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Garcia 02/09/74
Rheem Theater, Moraga, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary JGMS; flac1644; Will Boswell's 7.5 ips reels "Do not know the exact lineage but they sound pristine and think they were recorded and never played" > Akai GX636 direct tape head output > Bottlehead tube tape pre pair Tesla tubes circa 1980 > Apogee Mini Me 24/96 > Apogee Mini DAC monitoring and mastering > FLAC, via Matt Smith. 
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Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders
Rheem Theater
Moraga, CA

Boswell's 7.5 ips reels "Do not know the exact lineage but they sound pristine and think they were recorded and never played"

Will Boswells 7.5 ips > Akai GX636 direct tape head output  > Bottlehead tube tape pre pair Tesla tubes circa 1980  > Apogee Mini Me 24/96  > Apogee Mini DAC monitoring and mastering  > FLAC

--Set I--
01. Think
02. Finders Keepers
03. Are You Lonely For Me Baby?
04. Second That Emotion
05. Wondering Why
06. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

--Set II--
01. Harder They Come
02. La-La
03. Roadrunner
04. Mystery Train//

This was done using a different transfer chain.  This method was per the advise of Dan Healy I received from him a while back in trying to attain a perfectly clean signal going to digital.  I had one of my reel machines modded for a direct tape head output going into a custom Bottlehead tape tube pre specifically built for reel transfers (w 2. diff. EQ setting for tape speed) so basically you have a perfectly clean tape signal going into the tube pre going into 24/96 digital.
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jgb 2-9-74d1t1.flac:f3fcf25d84334eb5fcefff1f6d4f1708
jgb 2-9-74d1t2.flac:44b1715207f277d7063abcb79daaf98d
jgb 2-9-74d1t3.flac:ec9b5784324a544d241e61d04688b1f7
jgb 2-9-74d1t4.flac:93bff4f85e38b702124fe7e823d55c31
jgb 2-9-74d1t5.flac:98f686a88c397bcf5e078f058a3e8b06
jgb 2-9-74d1t6.flac:323f316975410cff8a61aee87a957721
jgb 2-9-74d2t1.flac:026e0945701fbc71100ab5fb9cd65f66
jgb 2-9-74d2t2.flac:5c47785c14daa005ff6e18331ac50022
jgb 2-9-74d2t3.flac:1dcb34d8e82eb5a3044a3e08bb5cf2d3
jgb 2-9-74d2t4.flac:8a988bb1c8c7d9c190540ea908790566
ddc6ce384d1764942295f868ba53472f *jgb 2-9-74d1t1.flac
a387e87b267009f46fe81607f369630a *jgb 2-9-74d1t2.flac
1b614e00cf3f004d6b8293841855e97b *jgb 2-9-74d1t3.flac
56f86ad16b7081df99527f7f7f0d025a *jgb 2-9-74d1t4.flac
5efbac411858d2349585c7d171c2ce24 *jgb 2-9-74d1t5.flac
445c99fa7f03b043c8e4f99dd152728d *jgb 2-9-74d1t6.flac
bdbdc07f3e09b0501e7a481f34975b1b *jgb 2-9-74d2t1.flac
ee2d37407eb136d0b4c742a995b2c46c *jgb 2-9-74d2t2.flac
17e53109d4c20043a54cb03e0876771a *jgb 2-9-74d2t3.flac
2091e8054711fc107674cac1ef6b989b *jgb 2-9-74d2t4.flac

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