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Garcia 03/17/78
Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums jg1978-03-17c.aud.interview.tc3.flac16.md5
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Media Size Compressed: 225 MB (235929600 bytes)
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Source Summary interview; flac1644; Susan Klein for Creem; tape is labeled backstage after JGB Capitol Theater, Passaic NY; lineage: interviewer's recorder > cass >> ? > trade > flac. Transfer: Dragon nr-out > zoomH4 16/44.1 > hcsd 8gb > Audacity > TLH > flac16. 
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Jerry Garcia interview for Creem by Susan Klein  1978-03-17
tape is labeled backstage  after JGB  Capitol Theater, Passaic NY
lineage: interviewer's recorder>cass>>? >trade >flac.
Transfer: Dragon nr-out>zoomH4 16/44.1>hcsd 8gb >Audacity>TLH>flac16.
taperchuck3  april, 2014   enjoy!

01  jer: on a NY? dj, security guard,
02    jerry on playing, music, business,
03   'oh boy! good ol drugs', new record ,
04     roaches
05  media coverage, passive/active state of mind, reading
06   jerry's reality, life, values , jerry swears,
07   on clive [Davis] ,music business ,
08   making records cheaper
09     on tour
10   music critics,
11      current band
12   what's new, nose, this band,
13  on judging people
15    other projects: greenpeace, indian medicine gardens
16   small talk ,  movie in works,
17     talking,  alarm goes off,  <>
18    jerry's drink,  guitar folks leave,   guitar
19    music
20     ,
21    on music
20     caddy comments, snoooort,
21  mentions pranksters
22   about bob weir's music

comment:  60 minutes.  c- quality. voices, not hi-fi.
seems like a hotel room between early and late shows.
Slight NR used to remove tape hiss. rough sound, maybe hand held. lots of background activity.
unique view of 'day in the life'...
a tape trade from europe. back in the day. - chuck.
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116eb0d93ae4dcde7a5c88c2a139f35e *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t01.flac
320dc31cda854f0335f01c261e7cec87 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t02.flac
d2509878fc9457d3dd2a9ca3c8d824be *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t03.flac
48c2617c88e071b0dc7ba58abb64d07d *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t04.flac
86323d76a211bba34ad1a4f1720a881d *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t05.flac
02821c4e05fbed8c537d9de4b593130b *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t06.flac
1ffa0339a2bb82e01ffd98347ddf9110 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t07.flac
aa8ecaf14667a647bdd860d3bbab2de6 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t08.flac
ffbbb4366680bf98032aa3dd6433c321 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t09.flac
cba8d78097659d748c259e9222dd5575 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t10.flac
8a4362884e1c89c9a6853cf84bf7d0ce *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t11.flac
e283a96ffe45845aea7576804d753945 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t12.flac
34978213e05fc2a29183d7fa692d4a04 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t13.flac
33bf48418969248adb135245dd8396a4 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t14.flac
a19efc7edf436fe6ae1ea0bdd0ca66dc *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t15.flac
99fcc074af8381df9295c4f9e9ec3bb5 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t16.flac
a3d8484a761b8fab2a6ff24830128925 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t17.flac
5ac31ec738ba2478eb82400e76257091 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t18.flac
f4be451bf4f3b8163192bb32122ec617 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t19.flac
f7eba926e7bc90e84049596960cd46ae *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t20.flac
791748506391e72657956ba285d004b8 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t21.flac
6726741652d04b25a9bf03c598819932 *jg1978-03-17.aud.interview.creem.xxxxxx.tc3.flac16.t22.flac

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