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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 05/31/12
Mt. Jam, Hunter, NY
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Checksums kdtu2012-05-31.tlm170.flac16.md5 , kdtu2012-05-31.tlm170.flac16.ffp
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Source Summary Neumann TLM-170 (cardoids, FOB center) -> Sound Devices 722 (@24/96)
24->16 bit dither using iZotope MBIT+ > FLAC 
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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Healy Brothers Hall
Mountain Jam 8
Hunter Mountain, NY

Neumann TLM-170 (cardoids, FOB center) -> Sound Devices 722 (@24/96); FLAC File processing in SoundForge 10.0d (volume normalization; resample to 44.1 with iZotope 64-Bit SRC set higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter; 24->16 bit dither using iZotope MBIT+ Dither with Ultra noise shaping, High dither settings; clap removal); Tracked in CDWav.

1.  (fades in) Post "Satisfied" Jam
2.  My Baby
3.  banter - bringing Warren up
4.  Yazoo Street Scandal *
5.  Groove On
6.  7 Nation Army
7.  Rich Man's Welfare ->
8.  Smells Like Teen Spirit ->
9.  Rich Man's Welfare

I hand scrubbed a bunch of nearby annoying claps from this recording:   T1(15 claps), T3(1), T8(1), T9(27)
I also minimzed a burst of feedback @ 4:32 in T5
I also did my best to EQ out a loud nearby whistler in T9

* = w/Warren Haynes on guitar

This was a late night "pre-party" show on Thursday night.

We got there sort of late, and I just started recording when I got there, hence I just have the last hour of the show.  Thanks to Bill Tetzeli for already being in the exact sweet FOB spot when I got there, and for letting me join him!  His complete recording of the same show from the same location using the internal mics on his Tascam DR-40 is available here:

Recorded, mastered, tracked and posted by Scott Bernstein (6/22-6/26/2012)

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2110f9092730e23fd3f064e2a010d710 *kdtu2012-05-31t03.flac
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15d51ead22278bf2a10bebf860c8b81c *kdtu2012-05-31t07.flac
90ce5a0e1b834dec979a84ffa5b6e96e *kdtu2012-05-31t08.flac
e416cf89e7cd7a31fe6e0786195daf84 *kdtu2012-05-31t09.flac

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