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Garcia 07/??/64
The Tangent, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d1
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions: Master Tape > Rosoft Audio Tools > CD > EAC > WAV > SHN. 
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Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions
The Tangent, Palo Alto, CA

Master Tape>Rosoft Audio Tools>CD>EAC>WAV>SHN

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Beat It On Down The Line
Im Satisfied
He's In The Jailhouse
Monkey & The Engineer
Big Bad Woman
Memphis Blues
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9934949243872ceff2e8340f584ed6c8 *Mother McCree's 7-64t1.shn
9e98ecfd77d0caf01745fba7bbcfeec9 *Mother McCree's 7-64t2.shn
2adb9427de8d1acabc04e93ae9f3af6c *Mother McCree's 7-64t3.shn
035de90ed96013629a836b027e6c8ab3 *Mother McCree's 7-64t4.shn
9e608c3a6ea783518fc5298797c204b6 *Mother McCree's 7-64t5.shn
d50da3e77b659fbca8c1a65b20286c01 *Mother McCree's 7-64t6.shn
e4f599fa2fb5314b9501a4213712d54c *Mother McCree's 7-64t7.shn

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Date User Comment
01/31/2008 mgoldey Sources # 12622 and 13186 have been merged into this Source. All three were identical.
02/02/2008 cletus_boy This source has three shnids: 12622, 12696, and 13186.
02/05/2008 mvernon FYI - when Mark says the "sources" are "identical" he means that they had the same md5 signatures :). This is the reason they were merged into one shnid
12/01/2013 mojo_hand some bonehead, probably me hit the send button numerous times?????

the tape this was transfered with, using rosoft tools. a Lars I think in Germany at the time, a musician even. acquired me a license for his Rosoft Audio Tools(v1.6xx) as I'd never done a transfer up to this point in time & been with etree(thanks to acidtech Jamie in socal in 99/2000) about 2 years. thanks etree. sorry ive been such a prick all these years but i guess as i always said "shit happens" happy holidays MG, Cletus, Matt and every1 else at the Branch Dividian. I am grateful and much Obliged.
12/01/2013 mojo_hand to add, typo alert from prev.

"the tape doesnt exist anymore. not sure where tis, but my best guess is polyurethane/ethalene graVEyarD"