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String Cheese Incident 12/10/11
Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums sci2011-12-10flac16.md5
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 1.02 GB (1094503628 bytes)
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Source Summary ADK A51 TLs (Hyper)(Behind Sounboard Center)> wMod UA-5 > iRiver H120 > CD Wave (Splits)> Flac Frontend > FLAC16 
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String Cheese Incident
Aragon Ballroom
Chicago, IL

Set 1:
Disc 1:

01 Tuning/Banter
02 Johnny Cash,
03 Rollover,
04 Sometimes A River,
05 Pack It Up,
06 Black And White,
07 Colliding,
08 Smile

Set 2:
Disc 2:

01 Drums,
02 Rivertrance,
03 Howard,
04 Way That It Goes,

01 Barstool,
02 Desert Dawn >
03 BollyMunster >
04 Desert Dawn
05 Thanks a Bunch

06 Land's End

07 stuff

08 Restless Wind

Taped by Pete Coffan
Transferred by Pete Coffan
Source: ADK A51 TLs (Hyper)(Behind Sounboard Center)> wMod UA5 > iRiver H120
Transfer: iRiver H120 > CD Wave (Splits)> Flac Frontend (flac)

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98038bbc2da9ca6fdc638b613964ac2b *sci2011-12-10d1t01.flac
90bc136f63e24d1a079e728081233293 *sci2011-12-10d1t02.flac
5fc75407a039d01689dadb635617fc54 *sci2011-12-10d1t03.flac
1344696d35515cee1dec1ad46c97aa48 *sci2011-12-10d1t04.flac
ab6d51560f9c08b734c5cd60dcc05576 *sci2011-12-10d1t05.flac
f2b19c8ac940b285947beb69afe283ba *sci2011-12-10d1t06.flac
cf691a88fbaa0e96b3c4c30c905accac *sci2011-12-10d1t07.flac
c66312843d17edf6e8c5708d1c109e1d *sci2011-12-10d1t08.flac
810b76ec8dbd0a3f76ad94035e52597e *sci2011-12-10d2t01.flac
6c5f2a2e036fe8a3d3347b9c6a345a12 *sci2011-12-10d2t02.flac
6cc86479a914997caa0f13a238feac13 *sci2011-12-10d2t03.flac
8bd45ef67de0542c4e432eb2cb93e704 *sci2011-12-10d2t04.flac
a05e4ac2bea97a126994e04e7a348f5a *sci2011-12-10d3t01.flac
038ae94d76562ea7ea4c417f95b8321d *sci2011-12-10d3t02.flac
81181d4152a53e62317ad3d82ac68736 *sci2011-12-10d3t03.flac
b9ce9c2e96e91af1e2e30937900c922d *sci2011-12-10d3t04.flac
fd75689d825ad70ce315172c372d2c4e *sci2011-12-10d3t05.flac
e2be5cd8f8933f9460e65676a8e2b3dc *sci2011-12-10d3t06.flac
24eeedba9017a33a7921b2b298657805 *sci2011-12-10d3t07.flac
402907fb56e40efde25a68f95d4cb49e *sci2011-12-10d3t08.flac

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