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Garcia 09/02/94
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d1 , d2 , wavs
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: AUD (Neumann54s)>DAT>CDR>WAV>SHNv3, seeded by Chris L. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, CA

Source:  AUD (Neumann54s)>DAT>CDR>WAV>SHNv3

Disc 1 - Set 1
01 Cats Under The Stars
02 He Ain't Give You None
03 Struggling Man
04 That's What Love WIll Make You Do
05 What A Wonderful World
06 Sisters And Brothers
07 Deal

Disc 2 - Set 2
01 Shining Star >
02 Dear Prudence
03 Lay Down Sally
04 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
05 Midnight Moonlight

Comments:  for some reason, there's fade-outs at the end of every track with the majority of the intervening crowd noise removed, except for 10-30 seconds at the beginning of the next track preceding the start of the next song.

Thanks to T. Eliason for the show.
DAE (EAC0.9 beta 4)>boundaries confirmed (shntool)>shorten 3.4>FTP via neo_levo/candyman FTP.
Show Checksums
894c3be84bc98ca5f223b65bf5337df6 *jgb94-09-02d1t02.shn
f94c6ede7ca35e6c0a4f03682aa7763a *jgb94-09-02d1t03.shn
450dd3c11b3393483b0a26977f2dbaa4 *jgb94-09-02d1t04.shn
48d321eff06649e0d38c8b55d5822fcf *jgb94-09-02d1t05.shn
e4240eb87d9d7a05fd5e2c984b4ff0bc *jgb94-09-02d1t06.shn
b0b7ee48810512df9684ca93b6382b98 *jgb94-09-02d1t07.shn
ab4eb6d6997254750498a620ec91a272 *jgb94-09-02d1t01.shn
1ca61e51719989c0de0fd43eb5d41c60 *jgb94-09-02d2t01.shn
11e5ae39196e63631d94ca6266cc151e *jgb94-09-02d2t02.shn
99aac149c149729f3c97e16ad86b28b7 *jgb94-09-02d2t03.shn
4c513f038e9bd2a9e1ad4ad73fc9d220 *jgb94-09-02d2t04.shn
27a6cf4db80bd898655fec740d7aa091 *jgb94-09-02d2t05.shn
86e78370616141479023c61e75b3a26e *jgb94-09-02d1t01.wav
b490f886bf709854f357d1ed7a97360e *jgb94-09-02d1t03.wav
ad132e0d27737cdcf2d0cb1707364321 *jgb94-09-02d1t04.wav
815d2691c923cb4332852c8f233037c0 *jgb94-09-02d1t05.wav
a5d01ab15d9a4fdef35483850d26d2cc *jgb94-09-02d1t06.wav
d38184589837ccdebc7a6a8d68afc349 *jgb94-09-02d2t01.wav
1e6afcad390b4b796a3149a0449ecace *jgb94-09-02d2t02.wav
4613ab94a221f72e9c9539258562ec1a *jgb94-09-02d2t03.wav
1f40b2cdb6a1df99f8baa1f08b44bcf5 *jgb94-09-02d2t04.wav
94085bfa02f26f3c5546bdb31972b13a *jgb94-09-02d1t02.wav
2014e2c108f35b7f76ebd71166d17951 *jgb94-09-02d1t07.wav
d08dddbfea3d23ac3da6c2d09fbc5713 *jgb94-09-02d2t05.wav

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