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Garcia 02/19/64
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary sdb>Mreel>???>Dat>CD any info help send to [email protected] and or [email protected] ripped by Mike Lai and seeded to etree jan 28, 2001 via filler 2-94 garcia, grisman and rice: Shady groove studio sessions 
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Jerry Garcia w/ Sandy Rothman & Dave Nelson 2-19-64

filler 2-94 garcia, grisman and rice: Shady groove studio sessions


any info help send to  [email protected] and or [email protected]
ripped by Mike Lai and seeded to etree jan 28, 2001 via
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f4f31608a26f275a8513bf446675eb74 *jgb1964-02-19t101.shn
ecbdbdb7e78cedec9777cf72955e3e4e *jgb1964-02-19t102.shn
8bfb4f1e88d304d8ad84ee53b40b33f4 *jgb1964-02-19t103.shn
16010f134a59829a25e07c888cceddc8 *jgb1964-02-19t104.shn
303d11449e806860be791f8bb71562fa *jgb1964-02-19t105.shn
23ba7ee7042eda9e73e6adb74604062c *jgb1964-02-19t106.shn
ef393fa9b70572593a6c2352d21da5ef *jgb1964-02-19t107.shn
46a89fd33a303832386ddd4c4a49c37d *jgb1964-02-19t108.shn
cfc5f27d6d287402deb3266404d237e5 *jgb1964-02-19t109.shn
1b7f2884f425b8c0d70e78766b9a7782 *jgb1964-02-19t110.shn
e68915db5c4545d5de403b24e1a2a77c *jgb1964-02-19t111.shn
47075e80df408ab55f71b9a2302df139 *jgb1964-02-19t112.shn
3a156ec217c0332b9ac802568d596bb9 *jgb1964-02-19t113.shn
3d843a2b2c27769235b3f65b6a612e81 *jgb1964-02-19t114.shn
e18c2c80e26c1372bb596866f521045d *jgb1964-02-19t115.shn
45363fb7fee0bee7d0eebb5fd2f7936f *jgb1964-02-19t116.shn
82a2bfe895e59ae9e9e5b2c9c97ccdc1 *jgb1964-02-19t117.shn
c7fa98d5f9d553463d32b75d0b1ddd87 *jgb1964-02-19t118.shn
52a29f011b48efb147018cf4e212ab3c *jgb1964-02-19t119.shn
317a3c1440fcdeac85f1badcfcbf1ecd *jgb1964-02-19t120.shn
b96b8e670ca2b517d30ead6b447e4cc8 *jgb1964-02-19t121.shn

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Date User Comment
10/26/2002 Joe Jupille I added this user-submitted .shn set because it is in circulation and because it could well be the proper date, but I suspect that this might be the same material that circulates with the date 2/19/69. If anyone with this .shn set can provide a setlist, that would be very helpful in figuring out whether the material is the same.
10/27/2002 Matt Vernon It would be helpful if the people that submit shn sets supply a track list that
a). is internally consistent with the shn set submitted (number of tracks)
b). track song names or a statement why they aren't included
c). a statement if the tracks are knwon to be cut on sector boundaries (i.e. shntool was run and confirms no sector boundary errors)
d). a list of flaws that would be noticed by someone who listened to the tracks
e). a list of track and total disk times so that people that don't have the shns can compare their audio track times to see if they might have audio disks from the source used in the shn encoding

When these guidelines aren't followed in my experience eventually someone else will supply a second shn set which follows more of these guidelines which is then the preferred set.

There is so much music circulating especially for Jerry and the Grateful Dead that the slight delay in doing a marginally better job is worth it since it avoids an unnecessary upgrade cycle.
11/20/2003 Gary Field The tunes on this disc are the same as those that circulate on 2-19-69.
01/30/2004 Lewis/Klitschko Let's be honest.

This is 2/19/69, isn't it?
01/31/2004 Joe Jupille Probably, certainly probably the same as what circulates as 2/19/69. But since I don't know of any hard evidence linking the material circulating with that date to that date, this remains speculation, I'd say.
02/02/2004 Joe Jupille BTW, as usual the Jerry Site provides some very useful information about this performance. Seems pretty likely that it's 2/19/69, based on this.
02/03/2004 hanno and '2-19-69' is a misdate as the grateful dead performed on that date. just to confuse you ;)
02/03/2004 Joe Jupille So it would seem for Deadlists. We should all probably file this one in the 'uncertain' category unless something more definitive turns up, but continue to use the conventional 2/19/69 dating. That's what I plan to do, anyway.
12/24/2004 XDennis Carter I'am sure Sandy Rothman, or David Nelson, could help clear up this confusion over the dates in question. 1964 seems entirely likely, as Jerry was playing acousticly during this time. 1969 was an experimental period, with electric instruments & alot of studio time, spent working on the upcoming LP.
In my experience, no matter how "in question" a "date" may be, one must have a little faith in what was written down, all those years ago. My vote is for the 1964 date.
12/25/2004 Joe Jupille It was 1969.
03/16/2008 sotm53092 both 2-19-64(35270) and 2-19-69(12686) share the same md5's