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Phil Lesh & Friends 06/25/06
Vinyl, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
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Media Size Compressed: 273.26 MB (286533877 bytes)
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Source Summary Pre-FM SBD Transfer: CD-R(1st gen)>LG SP60NB50>CDex(DAE)>WAV>Trader'sLittle Helper>FLAC16 Transferred by BigTuna ([email protected]
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Phil Lesh and Friends
Atlanta, GA
June 25, 2006

Source:  Pre-FM SBD
Transfer:  CD-R(1st gen)>LG SP60NB50>CDex(DAE)>WAV>Trader'sLittle Helper>FLAC16

Transferred by BigTuna ([email protected]

1) Introduction (1:08)
2) Cumberland Blues (9:08)
3) Ramblin' Man (6:14)
4) Blue Sky (7:10)
5) Franklin's Tower (10:31)
6) Band Interview (4:05)
7) GDTRFB (10:17)
Total time - 48:33

Phil Lesh - bass & vocals
Joan Osborne - vocals
Dickey Betts - guitar
John Scofield - guitar
Larry Campbell - guitar, etc.
Rob Barraco - keys
John Molo - drums

Notes:  This is a super crispy SBD ripped from a CD-R that was given to me by a radio station employee shortly after the show occurred.  Many, many thanks to that individual!  It is the pre-FM SBD recording of the show, not the broadcast itself.  I was fortunate to attend the show too, and it ranks as one of the concert highlights of my life.  I'm afraid it's been too long for me to remember whether Dickey plays on the whole thing or just Tracks 3-5, and whether Duane Betts plays at all.

For the details on FLAC and the software needed to decompress these files go to:

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f96a1abda6f2ae5853958d95ad6f8e32 *paf2006-06-25ad1t01.flac
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e8df337baa389ed53b6157cd4c77995d *paf2006-06-25ad1t03.flac
8899e0b7fc9f971965d530c715ab0761 *paf2006-06-25ad1t04.flac
1a6a28217b7462ea370658aff8627288 *paf2006-06-25ad1t05.flac
7d7ad57708dbd83a2cc509ab69444c47 *paf2006-06-25ad1t06.flac
c103ed6f9de4d428f438034a6fae6b77 *paf2006-06-25ad1t07.flac

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05/04/2014 1478 There is another source for this show that isn't showing up on some of the db pages where it says "other sources".

Also BOTH show dates are seen on the YEAR page,(2006), instead of just ONE show date with BOTH ID's, we see 2 show dates (same date) with 1 source for each as if this wasn't linking up properly.

Usually we see ONE DATE with ALL the source ID's.
Here, we see 2 show dates (same one) & 1 source ID each.

It's unusual & is not the norm for multiple ID's for a single show.

1 show that has 2 sources
1 db date & entry for each & no "other sources" seen on some of the details pages for both.

The shn ID pages does show 2 sources but the individual show details show no other sources when there IS another one.

Maybe the machines need to refresh...???????????

Please delete this comment IF these things straighten out.