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Garcia 11/09/82
E.M. Loew Center for the Performing Arts, Worcester, MA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums shns , wavs
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary JGB, early show: Doug Lamarre's Senn 441s > Sony D-5) > CD > EAC > SHN > shntool > SHN. Fixes sector boundary errors on previous .shn set, fixed and seeded by Chris L. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
E.M. Loew's
Worcester, MA

aud>>senn 441>> Sony D-5>>cassette master>>cdr

***Early show***
CD 1  
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You, 09:47
Catfish John, 11:16
I Second That Emotion, 09:55
Love In The Afternoon, 11:26

Let It Rock, 08:59 Run For The Roses, 04:57
Dear Prudence > 12:16
Tangled Up In Blue 12:26
Encore:Deal 07:21

recorded by doug lamarre.if anyone has the late show, please email me.seeded to etree by mike lai.  any info send to   [email protected]
sector boundary errors on d1t01, d1t04, d2t01, d2t05 - fixed by performing SHNTOOL *.WAV on all files from the early show.  the '-f' at the end of the file name indicates these are the fixed, sector boundary error-free version.  the onloy reason i did this was because i was getting requests to host the show on my server and its hard to see how propagating a potentially flawed version made any sense - Chris L.
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9dc6d210877f653084739a7cc9da76ec *jgb82-11-09d2t202-f.shn
98bf73e22aed51fcd50b41e48d6bb402 *jgb82-11-09d1t102-f.shn
8a40a65a266f3c6acb309d7247b41031 *jgb82-11-09d1t103-f.shn
36d9ff58119982ba49254664d5e56ec5 *jgb82-11-09d1t104-f.shn
e11d7e6c0f6cdb0ccc4418d1f431921b *jgb82-11-09d2t201-f.shn
b956403c0a930c75c49b55f2c18fd98b *jgb82-11-09d1t101-f.shn
55dbed57af6e19f5de1cb0b58c6d5213 *jgb82-11-09d2t203-f.shn
282c6e5771165e2a39c6064c913c35f8 *jgb82-11-09d2t204-f.shn
d75680af8578f2e3da1e0d7e3fc05c6a *jgb82-11-09d2t205-f.shn
c16b676f85af1d3b5f6dc8c40a224c22 *jgb82-11-09d1t102-f.wav
41074364a643f217a3def6d76ea7da97 *jgb82-11-09d1t103-f.wav
8318f21c05a24ec36cb63befa5bdafe1 *jgb82-11-09d1t104-f.wav
05e5295d362c6a07dd1fab2cbe3e625c *jgb82-11-09d2t201-f.wav
1090c994117fe47877744c83aa2f8728 *jgb82-11-09d2t202-f.wav
b69e67dfece7770f09bfd743cbd5d0cb *jgb82-11-09d2t203-f.wav
e7bc374f3680c2f957ce4b82d77c8588 *jgb82-11-09d2t204-f.wav
f18751577d1484314729f1554567c466 *jgb82-11-09d2t205-f.wav
3abf1b4a64d1cdd7c041e8eda2363134 *jgb82-11-09d1t101-f.wav

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