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Wilco 08/12/00
Chicago Tribune - Rock the River, Chicago, IL
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Entered by ziko
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Source Summary Soundboard => DAT(n) => Sony ES60 => Stand-alone Phillips CD burner => CDR => EAC => WAV => Audix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC front-end (level 8) 
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Rock The River Festival
Chicago, Illinois
August 12, 2000

Lineage:  Soundboard => DAT(n) => Sony ES60 => Stand-alone Phillips CD burner => CDR => EAC => WAV => Audix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC front-end (level 8)

Track listing:

Disc one (48:07):
1.  Introduction (0:29)
2.  Airline To Heaven (4:47)
3.  Feed of Man (4:30)
4.  Christ For President (4:24)
5.  California Stars (4:37)
6.  Banter (1:10)
7.  Secret Of The Sea (2:45)
8.  Remember The Mountain Bed (7:04)
9.  Red Eyed and Blue (2:34) =>
10.  I Got You (3:47)
11.  Someone Else's Song (3:06) =>
12.  How To Fight Loneliness (4:31) =>
13.  Hotel Arizona (4:19)

Disc two (40:29):
1.  I'm Always In Love (3:39)
2.  Banter (1:05)
3.  She's A Jar (4:55)
4.  A Shot In The Arm (5:51)
5.  Misunderstood (5:51)
6.  Encore Break (0:17)
7.  I'm The Man Who Loves You (3:38)
8.  Casino Queen (4:15)
9.  Hoodoo Voodoo (4:28)
10.  Won't Get Fooled Again Intro => Outta Mind (Outta Sight) (3:44)

Md5 Signature file is included.

Comments:  In the summer of 2000, Wilco played a free show along the Chicago River in the plaza in front of the Tribune Tower.  The band had been a darling of WXRT for several years, but were just beginning to build a significant following in the Chicago area.  Michigan Avenue was closed to traffic, and the show drew perhaps 5000 fans who climbed all over each other to see a great show.

The band was promoting their second Woody Guthrie tribute album at the time ("Mermaid Avenue Vol. II," with whom they collaborated with Billy Bragg), and much of the early part of the set features Woody Guthrie material.  Altogethr a nice mix of current material with the "older" ("A.M."-era) music.  I remember the show being great fun -- Jeff Tweedy was clearly jazzed about such a big hometown turnout, and I remember Jay Bennett wandering the stage like a hyperactive mad scientist, seemingly randomly switching between keyboards and guitar and playing whatever he wanted.  Though it was a relatively short set, the show was great.

Sound quality is outstanding; I traded for this in the early 2000s before people cared about lineage, but this can't be more than a few generations removed from the master.  I am pretty sure this is clean with no glitches or diginoise.

This is sort of a reseed.  I put the archived file back on my computer and for some reason didn't keep the original info file.  Since I needed to rewrite the info, I also cleaned up the naming convention of a few of the titles, and generated a new md5 signature file (the original didn't have one).  The FLAC files themselves are the same ones I originally seeded with this torrent in 2005.  I'm recreating the lineage from memory; I'm pretty sure the above chain is how I converted it from DAT.

Highly recommended if you like Wilco; I think this era represented their peak as far as live performance is concerned (though they are still a very good live act).  Hard to believe this show took place ten years ago today.

Mp3 samples are included in the comments.

Show Checksums
b3b342030c44f0eaa8f05b2150737331 *Wilco20000812d1t01 Introduction.flac
072619bb82e0239cd406acdbe02e3794 *Wilco20000812d1t02 Airline To Heaven.flac
0543935ac5eb74670088b6e959a70007 *Wilco20000812d1t03 Feed of Man.flac
83e6d6e06d5ef535b875730fe958cfbc *Wilco20000812d1t04 Christ For President.flac
d92d536c009ff258e0f8e96a49dec604 *Wilco20000812d1t05 California Stars.flac
26e4de5fb3eefa8dffbbaeb85617a92f *Wilco20000812d1t06 Banter.flac
86c6b21363527c89c2c891cc78f4652a *Wilco20000812d1t07 Secret Of The Sea.flac
37b46dbaa75ed717aa4f0448ca0b9757 *Wilco20000812d1t08 Remember The Mountain Bed.flac
90abf61d425cbefc48267750c76457d2 *Wilco20000812d1t09 Red-Eyed and Blue.flac
094ff468a1f61d9150dad150f359334a *Wilco20000812d1t10 I Got You (At The End Of The Century).flac
0605d7691efe542e57add316245f91db *Wilco20000812d1t11 Someone Else_s Song.flac
3e04865689fe35dc5a3158a3337416af *Wilco20000812d1t12 How To Fight Loneliness.flac
51f9b6ad09db3b522c47f842cdd832a0 *Wilco20000812d1t13 Hotel Arizona.flac
52c6f03ea820872eb2235d2348380767 *Wilco20000812d2t01 I_m Always In Love.flac
114e57152d15a7dfd8ca2f27b01cc5e7 *Wilco20000812d2t02 Banter.flac
f570844a5dfa4f3839e787444d580328 *Wilco20000812d2t03 She_s A Jar.flac
88b6e1ee6eee97659e7102ec6923119e *Wilco20000812d2t04 A Shot In The Arm.flac
7c11c354217e7db5995a16ba1180fcec *Wilco20000812d2t05 Misunderstood.flac
891f08b233c865d0549c73391a806593 *Wilco20000812d2t06 Encore Break.flac
60ff83efca1887750f88ee260fa4b1e3 *Wilco20000812d2t07 I_m The Man Who Loves You.flac
f6b4da6c8f114753659409a8b364697b *Wilco20000812d2t08 Casino Queen.flac
4cd2e76f61690ec1cd9f4c28821025a1 *Wilco20000812d2t09 Hoodoo Voodoo.flac
93888fe1c00624789d8c08a47d5dca21 *Wilco20000812d2t10 WGFA_-_Outta Mind (Outta Sight).flac

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