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Trey Anastasio 02/01/14
The Paegeant, St. Louis, MO
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Entered by Jeff Mitchell
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Source Summary flac16 96kHz DTS 40' from Stage, Right Sound Stack, 8.5' High; Shure m81>Tascam DR-100mkII(24/96); Tascam DR-100mkII(24/96)>Audacity(16)>TLH(flac8) 
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Trey Anastasio Band
The Pageant St. Louis, MO

Source: Shure m81>Tascam DR-100mkII(24/96)
Conversion: Tascam DR-100mkII(24/96)>Audacity(16)>TLH(flac8)
DTS 40' from Stage, Right Sound Stack, 8.5' High

Set II ~ Alive Again, Jibboo, Pigtail, Night Speak To A Woman, Architect, Sand, Clint Eastwood, Traveler, Push On Till The Day

Set I ~ Intro, Cayman, Drifting, Magilla, Money Love And Change, Valentine, Frost, Burlap Sack And Pumps, Dark And Down, Simple Twist Up Dave, 1977, Devil Went Down To Georgia, First Tube

Encore ~ Tuesday/Black Dog

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727a57e6ac63c259e1ff42b8108e4f7c *01-Intro.flac
4ccffcb33be3faa875c73d6f58014b75 *02-Cayman.flac
74cebd79ed38ea70a23155847b4210e4 *03-Drifting.flac
95baa88d6381096b9fd80121a026ee33 *04-Magilla .flac
5e79706b2c8b83660190637af08495a9 *05-Money Love And Change.flac
53109d1365510759a37cc2c728ebf371 *06-Valentine.flac
52bb4f72f3c6e1ce20b986b57e74974a *07-Frost.flac
b608a9cc6d1bacc27e284d60142f338e *08-Burlap Sack And Pumps.flac
aa7f1883b129060662809ec3adc7cf7c *09-Dark And Down.flac
66e9e234f0d25615e575533534519413 *10-Simple Twist Up Dave.flac
d8d73ffba209e3e81e92c1ef9e72a58b *11-1977.flac
79019c01279d0b278acf7c054b73ec79 *12-Devil Went Down To Georgia.flac
a15e55ec3771800951295375b239c199 *13-First Tube.flac
4129d42e9793f5c59899e0f0bb8637af *14-Alive Again.flac
338820bbbad60db364d3252245da5a10 *15-Jibboo.flac
54e699fd381dc562ea08570a08463880 *16-Pigtail.flac
5bd27441e0333e597166ce3848bd4089 *17-Night Speak To A Woman.flac
778b51657b02a51ac56fe99ca74c95f9 *18-Architect.flac
0745cae08bd480427777c4923965b08e *19-Sand.flac
9257046915c3e8c72f549deb95088320 *20-Clint Eastwood.flac
859d69f83cddb4d63357907c312d2fb5 *21-Traveler.flac
bebaac02db2c570b4328d04e121f2d18 *22-Push On Till The Day.flac
13850ff65b151fe050a411b21e599ba9 *23-Black Dog.flac

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