f525b7
Set One\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t06_The Moma Dance.flac:f8e38ff0744165f6b9ef0eeba32f8105
Set One\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t07_Scent of a Mule.flac:3e3b4614e4c6f4fc1220ad375e380f5b
Set One\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t08_46 Days.flac:d7acd390676c789f802728d04ef3f5d0
Set One\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t09_You Enjoy Myself.flac:c77cf9580148a029dbc16816a4095b1f
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t01_Gotta Jibboo.flac:1b63806c3c90a45b5e32bb8ef6ec6939
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t02_Mike's Song_.flac:20440a52109660ecbcea18accfb0a090
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t03_Simple_.flac:954249e9e98d0a80cf78d8a58835c036
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t04_Light_.flac:655ff52469a05f6eb8219d5d31317708
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t05_Weekapaug Groove_.flac:d8714aabfcfb859aea9f79894f40b62e
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t06_Seven Below.flac:e7f5dc78a6aaf631fb36555a5fc61151
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t07_Bouncing around the Room.flac:e4e43913ec1b84b380ff1ee6095278ab
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t08_Julius.flac:7ab3f110a648b1fec2e2c5150f86f5c4
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t09_Slave to the Traffic Light.flac:4e1c7b4e0735ba90bae5da9b77e70211
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t10_Encore Break.flac:cf509477d64b067d324172f464ff5db5
Set Two\Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t11_The Lizards.flac:2cdd9ea292be0fb8d600d177cdc6da76
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t01_Funky Bitch.flac:ab10e2184f10267108d4c3b950b4181c
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t02_Backwards down the Number Line.flac:0f18471230dc60f84793c015044f0f47
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t05_Torn & Frayed.flac:3632e9165ec8c005e7d9980528f525b7
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t06_The Moma Dance.flac:f8e38ff0744165f6b9ef0eeba32f8105
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t07_Scent of a Mule.flac:3e3b4614e4c6f4fc1220ad375e380f5b
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t08_46 Days.flac:d7acd390676c789f802728d04ef3f5d0
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s01t09_You Enjoy Myself.flac:c77cf9580148a029dbc16816a4095b1f
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t01_Gotta Jibboo.flac:1b63806c3c90a45b5e32bb8ef6ec6939
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t02_Mike's Song_.flac:20440a52109660ecbcea18accfb0a090
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t05_Weekapaug Groove_.flac:d8714aabfcfb859aea9f79894f40b62e
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t06_Seven Below.flac:e7f5dc78a6aaf631fb36555a5fc61151
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t07_Bouncing around the Room.flac:e4e43913ec1b84b380ff1ee6095278ab
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t09_Slave to the Traffic Light.flac:4e1c7b4e0735ba90bae5da9b77e70211
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t10_Encore Break.flac:cf509477d64b067d324172f464ff5db5
Phish2012-06-23_OTS_MK41_s02t11_The Lizards.flac:2cdd9ea292be0fb8d600d177cdc6da76

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Date User Comment
03/20/2017 mvernon On 3/20/17, the 24bit-FFP-renamed fingerprint was added. The filenames and checksums are unchanged. The original ffp had the set 1 and set 2 tracks in sub-directories. The path symbol differs on windows and Mac so the Mac user will have to rename the ffp to verify the tracks match. The rename fingerprint puts all tracks in one directory and avoids the issue of the convention adopted by different operating systems when sub-directories are used.