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Allman Brothers Band 11/19/91
Salem Civic Center, Salem, VA
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Checksums abb1991-11-19.ffp , abb1991-11-19.md5 , abb1991-11-19.st5
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Source Summary SBD > DAT(s) > C(s) (probable) > CDR (via Dave Barret) > EAC > FLAC 
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Allman Brothers Band
Civic Center
Salem, VA

SBD > DAT(s) > C(s) (probable) > CDR (via Dave Barret) > EAC > FLAC

Disc 1
1. Intro Jam > Statesboro Blues
2. End Of The Line
3. Blue Sky
4. Nobody Knows
5. Low Down Dirty Mean
6. Melissa
7. Come On In My Kitchen
8. Seven Turns
9. Midnight Rider
10. Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
11. Hoochie Coochie Man

Disc 2
01. Kind Of Bird
02. Get On With Your Life
03. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

04. Whipping Post

Re-tracked and cleaned up by mgoldey on Feb 1, 2013.

This sounds like it came from a professionally-mixed SBD source, like what gets done for a radio broadcast, but has a couple of cassette generations in it.  The sound quality is actually quite nice, though not at the very beginning.  There is some hiss, and the right channel has signal when the left channel does not, just like happens when  you plug a casette deck in with cheap RCA cables.  There is also some distortion at the beginning of the Intro > Statesboro Blues that sounds just like a tape deck picking up slack.

The same thing happens right after a gap in Melissa, about 45 minutes into the show, during the part where Dickey runs up and down the scales repetatively just before the climax at the end of the song.  That's clearly a tape flip.  It's unclear whether any music is missing, though.  After Melissa ends, there were four seconds of silence (no music lost), as if there was another tape flip on a different tape.  Although I don't actually know whether the Melissa flip was made on a "live" recording or on a downstream copy, I think that the longer flip after Melissa is on the source recording, and this copy has a second flip at the end of Melissa that got added when someone made a copy onto cassette.  I also think that the copier backed up the master tape a bit, and there was some overlap between Side A and Side B, so that no music was actually lost during the flip, although, unfortunately, the audio is distorted when it picks up again.  But I don't know.

Whatever the truth is, the flip has been cross faded as seamlessly as possible.  Don't sweat it.
There was another "upstream" tape flip during the crowd noise at about 1:12, and a third before the encore, which have also vanished for your listening enjoyment.

There is some unrepairable static about 1:30 into GDRTFB. Sorry.


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502a484e8c4a6451087e8d39f5d6e770 *abb1991-11-19d1t01.flac
3f1d7eb7f4c58229554fc727f4b92d0d *abb1991-11-19d1t02.flac
07d083bc60751ab9257d5388e66a57de *abb1991-11-19d1t03.flac
4dc2177035bfa1f14622680268db3b21 *abb1991-11-19d1t04.flac
b99859769c7eb2df0220d407e72c4f69 *abb1991-11-19d1t05.flac
2d8075d65bd09f9af36874a9faef1ea4 *abb1991-11-19d1t06.flac
2016e4d21c79761b72a3fac4d0897f8c *abb1991-11-19d1t07.flac
97065811c5d0d1251cdfb7bca1436e63 *abb1991-11-19d1t08.flac
472e50e122b273e0d8f53a6b2048531c *abb1991-11-19d1t09.flac
3b7c1fbffdb576167c23341f7844f074 *abb1991-11-19d1t10.flac
68b8c73c46a6f8c6dbe8a39854639acd *abb1991-11-19d1t11.flac
be50e60c6e1f0760d2f3b6d02c88acf3 *abb1991-11-19d2t01.flac
8aa930cf18cf04fa520b034b8417b596 *abb1991-11-19d2t02.flac
6d203118ff5367ee9b2ccae5b5cedbd1 *abb1991-11-19d2t03.flac
9480ea33ac610254e0fe59ed6696c73a *abb1991-11-19d2t04.flac
5694b9f948f7e2fa7a9f910f75737147 [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t01.flac
b8b5248377c3e543ae288a35c3ac0f81 [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t02.flac
2ecccfa0891da3304a819ab965212d41 [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t03.flac
d2c557b49b43e55aa04e9d722d2badb7 [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t04.flac
b58c194ae9d7ff018cfd6a82e0e99d2a [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t05.flac
6f07fce8017073884601a329cd8ab96d [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t06.flac
3582a18a42dc189c6214346c027c2ccd [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t07.flac
60a8f6fc9a5a9f3ab0e6edc3f4265bc3 [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t08.flac
90aec120dd520020453fdf2eaa76263b [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t09.flac
e503c6eacf2cf06d56d4814b0404abfa [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t10.flac
ca7638128165a0e8d921fe9baee01a68 [shntool] abb1991-11-19d1t11.flac
bea63fdc6b781d6acf8f3e1841db6a86 [shntool] abb1991-11-19d2t01.flac
cce7d73a28fae804d9de1409d18aa58d [shntool] abb1991-11-19d2t02.flac
3fc677ea589cfb8096e3d5a39159f093 [shntool] abb1991-11-19d2t03.flac
3b11c3b582714fe64a75a3e5ff4467a4 [shntool] abb1991-11-19d2t04.flac

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