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Jerry Garcia Band 11/03/93
Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , wavs
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: AUD (Nak 700) > DAT (Sony D3) > CDR > WAV > SHNv3, taped by Larry Gindoff.  
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Jerry Garcia Band
Knickerbocker Arena
Albany, NY

Source:  AUD(Nak 700)>DAT(Sony D3)>CDR>WAV>SHNv3
Taper:  Larry Gindoff

Disc 1 - Set 1
01 How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
02 They Love Each Other *
03 Freight Train
04 I Shall Be Released
05 Run For The Roses
06 Dear Prudence
07 My Sisters And Brothers
08 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

Disc 2 - Set 2
01 Shining Star
02 The Maker
03 Money Honey

Disc 3 - Set 2 (cont'd)
01 Russian Lullaby
02 Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox
03 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
04 Midnight Moonlight

From The Jerry Site:
Comments: *d202 @ 09:41 - A string broke on Kahn's bass, so after telling the audience: "We've gotta change a string on the bass so y'all talk amongst yourselves", Jerry led Melvin and Kemper through a soft, sincere reading of Freight Train. Jerry used his acoustic patch and Melvin on piano.

Alternative tracking:  d3t04 (Midnight Moonlight) could be tacked on to the end of disc 1, and then the rest of the second set could go on a second disc (80 minutes).

Thanks to R.Martin for the show.
DAE(EAC 0.9 beta 4)>boundary confirmed(shntool)>shorten 3.4>FTP via C. Ladner/candyman FTP.
Show Checksums
a898b8f122c762a18fd032027b91e8e7 *jgb93-11-03d1t06.shn
14b1aeedc1f27fb5e55c4a55b11f8e5b *jgb93-11-03d1t02.shn
184eab84aaa5db07b4bb6eeceb103ae9 *jgb93-11-03d1t03.shn
7fa0743f1814a32998fa7eb013c25726 *jgb93-11-03d1t04.shn
e66ab67ef78e15586d54318756ab53a6 *jgb93-11-03d1t05.shn
4d30b698bd45db5ec6ff9e54d37617ff *jgb93-11-03d1t01.shn
86c7b185aca42268e953b86e6374895d *jgb93-11-03d1t07.shn
22831d53c75113870c084fb13fa00520 *jgb93-11-03d1t08.shn
057a9db31b5b7fc1c5b02abb30fed472 *jgb93-11-03d2t01.shn
a48f14dc3b541f77b1511f409e3c1ced *jgb93-11-03d2t02.shn
a1abc8cd4bb48d6eb3cb58b6b5322966 *jgb93-11-03d2t03.shn
ff01b1b5793862e00449b9d3414a579c *jgb93-11-03d3t01.shn
9a5b4591323cf65d1a8c92346f793006 *jgb93-11-03d3t02.shn
9156a760ae33d6f57f8fbd0e405607bf *jgb93-11-03d3t03.shn
e3111c7697468728de42987b73cc0fcd *jgb93-11-03d3t04.shn
35f32f752a99ad0feee60364b8692c88 *jgb93-11-03d1t01.wav
81e2475e3e3d22cc1aecadbe937bb9c1 *jgb93-11-03d1t02.wav
a459fe3d1104c569d7271afe3d631fdd *jgb93-11-03d1t03.wav
f2c75d88722d776e9aa07b8223dd86b3 *jgb93-11-03d1t04.wav
d623581e5e2965f9c3d300a73381b9c1 *jgb93-11-03d1t05.wav
dbac6b552e4be8c4f45861ad333d469e *jgb93-11-03d1t06.wav
c24f0f625f516cbb35935ccb0bddd7e1 *jgb93-11-03d1t07.wav
f741fcd342a669c21eec828a89cf4863 *jgb93-11-03d1t08.wav
a113fe89eb5f09e7425546097892f663 *jgb93-11-03d2t03.wav
3e0ef6813318c729a83c9e109eba393e *jgb93-11-03d2t02.wav
cbecef0b106713eedb338a39a2cacf4a *jgb93-11-03d2t01.wav
d988d093014fa574738641f9b28910f7 *jgb93-11-03d3t01.wav
4b842559b052c925f9bab55632445b7c *jgb93-11-03d3t02.wav
69f8e745b8c472ad7f13e03c56356ce3 *jgb93-11-03d3t03.wav
327b2b20c147dfbbab6d941dc8df97fe *jgb93-11-03d3t04.wav

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